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Ebooks have come to be the most popular and convenient forms of reading. In fact, we should really thank these modern-day technological boons that have rekindled the joyous habit of reading among young and adults alike. And reading via Ebooks is so much more comfortable too. If you like a book at the nearest bookstore but worried about where to keep such a thick-covered huge book at home, then Ebooks are the answer to your problem. Similarly, if the cost of the book is keeping you away from buying it, again Ebooks come to your rescue.

Best E-Book torrent sites

No more hassle of storage space or unaffordability issues. Ebooks can be your perfect partner as you relax with them as the day draws to an end. They are easily available online for an immediate read or can be downloaded to be enjoyed at a later time as convenient. Plus, they are affordable too and you can actually read more at the price of one hardcover book! Speaking of download, there are several Torrent websites that offer easy Ebook downloads to users at super speed. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Torrent sites preferred by online users for Ebook reading.

Best Ebook Torrent Websites in 2022:

Torrent is the widely preferred hub for most types of downloads – right from movies and TV shows to even Ebooks now.

1. TorrentDownloads


This is one of the best sites when it comes to Ebook download on Torrent. Loads of books to download from, available in several categories and genres to please varying age groups, and in multiple languages too. The best virtual library for all your needs.

2. Planet eBook

Planet eBook

This one for classic literature lovers. A great place to browse through tons of golden classics you’ve always wanted to lay your hands on. The site’s virtual library currently houses nearly 50,000 Ebook titles. Also, you’ll love the site’s latest version that has been designed specifically to suit mobile users. The interface displays Ebooks in multiple formats. The site also attempts to make its classic collection available on all devices free of cost.

3. ManyBooks

Like its name, ManyBooks has a huge collection of fantastic books on offer for free online. The site’s interface is truly commendable, providing for super easy navigation through multiple book categories – genres, titles, authors, languages, popular, featured authors, and recommended. There are more than 50,000 Ebook titles to browse for free. Moreover, the site offers an excellent platform for writers to promote their work.


This one’s particularly for computer techies who’re looking to benefit from a virtual library of books on technology, tutorials, non-fiction genre, computer programming, and the like. Most of the technical books are either quite bulky or pricey. So this site perfectly takes care of that. Also, the website has been designed to offer extreme user convenience. Each book is neatly classified into sub-categories such as Recently Viewed, Top 10, eBooks, Top 10 Users, and Latest Additions.

5. Zooqle


One of the best web crawlers to look out for some good torrent Ebook downloads for free. As such, it makes for a good start when you start picking Ebooks for a good read.

6. Smashwords

The site boasts of being one of the world’s largest distributors of Ebooks. This means that the website facilitates any author/publisher to publish and distribute Ebooks to popular retailers and libraries around the world.

7. Book-Share

You’re sure to find one of the largest online collection of books – more than 4,00,000 in number – so you never have to miss out on variety. With such an exhaustive list of Ebooks on offer, Book-Share is truly one of the most popular sites trending the internet.

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8. Free-Ebooks.net


Not only does the domain offer books in thousands of categories all for free, but the site also allows the user to choose the format for download as well – Kindle, Txt File, PDF, and EPUB.

9. org

If you’re alert seeing the name “Wiki”, let’s clarify that the site isn’t affiliated to Wikipedia in any way. However, its extensive collection of Ebooks in multiple languages like Dutch, English, Italian, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, is what makes it similar to Wikipedia.

10. MyPDFbooks

This one’s great for downloading some free books in PDF and ePub format. The site allows for easy, faster, and free downloading of PDF-compatible content, generally available in huge file size, without the need to register or pay a fee.


Ebooks are a great way to relax in the comfort of your couch/bed and read whatever you like under the sky on any device you’re most comfortable carrying in your hand or resting against table support. They are the reason why more and more people seem to have started finding joy and solace in this hobby. With so many titles to choose from and that too free of cost, there’s no second thought over downloading these websites and getting on to reading.

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