Best Video Editing Softwares in 2021

A good camera along with good video editing software makes the life of a photographer exciting. The best video editing software comes with a handful of amazing features that adds a different tone to the video. Using the best video editing software will enhance the boost conversion rate of the video content as well as the ROI for your online streaming. Once you go through the list of our collection, you will find that- you don’t have to be like “Stephen Spielberg”-or “to follow his budget”, to get an epic result.

Best video editing softwares in 2021

Amazing video content allows you to get a wide range of scope for developing your content on your website. In this regard, we have done a wide range of compilation for the best video editing software available on the e-commerce hub. Whether you are using a video for Facebook advertisement or testimonial products on YouTube- it simply doesn’t matter to you anymore. The best video editing software will allow your brand to look slick and professional.

Best Video Editing Softwares: Features

So we have sequentially arranged the best video editing software which will run on your desktop, video editors as well as in your Smartphone video editing applications.

1. Lightworks


Lightworks has given the world of video publishing a wide range of satisfaction. Starting from unique multi-camera support to an abundance of software editing tools, Lightworks is enriched with some amazing and heartwarming features for the users.
Lightworks video editing software is available in two versions like the Free version and Pro Lightworks version. It is worthwhile for us to mention that the free version is enough for video editors to use it, as it comprises an abundance of video editing tools, which are more than enough. However, if you wish to buy the Pro version then you need to pay a subscription of $25 per month.


  • It is supportable for multi-camera support customization.
  • Users can trim video with high precision.
  • Video can be enhanced to 720 p for streaming online on YouTube after editing.
  • Highly entitled with the latest and most updated software specification, which will run on Windows, Linux, and Mac.


  • Lightworks has got ample numbers of video editing tools for making high-quality videos.


4K resolution video that is only available in the Lightworks Pro paid version.

Lightworks is too advanced for the users to use. If you want to seek any kind of assistance for using Lightworks then go ahead with the Lightworks tutorial guide.

2. Blender


Video editors who generally use Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems have stated that Blender stands out to be the most appropriate video editing software for them. Blender is an open based platform for video editors and it is not at all costly.  The main purpose of using Blender is to develop a perfect 3D animated video, along with that Blender has got the most efficient video editing software. The high range of specifications in Blender will allow you to serve all your requirements with utmost comfort.


  • Video editings like scrubbing, vectorscope chroma, hologram display, and live preview can be done by using Blender video editing software.
  • Blender comprises 32 video adding slots for perfect complications along with images and a wide variety of effects.
  • You will get to see an ample number of options like transition and adjustment layering, filters, keyframes.


  • Blender is good for professional and advanced users.
  • Blender allows them to get an ample number of customizable options to the editor the high-quality videos.


  • Blender is more devoted to 3D video editing matters.
  • It is not at all meant for beginners to serve their fantasy of making a good quality video.

It is worthwhile to say that if you are looking for the best 3D video editing software, then you can go ahead with Blender.

3. Shortcut


A shortcut is enriched with a wide range of video formatting tools and it has got a great collection of video tutorial guides for the users. According to the users, Shortcut has got an abundance of video editing interface, which is quirky at the time of operating a video. The shortcut is well appropriate for windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. The unique factor of shortcut is that it allows users to download it for free and all kinds of updates are available without cost.


  • High and enhanced 4K High definition supportable option.
  • Latest and most updated timeline user interface.
  • Shortcut has made strict restrictions for importing videos into the editor. This helps video editors to save time and use large video files which may range up to 30 GB.


  • High-quality video display feature that allows users to get 4K resolution and a native editing timeline.
  • Best use for High-quality video projects.


  • The interface of the Shortcut is quirky.

It is better to inform you that the native video timeline provides a well-defined service for beginners to use this video editing software.

4. Openshot


Openshot is similar to the features of iMac. People who have used iMac will find Openshot quite similar to the previous Mac version of video editing software. However, it is important for us to say that unlike iMac, Openshot is enriched with unlimited layering options and perfect audio mixing criteria. This is the most fundamental option for video editors. They want to get specifications like Openshot where they can customize the video as much as they want. Openshot provides an equilibrium condition between advanced features and simple interface. Openshot allows you to create transition mode in between video clips.


  • Customized and advanced timeline setting that allows scrolling, panning, snapping and zooming.
  • Openshot is also enriched with title creation, 3D animated subtitles and effects.
  • Unlimited option for tracking and layering.
  • Video editors will get an ample number of options like snapping, scaling and cutting of video clip transitions along with a real-time preview.


  • Open Shot is an open-source video editing software that allows a free download option.
  • Along with an unlimited layering option.


  • It is hard for beginners to get accustomed to Openshot as there are limited video editing tutorials available.

Openshot has got an abundance of features to meet all kinds of requirements at one go. It is worthwhile to say that even National Geographic and Discovery channel use Openshot for editing high range videos.

5. DaVinci Resolve

Are you looking for video editing software that has got all kinds of master creative specifications? Yes, it is worthwhile for us to say that DaVinci Resolve is arguably the most updated and advanced video editing software on our list. This video editing software is the best fit for professional expertise people. DaVinci Resolve has not restricted themselves only to editing videos but with the help of this software, you can also edit sound and color.  DaVinci Resolve comes with a handful of features like; you can use it to edit both 2D and 3D videos. At the same point in time, DaVinci Resolve allows you to get a trimming option and to compress a large-sized video for uploading it on YouTube.


  •  DaVinci Resolve is audio mastering software.
  •  This particular video editing software allows you to get a high-end color correction.
  • DaVinci Resolve comprises an advanced trimming enabled mode as well as a multi-camera editing option.


  • Outstanding color intuitive interface correction.


  • No tutorial guides are available.

DaVinci is suitable for editing videos which need to undergo a color correction.

Final Words:

So it is time to know the best video editing software from the top 5 rated software. DaVinci Resolve is seriously the best video editing software for 2021. It is enabled with a powerful compositor, faster mode of exporting as well as well defined customizable interface. It is worthwhile for us to say that even if you buy the licensed product at $305 it is well justified. So what are you waiting for?? Download this video editing software and boost your ROI to the fullest.

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