How to Install & Activate ESPN on PC?

ESPN is a stand-alone sports streaming channel that broadcasts versatile sports shows. They offer various services including live sports telecasts, talk shows, documentaries and many more. ESPN has come up with PC version applications and an ESPN official Application for various operating platforms to enjoy various coverages on the go.

How to instal and activate ESPN

We are here to guide you on how you can activate ESPN on your PC to enjoy various coverages and broadcasts.

ESPN – Why It is the Best Online Streaming Service?

  • Here you will get an option called ‘LIVE’, by clicking on this option you will get to watch all the latest live matches.
  • Besides that ‘More Live & Replay’ option that will offer you to watch different matches highlights and live shows.
  • You will also get an option to watch all exclusive clips and videos of different matches by selecting ‘Top Videos’.
  • This online ESPN app also consists of different talk shows and funny sports videos. All these contents are provided into ‘The Fantasy Show’ So, if you want to spice up your entertainment a bit more then you must select the option ‘The Fantasy Show’. There are many more features that you can explore through the WatchESPN app and you can activate ESPN on your PC to watch various sports matches.

Steps to Install ESPN On Your PC:

The free WatchESPN app makes your wish fulfilled by streaming up your sports anytime, anywhere on any Windows PC or MAC. You can watch all live telecasts and studio shows with 24/7 access to ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPN Deportes, and ESPN News. Not only that!! Through this website, you can also watch your on-demand clips and highlights.

  • Before you going to download the WatchESPN app, you need to go to the ‘App Store’ or you can go to the ‘Google Play Store’. If you are a Microsoft user then you should go to the ‘Microsoft Store’ to download this WatchESPN app.
    Watch ESPN App
  • Then you can see an ‘Install’ option, tap on that button.
  • Thereafter you have to open the application by clicking on the ‘Open’ option.
  • Then you will be asked for email id and password. Provide all correct information and be careful while inserting your email id and password.
  • After providing all the necessary details you can see an option ‘Done’. Click on that option to proceed with the installation.

After doing all these you need to wait for the download and install time. When it has installed you can see a ‘Start’ option. Select that option to launch the app. Thereafter you can see the front page of this application.

Steps to Activate ESPN using

  • Open the ESPN channel, then go to the Settings.
  • If you subscribe to a pay-TV service, select Provider Account > Watch Live TV and click “Activate Live TV” and take note of the activation code that is shown. You’ll have only a few minutes to use that code, after which you will need to revisit the channel settings to get a new code.
  • Go to on a computer.
  • Enter the activation code shown then click the Continue button.
    ESPN activate device
  • On the Choose Provider screen, select your cable, satellite, or streaming TV service provider.
  • You will be asked to sign in with your TV service provider credentials. If you don’t know your user name and password, you will need to contact your provider for them.

How to Operate the WatchESPN on PC?

Watch ESPN app

Firstly you must understand how you can solve your basic issues regarding the WatchESPN app. You need to go to the settings option by clicking on the ‘Settings’ button.

  • There you can see a drop-down that comes with different options including ‘Provider Account’, ‘ESPN Account’, ‘Subscription’ and ‘Help & Support’.
  • If you want to manage your ESPN Account then go to that ‘ESPN Account’ option and click over it to get the permission of ‘Log in to your ESPN Account’.
  • However, if you want to continue your ESPN streaming, then you need to consider a certain subscription plan to keep watching this channel.
  • Now you will get entire information about different plans and offers by going to the ‘Subscriptions’ option followed by ‘Settings’ menu.

Final Words:

This is the most correct way to access the WatchESPN app on your PC. If you want to activate the ESPN channel on your PC then you need to follow the above-mentioned simple steps. We hope you have understood our instructed methods and hope you will be able to activate ESPN by following our methods.

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