Best Call Of Duty (COD) Mobile Controllers

Each day the gaming industry is evolving on a large scale. With the integration of high-definition graphics, easy-to-use features, and most importantly, the impact of virtual reality is craving human minds. Let’s draw your attention to the best COD mobile controllers that are available in the market for you. If you are seeking one, then you have definitely tapped on to the right place.

Best Call Of Duty mobile controller

Visiting several tech sites must have demented you. However, if you provide us your valuable time, we can assure you of not letting you down in any circumstances. I hope you adore this read!!

 Top Best COD Mobile Controllers:

PreviewProduct NameDETAILSCheck Price
#1Cheap Price
  • Pros: Better control, Ease of use, Flexible fit & Decent pricing.
  • Cons: Software could have been better.
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#2Best Seller
GameSir G6
  • Pros: Long battery life & Comfortable control.
  • Cons: No official Android support.
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#3Top Pick
5 In 1 Mobile Controller
  • Pros: Cooling technology, Comfortable key movement.
  • Cons: Tight grip might hamper the phone.
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COOBILE PUBG Mobile Game Controller
  • Pros: Excellent triggers, Reliable quality.
  • Cons: Difficult setup
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DELAM Mobile Game Controller
  • Pros: Rotatable touch head for easy installation.
  • Cons: Difficult setup
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  • Pros: Easy to use and high precision, increase your game score.
  • Cons: No Cons
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Rotor Riot
  • Pros: Experience uninterrupted gameplay with no lag time.
  • Cons: Not Supported For Android.
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  • Pros: Comfortable handle, long-term game will not fatigue, alloy trigger.
  • Cons: Supports 10mm thickness mobile phone with a 4.5-6.5 inch screen.
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Are you a prominent COD player? Love to play face-off challenges? But, unfortunately, your mobile devices betrays you at peak time. This happens because your flexibility is curtailed and limits the movement of your fingers. But the latest controllers resolve all your problems within a moment. It allows you to shoot better, aim better and what may not at the same time. We have personally scrutinized the COD mobile controllers and have brought some fine Pieces for you, recommended by our expertise group. Want to check them out? Great! Come let’s hire your inquisitiveness for a while.

1. BEBONCOOL Mobile Game Controller

BEBONCOOL Mobile Game Controller is a wireless Bluetooth controller. This controller is compatible with both iOS and Android. The gamepad and flexible design of the controller are best for COD Mobile. It has 12 motion map buttons that help you map triggers and movements to meet your gaming needs. 

BEBONCOOL Mobile Game Controller

This is a cordless device, and you need Bluetooth 4.0 or higher to connect with your mobile. The battery of the controller lasts up to 12 hours. You need to download the ShootingPlus V3 app to connect the device via Bluetooth. You can customize your game screen with mapping buttons according to your need. You can also try the BEBONCOOL Mobile game controller for PUBG and other games.

Key Features

  • Supports Android and iOS devices
  • Bluetooth controlled device
  • 12 mapping buttons for the better gaming experience
  • Long-lasting battery 
  • Small in size (you can carry it even in pocket)
  • Chargeable while playing

  • Better control
  • Ease of use
  • Flexible fit
  • Decent pricing
  • Better battery life


  • Software could have been better.

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2. GameSir G6 One-Handed Wireless Game Controller

GameSir is one the best companies that make different types of gaming tools. GameSir G6 is a handy solution for intense games like COD mobile, PUBG, Mobile Legends, and many others. This is a one-handed game controller with Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection. With high sensitivity and low latency, this controller will give you a remarkable gaming experience. 

GameSir G6 One-Handed Wireless Game Controller

The adoptive G-Touch technology of GameSir G6 makes it more comfortable while playing games. Built-in Nordic 52832 chip and 3mAh battery give you an unbelievable 80 hours of gaming time. It has 10 mapping buttons and 1 ultra-thin joystick that lets you control movements, jumping, aiming, and shooting.

Key Features

  • Supports only Android (6.0 or above)
  • Bluetooth controlled device
  • 10 mapping buttons and 1 ultra-thin joystick
  • Long-lasting battery life with 80 hours of runtime
  • Flexible design with exceptional features
  • Chargeable while playing

  • Long battery life
  • Comfortable control
  • Stable connections


  • No official Android support

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3. 5 In 1 Mobile Controller

The 5 in 1 mobile controller is specially designed according to daily players. The structure of the controller made for easy operating. With this, while concentrating on playing games, you can also relieve the fatigue of fingers simultaneously. The Controller is designed so that it won’t hinder charging and headphone jacks. 

5 In 1 Mobile Controller

With its alloy triggers and well-engineered handle, you can easily move, aim, run, shoot, and turn using only index fingers. It only weighs around only 60 grams which is easy to carry anywhere. 

