Best WaterProof Cases for iPhone 11 & 11 Pro Max

American tech giant company Apple launched two new iPhones called ‘iPhone 11’ and ‘iPhone 11 pro’ in September 2019. We are all scared of the washout of phones by water at one time. Today we are thankful to the technology who assures us by providing waterproof phones. But we still very feared that water may damage our gadgets. We all know that those two products manufactured with water resistance capacity.

Best iPhone cases for iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 pro

But the company, Apple admitted that those phones’ water resistance power can decrease with time. If you look carefully at the print you can find that damage from water is not fully covered under the terms and conditions as well as warranty. We like to inform you that, from the beginning of consumption, you can use the waterproof case for the protection of your beloved gadget.

List of Best WaterProof Case For iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro/ Max

As the iPhones are expensive so we should be aware of its protection. No one wants their earnings to fall into the water. We have reviewed a selective number of the best iPhone cases which mainly available in the market. Now it is your time to choose the best one which fits with your standard.

Top 4 iPhone 11 Waterproof Cases – Features

1. Ecofine


  • Ecofine case fully designed to enable you to click underwater photos with the IP68 standard waterproof certification.
  • The case was tested under 7 feet deep water for more than 30 minutes. It ensures the perfect protection that, when you swim beneath the water you can operate your phone. You can also operate this in the shower.
  • This case sandwiches the device and protects the parts to keep the water away from touching the entire device.
  • It also detects the sensors and face identification to function properly.
  • The entire device is covered with anti-slip features to avoid all kinds of hassles.
  • Ecofine waterproof case provides wireless charging facilities.

2. Vapesoon iPhone 11 Case

Vapesoon iPhone 11 Case

  • Vapesoon waterproof case is multifunctional to protect your iPhone from water.
  • Its front and back cover shows the expensive design and orientation even underwater.
  • This case also has a wireless charging facility everywhere.
  • Vapesoon waterproof case is made with high-grade shock-absorbing technologies. The TPU and PC are two features which mainly have the shockproof and waterproof facilities.
  • This will protect your iPhone in all kinds of harsh conditions under the water or above the ground.
  • It provides you with the crystal clear display to proceed with your operations smoothly.



  • All kinds of waterproof cases protect the device for a small distance which is mainly a few meters. But you know that the deep-sea divers need stronger protection to secure their device. Joto waterproof case entirely protects the iPhone 11 for a maximum of 100 feet of submersion.
  • The sea divers, who spent many hours in the water, can easily find their iPhone completely dry.
  • Joto waterproof case not only protects the device from water, but it also protects your iPhone from snow, dirt, sand, and storm.
  • The camera quality and overall functioning remain capable during the harsh environment.

4. Doogee: Rugged Case For iPhone 11

Doogee: Rugged Case For iPhone 11

  • This case is designed for a long time submergible usage. Waterproof case Dooge fully protects your device after submerging under 16.5ft for half an hour.
  • It can also protect during drops from 6.6 feet high and completely protected from scratching during dust and sand.
  • The Dooge case is produced from highly compatible plastic and best quality plastic materials.
  • Using the IP-69K protection rating, it can fully be functioning under 9.8 feet deep water without hampering the protection shield.
  • Dooge coated by a double layer of optical glass lenses provides crystal clear photos and videos in the water.

For your help, we designed a chart. Choose the best and budget-friendly case for protecting your favorite device.

Best 4 iPhone 11 Pro Waterproof Cases: Specifications

The basic difference between iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro is their camera featuring. iPhone 11 provides a dual camera while iPhone11 pro provides a triple rear camera. Hence iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro also have some difference in their featuring styles and internal devices. We suggest some waterproof cases for you to protect your device secure during the shower and beneath the water.

1. Oterkin: Best Case For iPhone 11 Pro

Oterkin: Best Case For iPhone 11 Pro

  • Oterkin is one of the most popular waterproof cases for iPhone 11 pro. It is designed to protect your device under the water up to 6 feet for more than one hour. The case holds the device tightly to prevent water from leaking in the device.
  • It also protects your iPhone from sudden bumps and drops. The screen protecting glass guards the screen against any scratches.
  • It is very slim and does not load massive load to your iPhone.
  • The Oterkin cases provide 24 hours of services in 7 days and also comes with a  one-year warranty.
  • It is perfectly designed for outdoor sports purposes with wireless charging facilities.

2. Snowfox


  • Snowfox is another masterpiece of water-resistant cover for iPhone 11 pro.
  • It fits perfectly and also tightly to your device leaving no further space for water to enter.
  • It protects the edges of your iPhone from a maximum of 6 feet drops by strong covers.
  • The weight of the case is light which usually attracts its customers.
  • The rugged back panel and the protective front cover ensures complete protection to your device.

3. Cozycase


  • It is sealed with a special bumper case to providing strong protection against drops, bumps and fumbles also.
  • All the buttons of the case are easily accessible. The ports are covered tightly so the water droplets cannot enter in.
  • There is a small hole that helps to remove the iPhone from the case.
  • The case also supports wireless charging.
  • The screen protector guard is mainly designed to protect from scratches and does not allow the water drops to enter into the speaker.
  • Apart from the waterproof facility, the Cozycase also protects the device from the attack of snow.

4. Temdan

Temdan iPhone 11 pro water proof case

  • The Temdan iPhone 11 case built with special sensitive screen and glass protector to save your iPhone’s camera from occasional scratching, bumping and dropping.
  • The case designed with military standard 810G – 516 certification in terms of protecting the device.
  • The case supports wireless charging capacity along with other features.
  • Temdam provides you maximum one-year brand warranty along with a 100% money back facility.
  • Their customer service wings are very strong. They provide you lifetime friendly service. The customer care unit working 24 hours in 7 days.

Below we provided a chart for you to choose the best one for you. Keep protecting your valuable device from a harsh environment.

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