5 Best Ebook Readers in 2022 | Buyer’s Guide

Ebook – a book that you can read online on your PC, tablet, or smartphone. Technology has achieved commendable success in offering the utmost convenience to people. The joy of reading got lost somewhere over the years, perhaps due to the lesser availability of ‘free’ or ‘leisure’ time in people.

For others, it was just the inconvenience of finding a suitable space at home to preserve a thick hardcover book. And for some, the reading hobby started getting a bit unaffordable.

For all these reasons and perhaps many more not discussed here, ebooks provide a perfect answer. Easy to carry even in your pouch or handbag, giving you the freedom to read whenever and wherever (even in the bath!), and can be easily downloaded from a number of places so no hassle of visiting bookstores or libraries to keep your passion alive.

With so many advantages on offer, ebooks are currently one of the best and most convenient options for avid readers but who are short on time.

And, an ebook reader makes this whole e-reading experience possible for you. Available in varying sizes and resolutions, they intend to offer the paper-like reading experience to their users. Here we’ve put together a list of some of the best ebook readers available online for you to try out. Take a look.

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List of Best Ebook Readers 2022:

1. Kindle Oasis

Kindle Oasis - best e book reader

Amazon’s Kindle was the pioneer in the ebook market way back in 2007. And its immense popularity among bookworms made Amazon bring out other similar products over the years. One of them is the Kindle Oasis, which is also highly popular among the new digital-reading population.

Top Features

  1. The sleek design makes it compact and easily portable.
  2. The 7” display screen is the largest from Kindle series so far and also provides the highest resolution for comfortable reading. The no-glare screen makes for an easy read even in bright sunlight.
  3. The first waterproof Kindle from Amazon, meaning you can now enjoy your ebooks in the shower or at the sea without a worry.
  4. In-built audible feature too so you can now listen to a wide collection of audiobooks online.
  5. Page-turn buttons that give the feel of reading a real paper book.
  6. Adaptable front light to offer comfort at any time of the day.
  7. Excellent power backup – a single charge lasts for up to weeks together so you’d never have to worry about losing touch with your favorite read midway.
  8. Huge storage space – almost 8GB for you to download tons of titles online. Never miss out on any of the new releases or bestselling editions; you can comfortably download and store them in your Kindle Oasis and enjoy them when you like. There’s an option to choose 32GB storage space as well.
  9. Easily affordable at $2.99 or less and free access to Amazon Prime members to over a million ebooks.

2. Kobo Forma

Kobo Forma e book reader

This offering from Amazon’s competitor is equally worth a try. One of the best 8-inch ebook readers in the market today, it promises to offer a unique reading experience to its digital audience.

Top Features

  1. Extremely lightweight which makes it easily portable.
  2. The 8” HD touchscreen is the largest in this category at the moment and allows for a similar experience as reading print.
  3. Landscape reading mode facility.
  4. The ComfortLight PRO feature reduces exposure to blue light and makes it comfortable to read your favorite story at bedtime.
  5. Waterproof and comes with HZO protection.
  6. In-built overdrive allows you to borrow a huge collection of books from the virtual public library. You can even store as many as 6000 ebooks in its 8GB memory storage space.

3. Kobo Aura H2O Edition 2

Kobo Aura H2O Edition 2

Another brilliant offering from Kobo, this one, as its name suggests, is H2O compatible. The product claims to meet the requirements of an IPX8 rating, meaning that it has been tested for waterproof efficiency for 1 hour in up to 2 meters of water level! Worth a try.

Top Features

  • The touch display screen comes in a 6.8” dimension and offers an excellent print-quality reading experience.
  • 8GB memory space to store all your favorite titles.
  • Single-time battery charges may last up to weeks together, of course depending on individual usage.
  • Glare-free HD Carta E Ink Display for absolute clarity in any kind of lighting.
  • It provides easy Wi-Fi access so you can take your story wherever you like.

4. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

If you’re looking for a medium-range Kindle to suit your pocket, then this could be the one for you. Plus, like its counterpart Kindle Oasis, it too comes with the waterproof facility.

