Top 6 Best Free Password Managers in 2020

How convenient would it be if you could store the passwords to all your online accounts in a safe vault? If you say that you don’t need to because you prefer using a single common password for all of them, it’s time to either think again or change your preference.

Free password managers 2020

The online world is full of hackers sitting behind the screen, looking for every single opportunity to hack into your account and steal all your valuable details. Why give them a chance when you can now safeguard your passwords in lock and seal? This is possible through a password manager.

What Does Password Manager Do?

A password manager is a software app that comes with special security features to save and protect all your passwords created for all your accounts on the Internet.

Do I Really Need a Password Manager?

Yes, absolutely. There are basically two problems that you might be facing with your online account passwords at the moment.

  • Chances of forgetting the password, especially if you have too many or different ones for each account, and
  • Risk of account hacking, especially if you have the same password for all your online accounts

A strong and secure password manager has been designed to offer a single solution to both these problems.

Benefits of a Password Manager:

  • The app helps generate passwords of high strength by using a combination of alphabets, numeric values, and special characters. It then securely stores those passwords in encrypted format in a safe vault, limiting the chances for hackers.
  • It saves you the time and effort to remember the password for each account. You just need to log on to the password manager and only remember the master password for the manager. After this, every time you visit a particular website and wish to log in to your account on that site, the manager would auto-fill the required username and password details for you.
  • You need not lose sleep over the “forgot password?” anxiety anymore. Just memorize one single password and the manager would take of the rest for you.
  • Some password managers will store your secure login details on your hard drive, while a few others might save them on their own cloud servers. In the case of the latter, it’s easier to gain login access to your account from any device connected to the internet.

List of Best Free Password Managers 2020:

The good news is that this software is absolutely free to use. All the more reason for you to shift your preference to the password manager. Here’s a list of some of the most popular free password managers downloaded by most users to rid themselves of undue anxiety:

1. LastPass

This is one of the best managers doing the rounds in the market. You can choose from two versions – free and premium – each having their own special characteristics to offer added convenience to the user. In the free version, you can store all your secure login credentials along with text notes too. The manager would sync your credentials across several browsers, allowing you free and easy access to your information from any internet-connected device through


The premium version of the manager gives you the added advantage of securing your passwords on cloud servers along with the advanced multi-factor authentication method for enhanced security.

2. Dashlane

The next best in line after LastPass, Dashlane too comes with a number of interesting features like single-click password generation, total security, easy access to multiple accounts, and facility to save notes for future reference.


3. Keeper Security

If you don’t want to take any chance with your password security, then Keeper is the best one to rely on. The oldest password manager around, its security features for login credentials are extremely tight. The app uses a zero-knowledge security architecture and an AES 256-bit encryption format.

Keeper Security

4. Sticky Password

This one is definitely worth a try as it comes from the team behind the AVG Antivirus software. With such experts behind its architecture, it’s sure to be among the best managers in the market. Like its rivals, it too comes in free and premium versions. Rest features comparable to counterparts, but security is the top priority. Available on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS platforms.

Sticky Password

5. KeePass Password Safe

More suitable for slightly experienced users, KeePass comes with customizable options, meaning the app is open to anyone for inspection of potential weaknesses in passwords generated. This facilitates faster and efficient issue resolution.

KeePass Password Safe

Summing Up

Password Manager is a great application for those who have multiple online accounts but have trouble remembering passwords for each. And of course, keeping a uniform password is never a good idea for security reasons. Therefore, say goodbye to your worries with some of these free to download password managers in the market.

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