Best Gaming Headsets Under $100 – May 2020 Picks

Are you a diehard fan of games? These days people are in love with playing online games in multiplayer modes. In fact, no one wants to spend 2000 bucks on gaming headphones. So, put an end to the frustrating deals and have a look at our picks. The Best gaming headset under $100 designed with high-end specifications to match the quality of expensive ones. Buying a good gaming headset doesn’t always require you to pay a premium price. There are some budget headphones that are packed with features and are suitable for serving needs.

They have good sound quality, comfort and can let you play games all day long. If playing multiplayer games is your hobby, a microphone is very essential for communicating with your friends and teammates. Besides, the enhanced sound quality will give you a joyous moment while playing your favorite games.

Best Gaming Headset Reviews

Based on Best Gaming Headset Reviews, we have picked the best gaming headset under 100. Each of these headsets is loaded with features for gaming.

Best Gaming Headset Under $100 – Pros & Cons

This section will give you ideas about the cool looking headphones that are budget-friendly.

1. NUBWO Gaming headset

NUBWO Gaming headset

This headphone presents multi-platform compatibility and will fit most of the devices like PS4 where you have to put the 3.5mm line into the console of PS4. The best gaming headset under $100 for pc is compatible with the new version Xbox One where you have to connect the port to the console. The older Xbox One also provides compatibility of connecting the port to the adaptor. For Nintendo Switch, you can connect the port to the console. Moreover, the best gaming headset under 100 is compatible with PC, and Mac as well. You have to use a PC extension cable.

If the audio devices are working properly, then you will get a massive sound impact. This device is modified to surround music and bass response. It ensures that you will get a clear voice in Skype and video games. The comfortable design is suitable for gamers with different heads shapes. You will get longer playtime as well.

The noise reduction microphone is omnidirectional to offer a clear voice and reduce noises in the background for a better chat. This best gaming headset under $100 has a 180-degree extendable design that makes it flexible for the users.  Gaming audio speaker drivers produce a balanced soundscape with low distortion. So, you can use it for playing games, watching movies, listening to music and more.

The inline audio control is conveniently designed for adjusting the volume and muting the microphone without incorporating extra fittings. It also works as the noise-canceling microphone that captures the voice from the user.


  • Value for money
  • Availability of enhanced volume control
  • High-end material quality
  • Sound quality and Noise cancellation features are remarkable.


  • Sometimes it fails to fit the shape of the head at the right angle.

2. SteelSeries Arctis 5

SteelSeries Arctis 5

This headphone is perfectly designed to fit the entire head. The weight is also evenly distributed for the elimination of pressure points. Availability of airwave ear cushions ensures that you can play all the along with the inspiring performance and fabric. The design is such that it will keep your ears cool and dry.

The lightweight design gives the user comfort while wearing them. Moreover, the availability of clear-cut bi-directional features shows that it will provide you with the best microphone experience. This headphone is well known for delivering Studio quality, and voice clarity with the reduction of background noise. So, now be ready to immerse yourself in the 360 degrees of Precision with the DTS headphone.

Availability of prism RGB illumination makes the headset one-of-a-kind. The ergonomically designed controls will give you easy access to volume management. You can also make game-time adjustments while using it. The multi-platform and mobile-ready set up makes it easy to be carried from place to place.

The best gaming headset is totally personalized to provide perfection with the help of EQ to surrounding sound settings. The design is such that it will meet with the standards of competitive gamers around the globe. The overhauled audio effects with the new Mic design provides improved comfort to the listener. Moreover, it has a 3.5mm adaptor that goes well with Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and mobile devices as well.

It has some extensive features that make it stand ahead of competitors like surround sound, sound mix, illumination, to name a few. The microphone is a bi-directional one to deliver enhanced sound quality with background noise cancellation. The Steel reinforced headband will hold a long-lasting impact and durability.


  • Enhanced battery life
  • Top grade material quality for gaming
  • The ergonomically designed headset provides fantastic sound quality
  • Availability of Noise cancellation


  • Some units produce massive distortion.

3. BENGOO G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset

BENGOO G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset

The adjustable headband of this model fits different head sizes and is made from lightweight material. The best wireless gaming headset for ps4 under $100 can completely fit around your ears and won’t hurt your head. The metal frame of the headset is strong enough for long-lasting ability when compared to many other gaming headsets. It has user-friendly earmuffs that ensure to take into consideration the health of the ear.

