Best AirPod Straps in 2020 – Buying Guide

We all know that with the entry of AirPods, the wireless earphones industry got a lift and no matter even if they were expensive a bit, they were still welcomed with love by the people. When you are purchasing an Apple iPhone, you are sort of drawn to spend on a pair of AirPods too. And since they are a pair, you can always put them together with some of the best AirPods straps. If you are looking to purchase AirPods, then you can have a look at the best AirPods straps below that can help you to keep them safe. These straps help you to guard your AirPods and make sure you will not lose them anywhere.

Best AirPods strap

Though you have to use Find My AirPods on the iPhone, you still have the right accessories to figure this problem out. Let’s jump into the AirPods straps without any further delay.

List of Best Airpod Straps in 2020:

1. Spigen Airpod Strap

Spigen Airpod Strap

Spigen is the best company out there that makes very cool AirPod straps. They are lightweight and are extremely durable. They are compact, and they are also ideal for keeping the AirPods safe wherever you are. You should know that they are only compatible with AirPods 1 and 2 but not with AirPods Pro. Their simple design and budget-friendly price can make it a perfect choice for you to grab them.

2. GogoSodu


Gogosodu is another great option to choose from a lot of other straps as it is made of some of the finest and softest silicone material. They are extremely soft and comfortable around your neck and it is so soft that you need not worry about any skin irritation at all. Since they are made of silicone, they have high tensile strength so they are not easy to break at all. Thus, they will keep your AirPods safe and they are easy to use too. All you have to do is just put the wireless earphones in the hole of the strap and then you are good to go. You will love these straps because they are sweatproof too. So if you are going for a run, then these can be a perfect carry.

3. Fony Airpods Magnetic Strap

 Fony Airpods Magnetic Strap

This is a feather-light strap that doesn’t even feel it exists around your neck. It is very easy to use and can be quickly installed in the AirPods. They are tangle-free and easy to store, and also won’t form any kinks. They hold the AirPods well and you will not have any problem with these because they are easy to use.

4. Alpaca Airpods Strap

Alpaca Airpods Strap

This is a great way to use your AirPods. They help you out when you are out for a workout or a long run. They are best used for outdoors and the cable’s design is flat. It is also pocket proof and it doesn’t cause any knots when you store it in the pockets. The complete fit is streamlined without any kind of problems.

5. HallEast


HallEast is AirPods straps that are made of cotton and they are about .75 m long. They can stay within your pocket without getting tangled in there. Apart from that, you can get some really vivid colors to choose from according to your tastes and likes. The straps are of high quality and they make the strap very soft and convenient.

6. Top Case Airpod Strap

Top Case Airpod Strap

They are anti-lost and they can be absorbed and fixed firmly at the neck to avoid and losing your earphones. The comfort of carrying them around matches to none and they are compatible with AirPods perfectly. Top Case has high tensile strength and they can help you in not losing our AirPods at all.

7. InnoGadgets Strap For Apple Airpods

InnoGadgets Strap For Apple Airpods

InnoGadgets straps are amazing and they take safety as their topmost priority. You will face zero risks when you have these around you. You’re very unlikely to lose your AirPods and even if they slip out of your ears, the AirPods will simply fall around the neck. They hold the AirPods in place and they make you feel great without any extra burden. You can save money by simply investing in a pair of those as you won’t lose your AirPods. They are easy to install and remove. The bottom of the strap gives space to the microphone. Functional and Stylish accessory.

8. Seltureone


Seltureoune AirPods straps are perhaps the most compatible AirPods straps ever made. They are designed and specially made for all kinds of AirPods: AirPods, AirPods 2, AirPods Pro. Also, they are made of the ultra-thin silicone rubber to make sure that they hold your AirPods to your earbuds and will not let them go missing.


There aren’t any downsides of owning AirPods strap and they can help you to never lose your AirPods again. Those aren’t expensive and you can also count on them to keep your AirPods intact. They may be great for AirPods safety, but their simple design is what propels people to buy them. These accessories are one of those things you can smartly invest and save a lot of money (by not losing AirPods) and also time (the time lost in searching them).

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