How to Activate Roku?

In the 21st century, entertainment has completely changed with the popularity of smart televisions and streaming devices. Some of the major players in the industry currently are Apple TV, Amazon fire stick, Roku, etc. Roku is one of the major contenders for the best streaming devices for television because of its ease of access and affordable plans. The Roku platform works on open source software, reducing the cost. Their TV layout is quite similar to that of Kodi player, who is one of the most fantastic television players available. Today we are going to be having a look at how to activate Roku and use it on all of our entertainment platforms. 

Roku – Brief Information & Introduction

Roku is one of the most easily identifiable lines of digital streaming devices which has been made in collaboration with Roku Inc and Netflix. They are an American company based out of California, which has been in the digital entertainment industry since 2002. Roku means 6th in Japanese, and it is a dig at the Founder Anthony Wood. Roku is the sixth company that the founder built from the ground up. The first-ever Roku player was developed in partnership with Netflix and allowed customers to stream content from the entertainment giant instantly from the player on their television devices. Currently, the instruments and the Roku specific channels are limited to just the United States. 

How Roku Works?

The Roku streaming devices are available for purchase on most online as well as offline platforms. Once you have a Roku device at home, you can connect it to your television to turn it into a smart TV. Their machines can get easily connected using just the HDMI plugin. They make it quite easy for users to watch their favorite TV shows online in an affordable manner. There are various Roku specific applications which are known as channels and can be used to consume entertainment. It is the perfect alternative to Cable TV and can also help to reduce costs in the long-term. The devices also support online sources like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu applications. 

You are going to save money by cutting down the cost on a cable set-top box. Your one-time investment on a Roku TV device is going to pay off because you can watch live TV and all other streaming content for an affordable price. 

Features of Roku:

Before investing in any product or service, we should first know the features that are offered. Let’s have a look at the offerings of Roku. 

1. Live TV

Watching Live TV has never been easier. With the one time investment of a Roku player, you can easily watch live TV for free of cost. There are thousands of channels that are available on Roku, and you can seamlessly switch between your favorite ones. The best part about the device is that it can seamlessly connect with any TV set. 

2. Games

If gaming is your passion, then the Roku TV can be quite helpful. There are tons of games available on the online platform, and you can test them out quickly with the help of a Roku controller. It is, however, no-console but still offers reliable gaming performance. 

3. Roku Channel

The devices come with their channel, known as the Roku channel. This part of the device offers you millions of hours of content for free of cost. Many of the major TV shows and movies are available on this channel. It is the home for your free live television requirements. 

4. Streaming Quality

The devices offer high-quality streaming services to the users at a very affordable price. It is the best streaming player that you can purchase for any 4K UHD TV. The plug and play connectivity allows you to stream instantly right after connecting to the internet.  

5. User Interface

The user interface of every Roku streaming device is quite similar. It can turn any television into a smart TV with plug and play capabilities. The user interface is just like the Kodi media player. There are many tweaks available as well, which can help you to binge-watch hours of content for free. 

Different Types Of Roku Products Available:

There are a wide variety of products currently available. They include the following – 

  1. Roku TV 
  2. Roku Express 
  3. Roku Premiere 
  4. Roku Streaming Stick+ 

Their product range starts at just £29.99. Currently, they are offering customers a £10 discount on every product, so go ahead and grab your entertainment pass. Offer ends 21/4/2020. 

How to Activate Roku using

The first step to start with your entertainment journey through Roku is to activate your streaming device. It can be done by creating a Roku account. Creating a Roku account is very simple and is free. Follow these steps to learn more about how to activate Roku devices. 

Step1: Power up your Roku Device

Connect your Roku device to a power source and plug it into your TV. The procedure to do the same varies from product to product. Almost all Roku devices make use of HDMI to connect with your TV. 

Step2. Connect with the Internet

Now, after you have plugged in your device into the TV, connect your Roku streaming player to the internet. It is done by going to the settings with the help of your Roku remote. You can choose to communicate with the internet over a wireless connection (Wi-Fi) or even Ethernet in some devices. The Roku box and TV can also be connected using a wired internet connection.  

Step3. Creating Roku Account

You can do this directly with the help of your Roku device and remote, but it gets a little bit tedious. We would recommend using a desktop device to create your account. Follow these steps 

Step4. Open up your Browser

Hop on to your computer and open your favorite Browser. In the Browser, enter the following link to visit the Roku website and begin with the first step of creating your account. 

Step5: Sign up for Roku

Head over to the sign-in option. Click the button on the top right corner, and you will be redirected to the sign-in /sign-up page. Click on the sign-up button. 

Step6: Create account page

Click on the create a new account page after visiting the website. 

Step7: Details

In the sign-up form, fill up all of your correct details, to begin with, your entertainment services on your Roku device. 

Step8: Set up PIN

Roku will also ask you to set up a personal identification number for security purposes. This allows you to monitor all of your transactions regularly. Any purchase made on your Roku device can only be made upon entering this PIN.

Step9: Roku Pay

Enter your credit card or Paypal details to sign up for Roku pay. It is essential to do so because it makes future transactions much more feasible. You would not be charged anything initially. 

Step10: Activating Device

After the sign-up, log in to your newly created account and revisit the Roku web page. On the homepage, you will find the activate a device option on the top right corner. 

Click on this button and enter the code that is displayed on your TV screen. This will register your Roku device and connect it with your Roku account.

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