You can also get superior comfort with the availability of over-ear pads that reduce the possibility of hearing impairment. It doesn’t create heat sweats and thus keeps you comfortable all day long. The presence of a soft head beam pad is designed with memory foam that is breathable and is incredibly durable. So, you can now enjoy your favorite games, watch movies, and listen to music without noticing the headset is over your head.

It works as a high Precision drive with the presence of surrounding sound effects that deliver powerful and crisp sound. The headset has fantastic and shocking sound effects for you to feel every gunshot and footstep while playing your favorite game. The presence of an inline audio control box comes with one key mute and volume option for the adjustment of the mic and volume.

It is perfect for games like Metal Gear Solid, halo 5 guardians, call of duty, to name a few. The 120-degree flexible mic is updated with noise-isolating features to offer great sensitivity. The multi compatibility headset supports platforms like PS4, new box one, PSP, Nintendo switch, laptop, computer, tablet, smartphones, iPad, to everything else.

However, there is a drawback in the manner that you must possess an extra Microsoft adaptor while using the old version Xbox One controller.


  • The availability of vivid sound field and sound clarity gives a fantastic feel.
  • The presence of Glaring LED lights on the earcups highlights the game atmosphere.


  • Some users with big heads find it a bit uncomfortable.

4. Corsair VOID RGB Elite Wireless Gaming Headset

Corsair VOID RGB Elite Wireless Gaming Headset

Now be ready to experience the stunning sound in 7.1 surround sound effects from the lightest footsteps to thundering gunshots. The premium designed high-density audio driver expands the frequency range of 20 to 30000Hz. This headset provides comfort for long gaming sessions and also has breathable microfiber fabrics with plush memory from ear pads. It has a durable construction with the aluminum body to give you flexibility through the years of gaming.

It uses premium audio drivers. The availability of S1 speakers gives the competitive advantage of clarity in the sound. It is engineered to produce Low distortion audio and let you listen to every detail. The USB dial ensures that it will easily balance the volume between the chat audio and the game. However, the condition goes only with PC and Mac devices.

Moreover, you will also get on the fly adjustments that won’t distract you from the game. The omnidirectional microphone picks even the minute sounds for exceptional clarity and gives the convenient flip mute functions. It has dynamic RGB lighting for customizing the look on each ear cup with an array of effects and colors. So, you can play the way you want with the precise control over the headset like pre tune audio profiles, sidetone control, custom Equaliser settings, to name a few.

This omnidirectional microphone ensures that you will get exceptional vocal clarity. You can enjoy the flexibility of connecting the headphone’s wireless led to the PS4 or PC with the help of low latency 2.4GHz wireless USB adaptor.


  • Utmost comfort.
  • Value for money.
  • Exceptionally designed for gaming.
  • High-end sound quality with noise cancellation.


  • The uncomfortable form factor that sometimes disturbs the listener.
  • Some users have complained about the awful audio quality.
  • Limited and buggy software.

5. Razer Kraken Gaming Headset

Razer Kraken Gaming Headset

The third generation wired headset gives competitive gameplay. The drivers in it will deliver essential power and clear sound. The device is particularly engineered for its long-lasting durability and cooling gel cushions. It works in the form of a retractable microphone that ensures that surround sound effects will be delivered in an absolutely clear manner. It has a uni-directional microphone that offers crystal clear sound effects for communication as well.

The flexible design allows you to pull it out of the ear whenever needed and adjust for the proximity and position. The presence of cooling gel-infused cushions helps to reduce heat build-up. Besides, the presence of soft cloth and leatherette combination ensures comfort for wearing it all day long. The sound isolation will also help you to enjoy gaming for hours.

So, now get the complete setup with the keyboard, mouse mat, and mouse for the enhanced gaming experience. It has a microphone that goes well with PC and is designed for playing games. The presence of 7.1 surround sound effect gives positional audio effects. They are capable of using a software-enabled surround sound system. The oval designed cushions will prevent overheating and build up pressure. The built-in inline audio controls will control the volume and give you the utmost feel for gaming.


  • Enhanced sound quality.
  • Presence of noise cancellation.


  • Many customers find that the right side of the headphone is not balanced.
  • Some users find poor sound quality and mic.
  • Crackling and cutting audio with simultaneous gunfire.
  • The microphone is dodgy.

