Best Microsoft Office Alternatives in 2020

Confused between Office Online, Apple iWork, WPS Office, Calligra Office??? As there are many alternatives to Microsoft Office available in 2020, it is challenging to find the best. A brief discussion on the best alternatives to Microsoft Office has been done in the article. Please scroll down to get started.

Best Microsoft Alternatives in 2020:

We listed Top 4 Alternatives for Microsoft Office. You can use this on Windows, Mac & Linux without any issues. So what to wait for? Let’s proceed…

1. Google Suite

Google Suite

Google Suite is the best alternative to the Microsoft Office. The best part of this alternative is, no installation is needed to use it as it is based on the browser, which means just open the browser, get online, open G Suite and start writing. Google introduced this web application in 2006, and now it is much upgraded that the whole world uses it. Let’s see what does this office application features.


  • Gmail: To send e-mails
  • Calendar: To plan a schedule
  • Drive: To store files on cloud up to 30GB | 1TB per user(up to 5 users)
  • Hangouts Chat: To send messages.
  • Hangouts Meet: To establish a video conference up to 100 people
  • Docs: To create documents with spreadsheets and presentations
  • Sheets: To create a spreadsheet
  • Slides: To build presentations
  • Form: To develop professional surveys
  • Sites: To create websites
  • Keep: To take small or large notes
  • Currents: To establish employee engagements
  • Apps Script: To program for automation, to develop add-ons and more
  • Cloud Search: To search within and outside the cloud.
  • 24/7 Support: You can contact Google 24×7 from phone, e-mail and chat to resolve issues
  • Admin: To make the business secure
  • Endpoint Management: To manage the business remotely


This application is available in three different plans:

  1. Basic – $6 per user per month
  2. Company – $12 per user per month
  3. Enterprise – $25 per user per month

2. WPS Office

WPS Office

WPS Office is already well known by people. This is another excellent alternative to Microsoft Office. This software is free and meets the vital needs of a business. WPS Office lets you create, edit and share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. This is a cross-platform office suite that supports- Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and web. Some templates can speed up the process of formatting the document, sheet or presentation. The files that are created with WPS is compatible with Microsoft Office, Google Docs and Adobe PDF reader, which makes this software the best alternative to Microsoft Office available for free.


The main features of the WPS office are:

  • Tables can be formatted
  • Collaboration tools are present
  • Advanced spreadsheets
  • Advanced Modeling
  • Save to PDF
  • Pivot Tables can be implemented
  • Extended Desktop Support.
  • One Million rows and columns
  • PDF to word converter
  • Formulas and Functions
  • Password Protection


This product can be used for free, but it will show annoying advertisements, but, the ads can be removed with a subscription of $28.99 per year.

3. LibreOffice


A while ago, LibreOffice got divided from OpenOffice for some reason. This is one of the richest alternatives to Microsoft Office available. This software gets installed to the system easily, which means it can be used without an internet connection also. Generally, this is free software but, to use it in the cloud, it has to be purchased. This software was created by a group of developers who believed good quality software should be used by everyone, not just who can pay for it. Hence, they decided to make this software on an open-source license. Overall, it is a great alternative to Microsoft Office.


  • This software has some built-in templates that can be used to create a document in fast and emergency cases. More models can be downloaded.
  • LibreOffice supports all kinds of document file formats such as Word(.doc, .docx), Excel(.xls .xlsx), PoweerPoint(.ppt, .pptx) etc.
  • Educational or business-related jobs can be done with LibreOffice at a glance. The available applications are:
    • Writer (Document creation)
    • Calc (Spreadsheet maintenance)
    • Impress (To create presentations)
    • Draw (To draw flowcharts and create graphics)
    • Base (To keep a database)
    • Math (Formula editing)


This software has an open-source license which makes it free, but, some companies are providing cloud support and customer support for a fee. The pricing is starting at $0.01.

4. Apple iWork

Apple iWork

Apple has developed this office suite which covers documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Compared to other office suites, Apple has minimal features but, whatever you get from apple, it offers the maximum stability which other software cannot guarantee. Apple introduced it in 2005. Back then, it supported Max os only, but now, it is available for Windows PC also. It is also capable of creating word processing with designs and formats, spreadsheet and presentation files. The features that iWork offers increase its usability, and it is being used commonly by ios and Mac OS users.


  • Document creation is much easy with Pages as it contains various templates that help the users to create top-notch quality documents. The tools that Apple has provided inside makes the document building fun and easy.
  • With numbers, spreadsheets can be created, which can also animate the inputted data. There are 30 spreadsheet templates created by Apple which can revive the values that the user has put in. Numbers also contain mathematical formulas that work to check if the values are correct or not, and the users can work comfortably by applying the methods in the required fields.
  • Keynote helps to make remarkable presentations. There are many templates available inside the application to create various types of performance for educational, office or business purposes. The animations of the keynote are cinema-quality and are the best quality available in the market.
  • For iOS, Apple has optimes the application so that mobile users can use it at ease. This helps the users to view or edit the crucial files anywhere any time and with Apple pencil, short or long hand-written notes can also be attached.
  • Apple connects the cloud service, which prevents file loss and helps the users by synchronizing the files. This feature also allows users to use iWork from Windows PC without installing. Just get online open the web application and start writing.


Apple provides iWork services for free you only have to pay for the cloud storage.


From the above article, you can find the best alternatives to Microsoft Office that can help the users in various points. Not all the software or applications are free, but each of them has a free service. Get the best Microsoft Office alternative according to you

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