Best Game Controller for iPhone in 2020

Just board the battle bus! The countdown has already begun. Prepare yourself to perform an amazing experience with a game controller through your iPhone. A large number of producers have produced several impressive game controllers to encourage your gaming journey. iPhone users are usually techno-smart rather than any other operating system users.



Things to consider while buying a gaming controller:

  • Your controller should always be easy to access.
  • The gadget should be light-weight which makes it easy to handle.
  • Each and every button of your controller should be responsive.

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Best Game Controllers for iPhone:

1. GameSir Fi

GameSir Fi

Let’s start a journey with GameSir F1 and feel easy and fast gaming experience. GameSir F1 is an outstanding and ergonomic gamepad attached with an impressive design of the telescopic boom that holds your 5.5 to 6.5 inches ranging smartphones. There is a conductive joystick includes in this game controller which helps you to perform well in the PUBG tournament.

  • The conductive material of this gaming controller gives the ultimate pleasure of its users while playing a game.
  • It is perfect for an on-screen controlling pad for PUBG Games.
  • There is a stretchable grip with a length of 5.5inch to 6.7inch. It is feet in any size of iPhones such as iPhone X and iPhone 8plus.
  • With 5 different adjustable slots, it allows you to adjust at preferable angles for an exclusive standing position whenever you need this.


CompatibilityiPhone 5.5inches to 6.5inches
BatteryNo extra batteries are required
Package dimension7.4X5X2.1inches
Item weight4.5 ounces


  • Compatible with the latest and popular iPhones
  • The gadget is affordable for anyone
  • The simple telescopic boom is attached to this gaming controller.


  • It should remove the phone case to reduce excess bulk
  • The form factors are smaller in size.

2. GameSir G6

GameSir G6

If you are looking for a hybrid game controller then it is worthwhile to say that GameSir G6s is the perfect choice for yourself. This is solely dedicated to mobile games that provide an efficient analog controller along with a touch controller screen. This gaming controller comes with a dual joystick and an improvised gamepad.

  • This gaming controller allows you to connect your iPhone through Bluetooth 5.0.
  • You can play games for up to 80 hours, which is unique compared to another gaming controller.
  • GameSir G6 is enhanced with the Nordic 52832 chip, which gives an exceptional experience to the gaming world.


Type of gaming modeWireless
Style option1
Mfi certificationNo
Batteries1 lithium-ion battery required


  • Supportable for Bluetooth 5.0
  • Enhanced sensitivity
  • Low latency.
  • Latest and most updated professional gaming joystick with w/4 action button.


  • The controller muffles a lot at times.
  • The designing pattern takes a longer time to get familiar.

3. STOGA Mobile

STOGA Mobile

No more gaming controller is as useful & popular as STOGA Mobile. This lightweight game controller supports iPads and iPhones with completely wireless connectivity. The ergonomic grip provides a feeling of an exclusive journey while playing a game. This game controller is mainly designed for the PUBG players who like to get enjoyment in a unique way.

  • There are especially capable batteries included in this gadget to provide the best feelings and uninterrupted services.
  • This controller supports those games which are directly downloaded from the Apple Store or Apple’s official website. It is the era of online gaming. If you have enough interest in an online game such as PUBG.
  • Its most exciting attachment its own in-build map navigating keys which will help you to detect a proper location in a map when you participate in a PUBG game.


TypeWireless Gamepad controller
Operating voltageDC 3.7 to 4.2V
Operating current5 to 30mAh
Battery capacityDC 3.7V/350mAh
Performance duration10hours or above
Standby timingApproximately 30days
Static current10 to 80uA
Dimensions6.3 X 4.7 X 2.4inches
Net weight210grams


  • An optional phone mount is attached
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with 400mAh capacity
  • You can play without a wire up to 20 feet difference


  • More developed applications are required
  • It is difficult to install

4. DELAM Mobile

DELAM Mobile

Don’t you think that asking for permission every time is a frustrating matter, especially when you are completely focused on winning a battle? Yes, it is true and at times it is really a tough job for gamers to answer every question that has been asked by the display. So allow us to present you with the Delam Mobile.

  • Delam mobile is enhanced with an affordable iOS controller that helps to boost your gaming compatibility with an ergonomic design.
  • This gaming module is also customized with a pinpointed trigger button.
  • You can lock your phone in place, flip it to 180 degrees and get into the match.
  • Delam mobile has passed the battle test and it has gained approval up to 100,000 clicks.


Type of gaming modeWireless
CompatibleiPhone (4.7”-6.5”)
Style option1
Mfi certificationNo
BatteriesLithium-ion battery required
Package dimension6.1X5.8X1.9inches
Item weight4.8ounces


  • The highly durable gaming controller
  • Updated with ergonomic gripping.
  • It comprises of ABS, alloy, rubber, and controller.
  • 180-degree rotational ease with a variety of versatility.


  • Not supportable for iPad.
  • No dedicated ports to configure joystick.

5. SteelSeries Nimbus

SteelSeries Nimbus

Enhance your gaming experience with SteelSeries Nimbus because of this MFi-certified can provide the best controlling activity. This gaming controlling gadget is fully sized by the wireless controller. With an exclusive and ergonomic shape, this controller’s familiar button is simple and unique. That’s why it is user-friendly and compatible with various kinds of users.

  • The pressure-sensitive buttons are exclusive for different kinds of users.
  • The menu buttons are attached to this gadget which will help the users to navigate easily.
  • The lightning connector is also attached to this gaming controller.
  • It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac Computer.
  • You can find a console-style right and left analog triggers.


SeriesSteelseries Nimbus
Batteries1 lithium-ion polymer battery requires
Average battery life40hours
Battery energy content2Watt per hour
connectionWired and Wireless
ConnectivityBluetooth 4.0
MFi CertificationEnabled
PowerLightning connector especially for charging purpose


  • Precision controls
  • More than 40 hours of exclusion battery life
  • Wireless connectivity


  • An extra firm grip is required
  • This gaming controller is not compatible with all types of games

5. Rotor Riot

Rotor Riot is one of the most popular iOS game controllers which is the most upgraded gaming and drone controller of all time. The gaming controller is approved by Apple incorporation and it supports USB-C devices.

  • This gaming module supports L3/R3 buttons on the joystick.
  • It is efficient and functions very well for mobile controlling gaming patterns.
  • The rotor riot ensures a low level of latency along with a well defined guaranteed connectivity.


iPhoneiOS 7+
Battery1 lithium-ion battery required
JoystickL3/R3 on MFI controller
ConnectivityBluetooth 4.0
PowerLightning connector especially for charging purpose
Performance duration10hours or above
Package dimension6.9X6.6X3.1inches


  • Works on more than 1000 different apps
  • Universal iPhone compatibility
  • Pass-through charging


  • It must connect with different types of smartphones
  • No iPads are supported with this gadget.

Final Words:

These controllers are highly efficient and long-lasting and the companies even provide warranty on the products for a certain amount of time. So don’t wait anymore! Grab any controller of your choice and enjoy Pubg in a seamless manner on your mobile.

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