Best Mac Cleaner Apps 2021 – Free & Safe to Use

Mac devices are considered as the best devices with a smooth interface, smoother integration, and the smoothest workflow. Mac devices are widely popular are the most secure devices available in the market. However, there is a slight problem with Mac and that is storage space optimization. Most of the people don’t want to pay for extra storage since the cost of Mac devices depends on its storage capacity and hence users face problems with storage capacity. The disk space is eaten up either by OS itself or unused installed applications and junk files such as duplicate caches files etc. The helping hands for this problem come in the form of cleaning applications for macOS.

Best MAC cleaning applications in 2021

Mac cleaner is a utility application or software which is used to remove unwanted files from your macOS and optimize it for less storage. It has features such as RAM cleaner, Disk Cleanup, Memory cleaner, junk, and temporary files remover and optimized to maintain and clean your MacOzs device health. Apple store has already a lot of Mac Cleaning apps which are vetted Apple itself and ensures the proper performance of your system.

List of Best Mac Cleaner Apps in 2021:

We have listed Top Best Mac Cleaning Applications of 2021. These are the best Mac Cleaning software that allows to remove unwanted and junk files from the Mac system and free up your precious disk space.

1. Mac Booster 7

Mac Booster 7

Mac Booster 7 is a very comprehensive Mac cleaning application power-packed with many more features. It does an excellent job of cleaning up your device memory removing junk files and has a deep clean feature. This application also covers its users against viruses, malware, spyware as well as adware. It also finds and removes duplicate files on your Mac device very efficiently thus saving tons of space for you. This application also comes with a startup optimization which boots your device as it boots when new. This app is a paid program however a free version is also available with fewer features on board.

2. CleanMyMac X:

CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac has been grabbing the winning spot as the best Mac Cleaning Application for a long time now. It has multiple features and a very easy interface. CleanMyMac cleans your Mac, boosts the memory of your device and removes malware from it all in one. It also lets users delete large hidden files and fix performance and memory-related problems with the device. You don’t have to go through every folder to find a heap of junk files since CleanMyMac does it all for you in just a single click. This application has been named as the product of the year by several websites and reviewers and thus is an ideal fit for cleaning Mac devices.

3. Daisy Disk

Daisy Disk

DaisyDisk is a Mac cleaning app that analyzes disk space on your device very efficiently. It has a very attractive visual overview which shows disk spaces on a colorful pie chart. The application showcases large files distinctly on a pinwheel which are easier to locate and remove. You can click on any of the chunks to have another pie chart of its content. It is very easy to locate large chunks of files and a single click will remove the file. DaisyDisk is available for $9.99 for its full version. The trial version also has a demo on how to use this app for cleaning disk space.

4. CCleaner


CCleaner is a known name since it is available for a wide range of operating systems and also for macOS. It is the top best free Mac Cleaner available. This application finds and displays key files, caches, and junks that are taking up disk space as well as making the OS slower in operation which can be easily removed on a click. Users can opt for which files to keep in case needed. This app also comes with an uninstall feature that helps in removing unwanted and unused Installed apps easily thus saving a lot of time of the user. CCleaner is one of the widely acclaimed free software programs available.

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5. Disk Doctor

Disk Doctor

Disk Doctor is an application which only focuses on disk cleanup. The app scans your Mac device and displays used up space in categories such as cache, application caches, browser logs, trash can, etc. The data can also be viewed in our chart. It shows how much space can be freed up by cleaning unnecessary files and does it in just a few clicks. The interface is very simple and professional as well as easy to use. It is a very basic Mac cleaning app lacking some advanced features however performs very well and fast for disk cleaning purpose.

6. App Cleaner and Uninstaller

App Cleaner and Uninstaller

It a very efficient and comprehensive Mac cleaning application that can easily scan and eliminate junk files from the system thus making it light on space and boosting up the speed. As the name of this app says, it can clear up data of user-selected apps and make them freshly installed which optimizes performance. Also, it comes with an easy to use app Uninstaller which can be used to remove unnecessary apps from your Mac system. This is a very basic disk cleaning up application which is available for free.

7. Onyx

One of the decent options for a Mac cleaning application is Onyx. This Mac Cleaner application is available for free on the Apple store itself and can be downloaded from there. It performs very well in saving disk space for the user as well as scanning for junk files and unnecessary pile up on the disk. This app also has more optimization features such as startup optimization, configuring parameters for Safari, Dock and Finder, etc apps. The app also runs for disk maintenance and rebuilding index and libraries on the disk for its good health.

8. Data Rescue

Data Rescue is an application to recover lost data on a crashed or poorly performing hard drive however it is a powerful Mac Cleaner and optimized app too. It repairs files that are not performing well and causing malfunctioning in the disk. It also cleans junk files and other caches files to optimize system speed and saving disk space for the user. The primary function of the application Is data recovery from disk which has been lost or deleted accidentally however it cannot fully recover all the lost files from the hard drive.

9. Drive Genius

Drive Genius is an advanced cleanup tool that also comes with other power-packed features for Mac OS. It’s Drive Plus feature helps monitor the health of disk drive and also looks up for malware on the device, clean them and offers efficient speed improvements of your Mac system. It also features a disk partition system where separate space can be allotted for booting device however the first-ever boot after the partition is done takes half an hour. Driver Genius is a premium range of software and is used by professionals only.

10. Disk Inventory X

Disk Inventory X

Disk Inventory X is a cleaning app and is one of the best Mac cleaning apps available. It provides disk-related data in both textual and visual way. Users can click on the visual tree-like hierarchical structure and view what is taking more space in the disk. The interface is very easy and the clean up takes only a few clicks. It is a very basic app in nature and doesn’t come with other features.

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