6. Avantree Aria Bluetooth Gaming Headset

Avantree Aria Bluetooth Gaming Headset

The Bluetooth stereo active headphones have the noise-canceling property to provide Studio quality music without the destruction of the ambient noises. It works with any device that is Bluetooth enabled like a computer, phone, to name a few. It helps in reducing consistent noise that is of low frequency like motor noise and engine sounds.

So, the device is ideal for your travel time. The Call button makes it fit as the wake-up smartphone assistant. The headphone is ultra-comfortable and fits with the lightweight 30g design.  The availability of optional boom mic upon request adds to the comfort of the user.

Sometimes the Bluetooth operation range gets affected in the device due to the presence of obstacles like the concrete walls or other environmental factors. The built-in microphone does not work with the wired mode. You can immerse yourself in the field of gaming with these high-end headphones. It will help you to focus on your favorite music without getting distracted due to the noises in the background.

It also reduces background noises. High Precision engineered stereo drivers ensure that you will get clear sound without any disruption. You can get up to 35 hours of music with just a single charge. The wireless setup will allow you to listen or talk continuously for hours together with 21 hours of playtime. The activated AMC feature makes the headset fully recharged within 2 hours.

There is a bonus feature in the manner that it supports NFC thus giving the capability of enabling Android phones. You can carry it anywhere. The supported profiles for this headset are HSC, A2DP, etc. It supports code like SBC. The operation range is of the type class 2 and 10 meters.

Moreover, the driver’s diameter is 40mm with an impedance of 32 Ohm. The frequency response is also a good one that ranges between 20 to 20000 Hertz.


  • Utmost comfort that makes it with the money.
  • Exceptional sound quality.
  • Presence of noise cancellation property.


  • According to some buyers, the sound quality is horrible.

7. Razer Kraken Tournament Edition THX

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition THX

The headset that is well equipped with the USB audio controller is a high-end model for giving you over whelming experience. The high Fidelity experience with the full controls and audio personalization is jaw-dropping. The availability of the built-in digital to analog converter will give you clear and crisp details with audio. So, now be ready to immerse yourself in the next-generation surround sound quality that is perfectly paired with drivers. You can now find tune the audio adjustments for getting enhanced volume and check balance.

The number one selling headset comes with essential quality tracking service, keyboards, mic,  microphone for the PC gaming design platform and everything else. The surround sound capability will provide you with industry-leading realism for the in-game immersion by providing accurate audio information that is special. Besides, the best gaming headset under 100 dollars goes beyond the standard 7.1 surround sound quality.  The sound is built for immersive gaming and is custom-tuned with 50mm drivers.

You will get all-day comfort with the cooling and oval gel-infused cushions that prevent overheating and building up of additional pressure. It works like a retractable noise-canceling microphone for the improved cardioid mic. The overall headset ensures that it will reduce the background and ambient noise thus enhancing crystal clear communication. The availability of inline audio controls will monitor the volume and mic mute switch.

It is compatible with a varied range of devices and the USB connector helps in the purpose. The THX audio system is available only for Windows 10 64 bit setup. The connectivity technology is wired. The specifications in this headset ensure that it will give you amazing sound quality.

The premium look and feel of the headphones make it an ergonomically designed piece with the premium protein ear pads that are super comfortable for the user. Due to the presence of a premium zippered carry pouch that is Ultra weight and compact, it fits into the bag.

Buying Guide: Factors to Consider Before Buying a Gaming Headset

Gaming headsets come with plenty of features and varieties these days. It might become difficult sometimes to choose the correct one. In this guide, you will come to know more about choosing the right gaming headphone. This portion will give you the minute details about the factors that affect the quality of a gaming headphone.

1. Comfort

This is something that everyone looks for because gaming requires prolonged hours of engagement. Specific elements that must be checked before buying one are the ear cups and headband. The heavyweight headbands are unsuitable for long-term use and sometimes tend to become too tight. Weight and ear cuffs are the two essential things that the users must check for comfort.

2. Sound quality

Even while buying a budget headphone, people look for good quality sound quality is categorized into high-level bass, natural balanced and a high bit of both. Based on your taste, you can choose the relevant piece.

3. Price

It is an important factor. Probably no one will like to invest too many bucks for buying a gaming headphone. So, you can invest a minimum amount for the headphones that are loaded with specifications. The most essential part is that you must check the warranty services.

