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If you are fascinated with listening to music, you should grab the offer provided by Apple Incorporation. Apple Music is one of the most attractive services among music lovers. A large number of customers are pleased with their services. We are suggesting you know more about Apple Music free trial before you start using their service. Most of us know that Apple Music is a subscription-based service that provides music streaming of more than 50 million different songs.

Apple music free trial

This subscription-based service launched in the year 2015. It provides many features that include offline listening. Apple Music combines all your music in a single place. It is not the end! It offers radio stations with Siri which helps you to control with verbal commands.

Activate 3 months Free Trial

Features of Apple Music:

Apple Music helps you to discover more music from different sources and listen to them in perfect harmony.

  1. You can get recommendations from tracks, playlists, and artists every day.
  2. By asking Siri or by calling the frequency you can access to broadcast the radio stations whichever are needed.
  3. You can also watch the top-rated music videos by streaming the playlists.
  4. It helps you to tune in breaking news and popular programs by accessing Beats-1.
  5. Siri offers you to search for music directly in the Apple Music app by its lyrics.
  6. It can explore your mood from the playlists by identifying which types of music you listen to most.
  7. Hey, Siri can play music by getting your verbal command.
  8. You can stream the latest album and releases of your favorite artist from the playlists.
  9. Along with listening Apple Music Provides you to get the lyrics at the view bar.
  10. You can set up a library full of your favorite music and it allows you to listen to any device. Isn’t it exciting enough!

Apple Music Free Trial:

Apple Music 3-month free trial

Apple has always been generous and the same is the case with Apple Music. They’re offering a massive 3-month free trial for you to check the service out and see if it’s for you. You can try out any of the above-mentioned plans for 3 months and cancel it anytime if you don’t like it. To claim your free trial, head over to Apple Music, and scroll down until you see this page. Click on any of the plans you wish to try out for 3 months and you’ll have it for free.

Pricing Plans:

If you still like to continue using Apple music after the completion of your free trial you can choose any of the below-mentioned pricing plans:

  1. An individual plan provides with costs of $9.99 per month.
  2. A special family plan offered by the company is for up to six consumers which costs $14.99 per month.
  3. Along with two plans, there is a final plan provides by Apple and it costs$4.99 per month. The last plan is designed mainly for University Students.
  4. If you don’t have any paid plan for subscription, still Apple allows you to listen to music that you have purchased or uploaded to your devices. But you would not get any access to offline listening.

Service Facilities:

You can enjoy their services on several devices of Apple. Apple Music Supports on the following devices:

iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Mac, CarPlay, PC, Android, Sonos & Amazon Echo.


Hey! We are providing you with some Frequently Asked Questions, by which you may clear your doubt about the free trial of Apple Music.

How do you get the Apple Music Free trial pack?

o follow some steps you can access the trial pack.
Step1. After entering iTunes you need to select the “Music” category from the dropdown lists.
Step2. Just click on the “For You” menu. Now you can see the offer and click on it.
Step3. Choose the subscription type from “Family”, “University Students” and “Individual”
Step4. Login the page with your existing ID and password.

is the Apple Music provides a free trial for three months?

After consuming a subscription plan, Apple Music provides you 3 months trial pack which is free of cost. You just need a proper existing Apple ID for enjoying the service.

The trial pack is free?

Yes. The trial pack is free when you sign up for the free trial. After completing the trial period you need to access any of their three plans.

Is Apple Music is better than any other Music Providing App?

If you ask this question to me, I will say, Apple Music is better than any other musing providing applications. It provides you with more than 50 million different songs, Verbal commanding facilities, radio tuning benefits and many other catchy offers.

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