Key Features

  • Alloy triggers allow you to aim and shoot perfectly
  • Flexible grip for holding
  • Side opening doesn’t hinder charging, and headphone jacks
  • Suitable for Android and iOS
  • It doesn’t need charging

  • Excellent battery life
  • Cooling technology
  • Comfortable key movement


  • Tight grip might hamper the phone

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4. NOYMI PUBG Mobile Game Controller

NOYMI mobile controller is an all-in-one solution for extreme mobile gamers. It has gaming triggers, gamepads, a mobile power port, and cooling fans that are going to make your COD gaming more addictive. Coming to the control panel, you will get six finger triggers for simultaneously shooting, aiming, and operating at the same time. The fire and aiming buttons come with 180° reversals making your installation easier. This controller is compatible with all major mobile phones. 

NOYMI PUBG Mobile Game Controller

There are three contact points that are steadily fixed with the phone body and controller. A rubber pad is also attached with the controller that will prevent the phone from sliding. It has a built-in 2000mAh battery and cooling fans that help you charge mobiles and prevent overheating while playing.

Key Features

  • Highly sensitive triggers
  • In-built battery for charging while playing
  • Cooling fans to reduce overheating
  • Rotatable rubber touchpoints
  • Flexible gaming pads
  • Suitable for iOS and Android

  • Excellent triggers
  • Better gameplay
  • Reliable quality


  • Difficult setup

5. Cosmic Byte C 1070T

Cosmic Byte C1070T is a truly all-in-one game controller compatible with Mobile, PC, and PS3. You will find an integrated Dual Mode including X- input and Direct- input for greater game compatibility. Features like analog sticks and ultra-precise D cross are more of an added advantage to put on. 

Cosmic Byte C 1070T

You will get double triggers having 12 numeric buttons and a special “rapid-fire” with turbo mode. It is even compatible with your PlayStation 3 and also supports LED indicators. 

Key Features

  • Dual Integrated Mode: X-input and Direct-input 
  • Precise eight-way D cross
  • 12 numeric buttons for a better gaming experience
  • Compatible for PC, mobile, and PS3
  • Dual vibration motors for flawless gaming

  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Smooth function
  • Dual vibration motors


  • The network gets disconnected frequently

Why should you Buy a COD mobile controller?

If you are addicted to COD games, you should opt for mobile controllers because it improves your performance drastically and leverages your performance more efficiently. During the game, you can navigate your triggers flexibly, which was a constraint on previously COD mobile controllers are designed according to your necessities and improve your COD attacking skills. As COD is one of the biggest mobile games around right now, in the same way, you need to upgrade your skills accordingly.

This up-gradation of playing skills and mastering yourself is not pretty challenging because tools like mobile controllers help you to ameliorate your gaming experience. You can better customize your triggers like attack, spin, target, and many more. The controller buttons are demonstrated in such a way that your fingertips are always on its neck point. Designed especially for pro-gamers like you, the COD game controller is a must-buy. So folks, accelerate your gaming gears now!! Better a chance, you should never let it go.

How to set up a COD mobile controller?

Forget indulging yourself in fuss methods, we have simplified the steps according to your understanding. Why trouble your patience and spend money when you can check out the steps on your own. Many tech websites forge the steps in a very complex way, but we assure you that our modified steps are more relatable to any ordinary man who is just a game freak like you.

  • Put your controller in pairing mode
  • Enable the Bluetooth on your Smartphone, either be Android or IOS and connect the wireless controller
  • The next step is to open your COD and head to the controller section under settings.
  • Proceed to set and modify your controls for each game type when you play.
  • Lastly, most importantly, head back to your comforting sofas and start playing with your new toy.

 Best 3 COD Mobile Controllers:

Are you eagerly waiting for the top three COD Mobile Controllers? Then your wait is over and we will suggest you with the best 3 among the top 5 COD Mobile Controllers which we have addressed in detail at the beginning. These best 3 COD Mobile Controllers will enlighten your insights, at the same time giving rest to your perturbation.

1. GameSir G6 One-Handed Wireless Game Controller

  • Great performance

This COD Mobile Controller is worth buying because it gears a breathtaking performance that makes you simply say “yes this is what I was looking for”

  • Super styling

GameSir G6 is super duper stylish if you’re into “showing off” then this is a must-buy.

2. Cosmic Byte C 1070T

  • Impressive feature

Flexibility and dual motors are very interestingly two major key points you can have an added feature that gives you a pro- feeling.

  • Impressive triggers

Though comes with 12 triggers, its durability and performance are outstanding than the rest. Worth buying.

3. BEBONCOOL Mobile Game Controller

  • Flexibility

Though there are many mobile controllers who serve any particular OS this is universal, operates on any phone without any hurdles.


Which is the Best COD Mobile Controller?

There are a lot of great controllers for COD Mobile, but my favorite is the Xbox One controller. It’s comfortable to hold and has a lot of great features that make it perfect for gaming.

Does COD Mobile Support pro controller?

Yes, COD Mobile does support the pro controller. The game has a lot of features that are similar to the console versions of COD, so the pro controller is a great option for those who want a more traditional gaming experience.

Can I play COD mobile with a PS5 controller?

Yes, you can use a PS5 controller to play COD mobile. The controllers are compatible with most devices that run the game.


The best COD mobile controllers are those that offer a smooth gaming experience. They should also be comfortable to use and have a good grip. Gamers who are looking for the best controllers should consider these factors when making their purchase.

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