Best Firestick Apps For Movies, TV Shows & Sports

The apps available within the Amazon apps store are what make the Firestick a brilliant device for entertainment. You can use it to stream Netflix, Amazon Prime, and even play games and listen to music.

Best Fire TV stick Apps

These apps can be used with the touch of a button using the remote of the Firestick.

Best Firestick Apps – Entertainment & Safety

We bring you the best fire stick apps and in various categories namely, entertainment, news, sports, and live TV and lastly safety. All you would need to do is download these apps and enjoy the world of entertainment.

Best FireStick Apps for Entertainment:

1. Netflix


Netflix has turned out to be the synonym for entertainment in today’s world, I’m sure you’ve heard the name. It is one of the most formidable and excellent platforms to stream movies and TV shows. Although it is a paid app, it is nevertheless the best entertainment app available on the FireStick. The tariffs are often too expensive to be paid, that being Netflix’s only drawback. It is available for free for just a month and then you need to pay for its services. If you don’t like this content (I seriously doubt that) you can cancel it within this one month.

2. Kodi


Kodi is one of the best free entertainment applications that you would find on the Amazon store, it is open-source software and is free of cost. The best part is perhaps is it’s easy to use and simple UI. You can view TV shows and movies from a host of content, and you also can view live TV and sports using various Kodi Builds & add-ons that are available for free. However, it is advised for Kodi users to use a VPN since there has been an increase in online surveillance throughout the globe.

3. Plex


Had to mention Plex after Kodi, Plex is perhaps the best media manager that is available on the Amazon app store. The service has a unique algorithm that transforms your computer into a Plex server and then you can use it to access online along with local media. However, unlike Kodi, the services are not free, I mean yes there is a free version but there also exists a paid version with premium features. Plex offers cover arts and thumbnails; it comes with that premium feel as it has licensed media works from most of its providers.

Best FireStick Apps for News:

1. Sky news

The Fire Stick offers you the luxury of watching the most recent news and stay updated about the most recent happenings across the globe. Sky news one of the most popular and most viewed news channels across the world have launched a dedicated app for Firestick. The app is paid and unlike the news apps of NBC and CBS, Sky news does not keep showing the same news again and again.

Sky news

A lot of customers have stated that it has more perspectives that BBC and therefore they have switched to Sky news. Previously Sky was blamed for broadcasting only British news and having a British perspective on things. However recently it has started streaming America news and is unbiased from this perspective.

2. BBC News

BBC News is a popular choice amongst all the apps of the Amazon app store, BBC is an acronym for British Broadcasting Corporation. Almost all of us blindly trust BBC because of their myriad of journalists and their ability to reach any corner of the world. Now you can view all the latest updates on your Amazon Fire Stick that is being broadcasted by BBC.

BBC News

Apart from viewing live news and updates, you can also stream content through the app. The news section covers all aspects, starting from health, sports to business and politics. The fresh content ensures that every update is available at your fingertips and that you don’t have to go searching to receive the latest updates.

For Sports:

1. Sling TV

Sling TV

Sling TV is the very first application launched on the internet that provided live TV benefits. If you have a fondness for watching live TV, then Sling TV is the best choice for you. You can pay just $ 20 per month for live TV streaming on Sling TV, most of the other live TV providers charge up to $ 40 for live TV. However, if you reside anywhere in the world except for the USA, you would need a VPN since it is not available elsewhere.

2. Mobdro


If you’re into sports, and like watching it on the go without spending a dime, Mobdro is the app for you. However, there is a slight drawback as it is not available on the Amazon app store as it is only available on the official website of Mobdro. Once it is downloaded and installed, it starts searching for a free streaming service and then sends it directly to your device.

The only drawback is the bulky advertisements, and the only way of getting rid of them is to buy the premium account. Apart from this, the app is great for streaming sports and other streaming content on your Firestick.

ExpressVPN – For Safe & Security

Express VPN

VPN or “Virtual private networks” are the best tool available for protecting your online privacy. It is used to protect your digital footprint from hackers and more importantly governments and ISPs. ExpressVPN is the best VPN around, it has a state of the art encryption with AES 256 bit encryption protocol and can unblock content from anywhere on the planet. It has a dedicated app on Amazons tore making it easy to download and install. You can unblock and stream geo-restricted content on any streaming website on the planet.

To bring an end to this article, it would be safe to say that there is an enormous potential for Firestick shortly. This would perhaps be an end to the Dish or Cable TV era, as data becomes cheaper by the minute, people would opt for internet streaming. If you are planning to get a new Firestick, make sure to download the apps mentioned above to enjoy. Eventually, as you gain experience using the FireStick, you would be able to experience new sources of entertainment and would stumble upon something brilliant.


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