Best Browser Games in 2020 – Top 9 Most Played Games

It is very hard to pass the time when you have got bored or have nothing to do. The best way to pass or kill time is by playing games. Games are usually very large in size and need installation. Today you are going to find out the best games that you can play in a browser and does not require installation.

Best Browser Games – 2020 Most Playing

Best browser games in 2020

1. Slither.IO

In current days, Slither.IO is getting popular vastly. Even people playing this game and live streaming on social platforms. This game is about snakes eating food and the user has to control the snake to avoid collisions and to get foods. The snake gets bigger in size as it eats foods and other little snakes. This game also supports multiplayer mode which enables the players to play in between them and have to win by taking the other snakes out. This game is absolutely free of cost and the best in killing time.

2. DarkOrbit Reloaded

DarkOrbit Reloaded

The DarkOrbit Reloaded is full of adventure and contains stunning visual effects. If you are looking to play a browser game that is full of adventure, then this should be the first choice. This game is based on the space adventure and you can choose between a starship captain, a merchant, and space-pirates to play the game. The game also supports multiplayer mode which enables you to play with your friends. This game is also a free game and very good to kill time with.

3. Fallen London

Fallen London

This game is an old one but really enjoyable. Fallen London has completed its tenth anniversary. Fallen London is a text-based adventurous game set in fascinating, terrifying Lovecraftian London. This game is very enjoyable as you can see weird things happen with the character which makes it a unique browser game. Fallen London can be very enjoyable to play often and it is based on a very odd genre that could not be found in any other browser game. This game also does not require money in order to play it. You just need to open a free account and start with the fun.

4. RuneScape


The game is also known as RuneScape 3. This game was developed by Jagex in 2001. This is an online multiplayer role-playing game that was originally released for browsers. Later Jagex decided to enlarge the game by developing it for Windows, iOS, Macintosh, and Linux. This game has reached popularity and many people still playing this game to enjoy the time. RuneScape is a 3-d game that makes this very good in visual effects and it offers 200 quests that can be discovered while playing the game. This game is also free to play and requires an account to synchronize the user profile and to deliver the latest news.

5. Doom


Doom is a classic computer game launched for Microsoft Windows released in 1993. This game is a first-person shooting game that is based out of the earth and filled with creepy and scary aliens. Now, Doom can be played in a web browser that too without any installation. This game can be played with a keyboard and mouse. If you are a lover of classic games, then you are going to love playing it in your idle time. This game also can be played free of cost and you need to open aa free account to play it.

6. is a multiplayer racing game. This game is all about gaining your position to the checkpoints with the help of the powerups. sounds very simple but it is not that simple. This game is not a conventional racing game and full of surprises, for example, checkpoints may pop behind you and many more. This game is totally free to play.

7. Spellunky


Not just as a browser game, Spellunky is very popular among various platforms. This is also a classic game and very fun to play with. This game is based on finding treasures by plumbing deep into a cave system. This game is also available in an HD version but this classic one is the most enjoyable one. However, you can find this game very attractive and adventurous as it has a classic flavor and a very unique story behind it. This game is also fully free. You will need to open an account to play it, which is available for free.

8. Prodigy


This game helps children to improve their math skills in a very engaging way. Prodigy is a fantasy-based MMORPG(Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) game which is very popular. Over 50 million people are playing this game. To win the game, you have to answer a set of questions related to mathematics. The game consists of the little wizards which are battelling to find the keystones to unlock the mysterious academy. This game is available for free and a free account is needed to be opened.

9. Pokemon Showdown

Pokemon Showdown

Children to adults every single one has loved the series of pokemon and are playing this game worldwide. This game allows the players to battle with other pokemon and a custom team can be built. No level up or gymming is required to prepare the pokemon for battling, you can straight jump to the battle event and start fighting. This game is very fun to play with and a good time killer as the previous generation has grown up with pokemon. This game is also a free game and a free account is required to play it.

Final Words:

In this blog, you can find the best games that can be played within any browser and best to pass time with. So, stop getting bored and start to play some Right Now!

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