11+ Best Subreddits to Follow in 2022

Reddit has changed the way social media works. It has become a substitute for popular apps like 9Gag, Facebook, and Instagram. However, scrolling through Reddit and finding out the community to which you belong to can be a tiring job. The people of Reddit treat their subreddits as a community.

Best Subreddits to Follow

Do not worry. We will help you find your community in this article. We will discuss the different types of subreddits that are popular currently.

List Of 11+ Best Subreddits to Follow on Reddit 

A quick note before beginning the list of subreddits: Make sure to use the filter of top posts in the 24 hours so that you can get the most out of them.

Also, these subreddits are not arranged in any order.

1. r/music


As you might have already guessed by the name, this is for all the music lovers out there. It is a community full of people who love to talk about music and share different genres. With 27 million Redditors, this is one of the most subscribed subreddits of all time. All the songs can be struck on any platform, making the subreddit more versatile.

2. r/funny


How is it possible to talk about Reddit and not about memes? This is the subreddit you will want to join into the fun stuff known as memes. Redditors and the moderators make sure that the memes are fresh and will give you a laughing dose. Most of the meme reviews are hosted from the memes present in this subreddit.

3. r/wallstreetbets


You might be living under a rock if you don’t know about this subreddit. This was the subreddit that was behind the GME stock price. If you are into stocks, then you should join this subreddit. A beginner who does not know anything about stocks will also find something knowledgeable on this subreddit. The original Jordan Belfort had also acknowledged this subreddit. This goes to say that the subreddit is quite legitimate.

4. r/technology


To get the latest news and updates on the current technology scenario, make sure to join this subreddit. The subreddit has the latest information on all the apps too. They also mentioned how Instagram had become one of the most invasive apps in a recent post. This will let you know about what the future has to offer.

5. r/travel


If traveling to luxurious destinations is your thing, do check this subreddit. This subreddit can be a free how-to guide for planning your next travel destination. The Redditors make sure to review the places which they have already visited. This will help you know whether that particular place is worth visiting.

6. r/movies


Movies are something that brings people together. This is a subreddit, especially for those people out there. This subreddit will act like an IMDb guide for you. You will also be able to post questions about the movie genres you like, and the members will give out comments on what the suggestions are.

7. r/dankememes


If you are into dark humor, then this is a subreddit for you. This is a type of humor which everybody would get; hence it is a special community filled with people who do not find dark humor offensive. Sky’s the limit for dark humor in this subreddit.

8. r/gaming


Gaming can be one of the biggest communities ever to enter. Be it PC games or console games, r/gaming will have it all. This is the subreddit for all the games out there. With the news on latest releases, reviews on games, and suggestions on which gaming platform you should opt for. This subreddit has the most helpful community for gamers.

9. r/programming


We get that it can get difficult to code. This subreddit will provide you with all the links to resources you need to learn and run the codes. They will also help you if you are stuck on an error and cannot find the solution.

10. r/FortNiteBR


Since 2017, Fortnite has become one of the most played battle royale games on gaming platforms. This subreddit will update you with the latest news on the upcoming seasons, and the battle passes. Not only this, but you will also obtain advice and tricks from the pro gamers in society, which will help you improve your gameplay a lot.

11. r/anime


Nowadays, anime has become an emotion. This subreddit has around 2.3 million Redditors ready to help you find the next anime for you to enjoy. They will also provide you with the filler lists not to waste your time watching episodes that are not canon.

12. r/gym


This is for all the gym bros out there. The best diet and workout plans are present in this subreddit. You can also post all the doubts that you have about weight training. From the right types of exercises to the right stretches, they know it all.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are Reddit badges/awards?

If the people like whatever you are posting on that particular subreddit, they will reward you with badges and awards. These awards can then be converted into real money as per the rarity of the award. These badges and awards vary depending upon the subreddits.

Which is the best subreddit?

Telling you about the best subreddit is a difficult choice. It entirely depends upon the Jonah in which you are interested. However, many people turn to Reddit for wholesome memes. If you are one of us, then r/funny would be the choice for you. Make sure to give other subreddits a try, too, present in our list.

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In this article, we have discussed all the types of subreddits that are popular as of now. We have also tried to mention a subreddit for every genre of interest. Make sure to tell us in the comments below about which ones were your favorite subreddits.

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