5 Best Sites to Watch Cartoons Online for Free (Legal)

Cartoons are well cherished by young teenagers, however, people, irrespective of all age groups love to watch cartoon shows. We all have our sweet memory of most favorite cartoons, Right? Any favorite cartoon show can offer a quick freshness in your monotonous daily routine. Sadly enough, you cannot get back to your old days and also it is pretty tough to sit in front of the TV in this busy world.



However, you would be happy to know that, there’s a way out. Many online sites let you watch cartoon shows. Another interesting part is some of the sites offer premium services and some others are completely free to watch. Some also ask for registration, while others are quite easily accessible.

Best online sites for watching Cartoons:

Here, some of the best sites are detailed briefly below:

1. YouTube

YouTube is undeniably the best streaming site on the web for watching cartoons online. This streaming site is accessed by millions of people around the world and offers cartoons of all genres to meet your requirements. The UI of YouTube is very helpful and you can easily search for any single cartoon show or a full series.  This intuitive video streaming site also offers similar cartoons for you to enjoy. Another interesting feature of this website is, you can rate or comment on any video. So, you can easily read the reviews while looking for new cartoon shows or series.


YouTube allows you to download videos for viewing later or while offline, however, here’s the catch! You cannot download the videos on your phone gallery or hard drive. The best part of this site? You can use this site for free. YouTube also offers a premium version. With the premium version, you can enjoy, advertisement-free cartoons with background play option.  YouTube has also developed YouTube Kids for younger lads to enjoy safe videos and exciteful cartoons. YouTube also has a mobile application for all platforms.

2. Disney Junior

Disney Junior is another best website for watching cartoons online. It has a large repository of cartoons. The site has a very helpful interface. Quite uniquely, it offers voice-over instruction which makes it necessary to read out loud.  The homepage of the website shows you all the famous characters such as Donald Duck, Cinderella, Pluto, Mickey Mouse and many more.  By clicking on them, you can get the whole series of related cartoons. Pretty easily navigable, isn’t it?

Disney Junior

Similar to YouTube, it also offers a free service to its followers. Disney Junior, unlike its other competitors, also offers games, the option to listen to music and many more. What else can you expect?

3. Watch Cartoons Online

This is another best site you can use for enjoying some of the most famous cartoon shows. You must have heard about the cartoons such as Teen Titans GO, Uncle Grandpa, right? You can enjoy all of them without any cost. Another thing to note about this site is that you can enjoy hundreds of cartoon movies as well.  Watch Cartoons Online rightly deserves the 3rd position in the list.

Watch cartoons online

However, the only thing that can annoy a user much is its frequent pop-up advertisements. These pop-ups create hindrances in navigating pages as well.

4. Anime Centre

This video streaming makes it in the list for its contents. It is not a well-known name among people. However, you should know that Anime Centre is best for watching all the viral cartoon series. Do you love Naruto? This is the site for you. This site can be your medium to experience your old memories, as it offers almost all the 90s cartoons. Anime Centre also offers a free service for you.

The interface is also craftily designed and the animations are arranged according to their genres, such as comedy, action, drama and adventure and some others.

5. Super Cartoons

Super Cartoon is our sixth recommendation and another best alternative for enjoying free cartoons online. You need to know that, Super Cartoons also lets you watch old cartoons from Disney and Looney Tunes.  The contents of this site are well organized. Do you have any specific cartoon characters in mind? Great! Just simply put the name in the search box of Super Cartoon and it will direct you to a large list of cartoons of that character.

Similar to Anime Centre, you can get to watch all the famous old cartoons, such as Mickey Mouse, Tweety, Tom and Jerry, Pink Panther and what not. Another interesting thing is, you can choose to watch the publications of any specific studio.

Some of the available studios:

  • MGM
  • Walt Disney
  • 20th Century Fox
  • Universal Studios
  • Warner Bros and
  • Columbia Pictures

Most valuable website:

These are some of the best online sites available to enjoy cartoons. It is up to you to choose your favorite one. YouTube can be considered the best cartoon streaming sites; however, the cartoons are not specifically decorated well. Apart from YouTube, Watch Cartoons Online is really good, yet it does not hold a better position for the advertising policies. Disney Junior is by far the most helpful site in providing quality cartoons.


1Q. What are the contents of Disney Junior?

Ans: – Disney Junior is specially decorated for the younger generation and offers round the clock services. It creates the most enchanting knowledge-based programs with heartfelt stories.

2Q. The cartoon character Tweety is male or female?

Ans: – The character Tweety is a male blabbermouth.

3Q. Does YouTube offer HD cartoons?

Ans: – YouTube has the largest repository of cartoons and you can find cartoons of 1080p quality as well. You can also look for the oldest cartoons as well.

4Q. YouTube advertisement is so annoying, can I remove it?

Ans: – Yes. YouTube advertisements can be removed by upgrading your account to a premium account. With this upgrade, you can also enjoy background play, audio mode (it lets you listen to the music without loading the video), download favorite videos and songs and many more.

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