Best Sports Streaming Sites 2022 – Free & Unlimited Streaming

If you are a sports fan you would know the importance of being updated on the scores. Watching sports shouldn’t be limited to cable TV, in today’s age and world people don’t even want to pay for cable Tv when everything is available online. Why should sports be any different right? Whether it’s Baseball, Softball, Rugby and Football, Basketball, Tennis or any other sports, having the freedom of being able to watch it on your mobile devices, laptops or computers can be awesome.

Although, there are sites where you can pay for watching sports and sites where you can spend some to watch high-quality sports content. All you need is an internet connection and you can watch sports from any part of the house, in your office in fact even in the bathroom and never miss a move. Sometimes, it is not possible for you to sit in front of the Tv and watch a match, you need to be able to watch it on the go.

Best Sports streaming sites

The good thing is, the internet is an eternal source of entertainment. Free wi-fi connection and you can watch sports without having to take time out schedule or important meeting to do so. There are several sports streaming sites that work solely on adverts whereas others would need you to pay for the subscription. The small ads will occasionally pop up on your screen, which to be frank is worth the time to go through when you get to watch sports for free. While for some you would have to pay a small subscription amount to be able to watch sports anytime and anywhere

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List of Free Sports Streaming Sites That Are Legal:

Here are the best sports streaming sites where you can stream sports on your mobile device, laptops, or any device that supports the internet. Free sites would not always have the sport or match you would want to watch but if you’re lucky you might find some of your favorites match in there.

1. Yahoo Sports

Yahoo sports

You have heard the name of the search engine Yahoo but have you heard of Yahoo Sports? Yes, it is one of the most popular sports streaming sites on the internet. Yahoo provides its users with the option to choose from multiple popular sports. And it has become a top destination for free sports among sports fanatics.  Yahoo Sports features some important matches like the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB. You can stream some big sports league like the Campion’s league. It is not only the whole matches, the site shows but highlights as well, you can glance at the sports at a go.

2. Sony Pictures Sports Network

Sony Pictures Sports Network

This is an Indian live sports Streaming site but provides live streaming services for world-wide sports. You can watch sports on your smart Tv, laptops or mobile device with the sony pictures sports network app. You can watch Football World cups and premier league matches on this site along with many other sports such as basketball, WWE, Tennis, Ice skating, Hockey, cricket and many more. One can select from the matches or the sports category, jumping between categories layout of the website is extremely easy to understand. It shows occasional ads in between the playing video but it’s not interruptive, unlike many live streaming sites the ads don’t pop-up on the scream with loud volume.

3. WatchESPN


This comes from one of the most-watched sports channels, ESPN. WatchESPN has one of the largest variety of sports showcase on their site. With good quality, uninterrupted streaming these sites provides live streaming services for sports like Football, Cricket, Rugby, NBA G League, Boxing, and many other games. Unlike traditional TV, you can choose the type of game you want to watch. The site can be operated on a number of devices from your iPhone to android devices to many laptops and MacBooks.

Subscription Based

1. FuboTV


FuboTV shows a wide range of uninterrupted sports streaming without ads and at a high quality. The matches you can watch include NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAA, Soccer matches, English Premier League, MLS, UEFA, Champions League, Libertadores and so many more. As of now, this subscription-based sports streaming site is only available in the USA. The subscription costs $45 per month for 85 channels and $55 per month for 105 channels. There is almost all sports channel available on the site that you can watch and enjoy sports.

2. NBC Sports

NBC Sports

For this sports streaming site, you don’t need to pay separately. All you need is Cable, Satellite, Telco, or TV streaming subscription that has NBCSN can steam on this site on your iPhone, Android phone, Laptop or MacBooks. You can watch all five NBC sports channels under this website or mobile phone app and enjoy sports no matter where you are. If you are working during an important match you can stay updated on the score and watch live streaming at your office without disturbing anyone else.

3. FOX Sports Go

FOX Sports Go

Much like NBC sports this sports streaming service also gives you the option to stream sports if you are subscribed to Cable TV and FOX Sports is part of the package. The best thing about this streaming service is that you can catch up on old sports broadcasts that you missed by on-demand video service. Some of the matches FOX sports broadcast include NFL, MLB, NASCAR, MLS, the FIFA World Cup, German Bundesliga, and many others.

4. Sky Sports

Sky Sports

Sky Sports is one of the biggest and out their names of largest sports streaming channels. Most elite features of the website are available for subscribers, some services can be seen for free with occasional ads. Sky sports provide good video quality for live streaming. You can watch it on your television by connecting your phone to it or on your Macbooks or tablets in the comfort of your sofa or bed. This app gives you the opportunity to call in your buddies and enjoy popcorn and beer while cheering for your favorite team on TV. Some famous sports on the site are football, basketball, cricket, racing, golf, etc.

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