Top Features

  1. What makes this Kindle offering unique is its sleek body, which makes it the thinnest and lightest Kindle yet to be introduced.
  2. Available in a choice of two colors – Black and Twilight Blue.
  3. Choice of 8GB or 32GB storage space to save all your daily news feeds, journals, magazines, comics, fiction, and non-fiction e-reads, and even audiobooks.
  4. Comes with Audible feature; just connect it with your Bluetooth earphones or speakers and enjoy listening to your story.
  5. Inbuilt adjustable lighting so you can keep on reading indoors or outdoors, day or night, without having to change the light each time.
  6. It comes at an affordable price of $2.99 or less.

5. All-new Kindle

This is Kindle’s latest and cheapest offering so far. One of the best budget Kindles for all avid readers who’ve been putting off buying an ebook reader for cost reasons. Now is the time to reconsider your options.

Top Features

  1. This one is specifically designed to allow for distraction-free reading. You can now do so much more with your new Kindle without ever having to leave the page you are on. Highlight passages that you like or wish to refer back to in the future again, translate foreign words in your language, adjust text font to suit your comfort – all this is now possible while staying on the same page.
  2. Subscription to Amazon Prime facilitates free access to unlimited titles from virtual library stores.
  3. Huge storage space to hold numerous books at a time.
  4. Faster downloads straight to your Kindle. You can even choose to read a sample for free before deciding to buy it.

6. Kobo Clara

HD Kobo too comes up with its budget edition of ebook readers with this product. Designed to suit all budgets and let everyone enjoy the experience of reading anytime, anywhere.

Top Features

  1. ComfortLight PRO feature gives you the best lighting required depending on the time of the day and place you’re in.
  2. 6” HD anti-glare screen makes reading comfortable and enjoyable. Get the same feel as reading a print paper book.
  3. For those who’ve just taken a dive into the e-reading arena, this product comes with easily customizable features to make the whole experience super simple for new users. You can customize options on your e-reader to read the way you like.
  4. 8GB storage space for thousands of ebooks at one time.

7. Onyx BOOX Max

This one is a boon for all the techies out there, giving them an excellent opportunity to read scientific papers and academic reading materials in PDF format.

Top Features

  1. Glaring right in the face is its biggest offering – a screen as huge as 13.3”, unarguably the largest in the market at the moment among all other e-readers. In fact, its screen size is very close to that of an actual A4 paper. This makes it a perfect choice for students and other academicians to use the product for all scientific and technical reports.
  2. Facilitates writing notes by hand and audio recording too.
  3. You can even listen to an extensive library of audiobooks.
  4. Allows for third-party apps.


  1. At 13.3”, it makes it impossible to carry around in the pocket. But then again, lots of other smaller portable ebook readers don’t really provide for the same larger and easy reading experience like this one, especially for science and technical material. So that way, Onyx BOOX Max scores a point over its competitors.
  2. Falls in the higher price bracket as compared to most other rivals. But if it suits any of your needs (as detailed above), it may just be worth it even at this price.

Why do Ebook Readers Use E-Ink?

E-ink refers to a display technology that gives a very similar feel to reading from the actual paper. The benefits are many – it doesn’t make reading feel very different from conventional paper books, it reduces undue strain on your eyes as you keep reading for hours from the screen, and it saves a lot on the battery consumption as well.

This is why ebook readers are widely preferred over normal smartphones or tablets. The latter’s LCD screen runs on a backlight that throws light at your eyes directly, causing them to strain. But in case of an e-reader, the e-ink technology facilitates light to be first reflected from the screen and then back to your eyes, just like while reading a normal paper, thereby reducing the strain on them.


Is it worth to buy eBook reader?

There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding whether or not to buy an eBook reader. First, consider how often you would use it. If you only plan on using it occasionally, then it may not be worth the cost. Additionally, consider what type of books you prefer to read. If you like to read physical books, then an eBook reader may not be the best option for you. Finally, think about the cost of the device and the cost of the eBooks.

What do most people read eBooks on?

There are many different devices that people read eBooks on. Some people read them on their phones, some people read them on their computers, and some people read them on their e-readers.

Summing Up

Ebook readers are much better than normal smartphones in so many ways. And their easy portability, huge storage, and even amazing price discounts have made them a popular choice among book lovers. Time to get one for yourself if you haven’t already experienced the joy of an ebook reading.

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