4. Stereo sound and surround sound effect

The sound system is of the type stereo or surrounds system. Since the speaker set has two portions right and left, you have to choose the right gaming headset. It is mandatory for the modern headsets to have a surround sound system so that your ears can pick every minute detail about your game.

5. Sensitivity

Sensitivity refers to the measurement of how loud the headset is capable of producing sound at a particular power level. Measurement is done in decibels per mm. Though the results vary according to models, you must keep in mind that sensitivity is a mandatory factor.

6. Equalization

A headphone that allows you to manually adjust frequency ranges will give you the achievement of different sound effects. The headsets that had an EQ option are a better one for the accomplishment of good sound quality.

7. Drivers

Drivers refer to the small speakers that are available within the headset. They come in sizes like 20 mm 30 mm and so on. The bigger drivers don’t necessarily refer to good sound quality. So, you have to go through other specifications like material quality, size of the ear cup and some other essential features before buying one.

8. Connection systems

Most of the headsets have two connector types. One is 3.5 Jack while the other is a USB port. Besides, some of them also have optical connections sensors. The optical connections are not quite popular. People usually look for USB port setups. So, before buying a headphone you must see that the USB port is available that will work as the mainstream for Digital connection.

How a Gaming Headset Improves Your Gaming Experience?

A handful of reasons are there to justify why people go behind purchasing gaming headsets. They have the convenience in terms of a high-end microphone that supports picking minute effects. Suppose you think of playing games by purchasing only a separate mic for the headphones,  you have to deal with a lot of problems due to additional cable, connections and risk of additional product malfunction.

But, the microphone quality and audio quality headsets that are specially for gaming will not make you feel embarrassed about purchasing different parts. The gaming headsets are designed to allow you to hear virtual and audio sounds clearly. They will give you mind-blowing effects for the surround sound and will come with a quality that you pay for.

These gaming headsets are quite useful for you for gaming, talking on Skype, voice dictation and so on. Moreover, the removable retractable microphone makes it an everyday headset. When you purchase the gaming headphones, be sure that they will be comfortable because you can use them throughout the day without straining your head and ears.

Some of the best gaming headsets under 100 also have a bi-directional head system to give added convenience. All these features aren’t available in traditional headphones.


1Q. What makes a gaming headphone good?

Ans: The gaming headsets are made from plastic, often cheap plastic. So, it’s essential to see that it is sturdy. A metal or wireframe is an ideal one that will not disturb listening to music. You can find something that has enough range of movement no matter what your head shape is.

2Q. Is it good to purchase a wireless headset for gaming?

Ans: The best wireless gaming headsets will give you the convenience of using it the way you want. The excellent integrated boom microphone will become a great choice for a lot of online multiplayer games.

3Q. What kind of plastic makes the gaming headset?

Ans: The most common material used is supra-aura. It is made from PVC memory foam, rubber, and artificial leather. They are altogether held with the piece of plastic that bends around the head. Thus, gaming headphones really makes a difference from the traditional ones. The sound quality of these gaming headsets is quite good and vibrant when compared to the traditional setups. They will do a good job of offering the detailed sound of the game that you are playing. It will help you listen to every stroke in a more precise manner even when you are taking advantage over the enemy. So, you will get overall comfort, sound quality, sensitivity and everything else. Though the normal headsets work pretty well, it’s much enjoyable when you take a special headset for playing games.

4Q. Why do sometimes I hear the muffled sound?

Ans: It’s a common problem for headphones. The plug causes distortion. Some parts of the computer, phone, or sound system lead to muffled sound. Sometimes, it is even vulnerable to make tin-like sounds. The problems indicate that you need to repair the plug.

5Q. How long does the gaming headset last?

Ans: Most of them last for 2 years. However, depending on the type of headphone, the durability is varied. The entry-level audiophile headphones sometimes last for a longer period.


Finally, we have reached the conclusion of this buying guide.  Hopefully, you have liked our hand-picked list of the best gaming headset under 100. They have stunning 3D sound quality that delivers built-in noise cancellation Technology effects.  Now it’s time to let you know about the two specific models that will be highly beneficial for you.

Our third headset, BENGOO G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset is the most popular one and our first headset, NUBWO Gaming headset is the most affordable in the list. Each of them offers many functions and is quite comfortable in terms of the ear cups. So, now go ahead with your buying decision without further hassles.

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