Best PC Cleaner Softwares for Windows 10

It is really wonderful to operate a brand new Windows PC; everything seems snappy and runs super fast. However, a few months later it stops booting quickly and your highly-responsive PC becomes quite slow. This is mainly because of the Trash files and Temporary files that have been collected in your system while you are running various applications and software. So, the best PC cleaning software is important.

PC cleaner software for windows

At that point, PC cleaning software is an absolute requirement to increase the speed of your operating system and the smooth functioning of your computer.

Best PC Cleaner Softwares for Windows 10:

We have enlisted several PC cleaning software for windows system which can fix your problem and optimize your PC quickly-

1. Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced System Optimizer has a bunch of dedicated programs that can pile different trash files like- unused logs, redundant data, junk files and cache memory in one place. There you can clean up that assembled files with just a single click.


  • You do not need any technical support to run this software and it already has an intuitive user-interface.
  • You can use this cleaning software to optimize your hard drive and to update your system driver.
  • This is a smart PC care to deal with different issues like optimization and protection. It works as a registry cleaner which removes trash files and restores all important files.
  • In terms of improving turnaround time, it optimizes the overall disk performance. It also works as a driver updater for auto-update system drivers.
  • If you love to play games then this PC cleaner would be ideal for you because it works as a game booster for lag-free gaming.
  • You can have this software as a system guard that can protect your Windows PC from spyware, malware, and Trojans.
  • It can provide backup facilities to recover any accidentally deleted data.
  •  This software has a Secure Delete option which can permanently delete unwanted folders or files.

Therefore, Advanced System Optimizer is the best windows PC cleaning software that has robust functionalities to speed up your system.

2. WinZip System Utilities Suite

WinZip System Utilities Suite

This cleaning software provides an outstanding set of tools to enhance your system’s efficiency with just a couple of clicks. Through fixing various issues this program can support your PC for healthier operation.


  • This software comes with a robust list of features like disk cleaner, registry optimizer, driver updater, privacy protector, system PC care and regular maintenance.
  • If you are in some profession where you need to work with heavy graphics software or you like to play high-graphics games then you should rely on this cleaning software.
  • This is pretty much user-friendly as you have to download it and it will run impeccably.
  • Secure your personal information by putting a lock to your PC and it has multiple tools to maintain the regular system.
  • You can have easy user-interface and wonderful backup options.
  • It has a scanning facility to remove strong malware and enjoy a faster stable system.
  • This is an ideal tool for advanced optimization.

3. CCleaner Professional

CCleaner Professional

This software has a strong cleaning and scanning engine which cleans every corner and cranny of your PC. In fact, it can reach those places to clean which a PC’s default cleaner cannot reach.


  • It has a very convenient user-interface and it provides a noticeable boosting performance.
  • This cleaning software comes like a go-to-utilizes system cleaner which can remove all unwanted stuff from apps and online browsers.
  • It works as a disk analyzer that can scan different types of files which takes huge disc space. You can also use it as a registry cleaner to fix all issues related to the Windows registry.
  • Available in a free and premium version, it is seen that the premium paid version provides various added features and facilities to the consumers.
  • It has a smart cleaner to remove browsers and online application’s junk files.
  • CCleaner comes with an amazing registry cleaner for solving registry-problems and it provides scheduled scanning for timely cleaning.
  • It has a driver wiper option that can secure all erased contents.
  • You can find any duplicate files by scanning through the duplicate finder option and it also facilitates context menu editor option.

4. Glary Utilities Pro 5

Glary Utilities Pro 5

In terms of system optimization Glary Utilities Pro 5 provides various important functions like- disk repair, startup manager, registry cleaner, uninstall manager and unwanted files cleaner.


  • Apart from all these facilities what makes this software unique is that it comes with a plethora of small applications that can give you the freedom to personalize your PC according to your requirements.
  • These small tools are an empty folder finder which helps to search and delete empty folders that take unnecessary spaces. Moreover, it has file encrypter which helps to add password-protection for any specific files.
  • It has a Shortcut Fixer option that can remove all broken shortcuts and it also has a file splitter that helps to split a large file into small files.

5. WinUtilities Pro

WinUtilizes Pro

This PC cleaning software has a bundle of utility tools to effortlessly develop your system’s performance. This desktop boost-up software comes with six modules like- clean up & repair, security & privacy, system tools & registry tools, optimize & improve, files & folder to boost up your PC for a super-fast response.


  • In this cleaning software, you can get a 1-click maintenance offer that can clean your PC effectively and remove all unimportant files cookie, junk data, cache, history, and cookies files.
  • Through this software, you can easily schedule registry cleaning, disk cleaning, and history cleaning and start defragmentation of a disc with a scheduled task

6. CleanMy PC

CleanMy PC

This is one of the most advanced PC tunes up software that serves a useful bunch of cleaning functions like registry optimizer, computer cleaner, uninstaller, easy user-interface, and startup manager.


  • Besides all the above-mentioned features, this cleaning software provides privacy cleaning, browser extension manager shredder utility function to securely delete data.
  • You can run this software with different 19 languages including French, Polish, Spanish, German, Chinese and Italian.
  • If you really look to cleanse your system deeply then CleanMy PC is a good option and it is wonderfully compatible for Windows 10.

7. PC Booster

PC Booster

This cleaning software comes with a plethora of application tools for both free and paid versions. Once you install this PC clean up software into your PC, it automatically starts working to detect viruses and different system issues to clean up all.


  • However, the trial version only provides a 10% scan of the entire scan to improve your PC’s performance. To scan thoroughly on your PC you have to purchase the paid version.
  • If you are looking to have a quick scan then it considers you to repair temporary files, tracking records, cached records, registry entries and junk files for smoothing your system activity.
  • If you are looking for deep cleaning then it will help you to remove your PC’s unwanted files, browser extensions, empty files, and other residues.

8. Avast Clean Up

Avast Clean Up

Among our list, Avast is the newest system cleaning software that is recognized as a well-familiarized brand. This is one of the best PC cleans up software as it launched with a stylish and modern user-interface.



  • This software works for a long time and helps your system for a longer time and fast response.
  • As you install this software to your PC, it automatically asks you to perform quickly scanning, so that this software can easily count down all system-related issues.
  • This cleaning software facilitates various optimization functions like fixing virus problems, proper maintenance of the system and boosting the PC. This process helps you to decide where your PC requires a quick response.

 9. Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

This cleaning software is considered as a guide to making your system tip-top and it provides unlimited optimization features.


  • It provides a quick scan method that detects all unwanted windows files, folders, and apps in different moments.
  • This software works as super-smooth functioning in which it offers program shortcuts, system control fonts and font manager.

 10. Advanced SystemCare 13

Advanced SystemCare 12

This cleaning software is an efficient tool for maintaining the overall performance of the system. It is well familiarized with junk swiping and internet boosting.


  • It can work to protect your PC from different malware and virus attacks.
  • It can detect the trash files which slow-down the system, and thereby it can fix these issues to increase fast and efficient optimization.

We have mentioned several PC cleaning software and elaborately discussed their key features to clean up all unwanted files and boost the system. Now it is your time to choose among the above-mentioned cleaning software for your Windows PC.

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