Best Wireless Headphones for iPhone 11, 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max

Allow me to take you through a joyful ride, where you will get to see some amazing innovations done by Apple in promoting the best wireless headphones for Apple iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro-max. The best headphones are available on the market, which can be used for listening to good and quality music from your iTunes.

It is always recommended to look for headphones that have got a noise Cancellation feature, sporty outlook, good Bluetooth connectivity and redefined sound quality.

Top 10 Best Wireless Headphones for iPhone 11, 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max:

These headphones are made by top-notch industries and each and every product is equally loved by the customers.

1. Beats Solo3

Beats Solo 3

If you are looking for the best iconic headphones for your iPhone 11, and its updated products, then Beats solo 3 is the appropriate product that is available on the market. One of the unique characteristics of this product is that it serves a long time battery backup of 40 hours.


  • This product has got plenty of amazing features to surprise you. Along with a good battery backup support this headset also has a redefined acoustic sound output.
  • Beats Solo 3 has got a size customization option that enables you to adjust the headphone over your head, without any kind of dilemma.
  • The outlook of this headset might look a bit traditional but Beat solo 3 is empowered by all the latest technology.


  • Fun and Energetic Sound
  • Apple W-1 Compatible
  • Efficient battery life


  • Expensive Cost
  • Bass is dominant in nature.

So, you can keep this product at the top of your priority list as Beats also serves you with a headphone carrying case and “all-round” supportable USB charging cable.

2. Treblab Z2

Treblab Z2

When we are talking out headphones for iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, we should bring Treblab Z2 to your attention. This product forms a perfect combination with iTunes music and allows you to get the best sound quality along with precise perfection. If you want to experience the robustness of any headphone, then Treblab Z2 is the best deal for your iPhone. Treblab Z2 is built with soft and lightweight material that makes it feel weightless and serves your purpose with utmost efficiency.  Let us show you about the three major characteristics of this product, which makes it the best selling headphones for iPhone 11 and its updated model.


  • This headset has got 35 hours of background time play.
  • T-Quiet Noise cancellation mode enabled.
  • 40mm Neodymium speakers.
  • Wide range Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Treblab Z2 is enriched with updated 2.0 technologies with a unique feature of 40 mm bass speakers around your ears.


  • Stereo Speaker with efficient sound quality.
  • Touch and water-resistant design.
  • Fast Charging.


  • A buffer may sound not perfect some times.
  • The weight is a bit heavy.

So Treblab Z2 is always one step ahead of all the products, until and unless it faces a serious competitor.

3. TaoTronics


Are you waiting for us to show you a product, that is enriched with a 40 mm dual aperture, enhanced and redefined sound with high-quality bass? Then you are on the right page. TaoTronics is enriched with all three features that were wondering about.


  • This product is also entitled to an active noise cancellation feature enabled to decrease your distraction and disturbance level.
  • With an amazing battery backup of 45 hours, you can carry this lightweight headset for longer trips. This headset is suitable for iPhone 11, 11 pro and 11 pro-MAX.
  • The battery compatibility has been enhanced and updated to the latest technology.
  • Ear buds are well compatible with iPhone 11 and its updated series along with an inbuilt buffer.


  • NCF works extremely well.
  • Appreciated product for a long battery backup.
  • Enhanced dual criteria for aperture.


  • The design looks a bit traditional.
  • Bluetooth ranging can create a problem.



If we are comfortable in judging a product from customer review then TOZO surely acquires the top spot in our priority list. TOZO is easily compatible with iPhone 11, 11 pro and 11 pro-MAX. It is essential to say that TOZO is a big competitor in front of Treblab Z2. Tozo has got a phenomenal feature that allows users to get A step pairing service. This product is designed with the most promising style and it is headphones are like wireless earbuds. It makes it more comfortable for the user to listen to his favorite track.  Let us see the top three major features of this product.


  • IPX 8 WATERPROOF from sweat and water sports.
  • Efficient and authentic sound with enhanced bass quality.
  • 14 hours of background playing.
  • This headphone is made of a Bumper slim fit shell (semi-transparent).
  • As thin as 0.35 m, which is considered as the world’s thinnest hard covering.


The body of this head phone is easy to fit in your ears.

The price is well justified.

The range of durability.


  • Customers are not satisfied with servicing.
  • Product reliability is questionable.

Tozo is an amazing headphone that has received 10,000 plus positive reviews on Amazon.

5. Bose


We don’t need to define the brand BOSE, as we all know about BOSE has got a world-famous reputation in manufacturing the best audio devices. This Boss headset comes with the latest Bluetooth technology which makes it well compatible with the phone specification of iPhone 11, 11 pro and 11 pro-MAX. The battery backup of this product is nearly 15 hours. The battery is installed with lithium ions and these lithium ions are capable of recharging themselves for a definite period. Isn’t it an amazing phenomenon of Bose?  This bose speaker is available on the market in white, black with an additional touch of “rose gold” color on top of the ear pads. This design on the ear pads is considered as an outstanding implementation by BOSE.


  • Level 3 noise cancellation technology is inbuilt in this headphone.
  • In the case of calling the facility, Bose provides noise-canceling dual microphone systems.
  • Lithium-Ion batteries that support 20 hours of usage.
  • Hassle-free Bluetooth connection with iPhone 11 and its updated series.
  • An audio cable is also included without battery power.


  • Uncountable achievement in the Bluetooth section.
  • High customizable option.
  • High sound quality.


  • The market availability of this product is very frequent.
  • The price is too high.

6. Mpow

Mpow wireless headphones

The world is still unaware of Mpow headsets. This iPhone compatible headphone is one of the hottest products when it comes to purchasing a headset. As compared to bose and TaoTronics, Mpow has got a well competitive sound quality that is more or less equivalent to the other two products. Now the advancement of Mpow can be witnessed by the impressive Hi-Fi sound criteria that have got a huge appreciation in the market.


  • The design of Mpow headphones has got a customizable feature that includes a foldable option and you can wrap this headphone in a tiny case.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 is the latest and most upgraded feature of Bluetooth connectivity, which has been already installed in the Mpow headset.
  • Enhanced touch control in the headset, which allows users to customize their settings.
  • This headphone is IPX7 certified and it can be used under any weather condition.
  • Standby time ranging to 200 hours.


  • The price is well justified according to the specification.
  • The body comfort of this product has gained 83 % positive reviews.
  • Usage is quite efficient.


  • After purchase servicing is not acceptable by users.

7. Soundpeats


We know that you are an iPhone lover and after acknowledging your love, we are here to present you with Sound peats headphones. On one hand, the fundamental characteristic of a headset is to provide a good sound quality but on the other hand, a sound peats headphone also serves you calling facility without any kind of harassment.


  • The voice clarity of headphones is precise and prominent.
  • The customers are happy after purchasing this device as it serves a dual purpose feature.
  • The white and black combination of these earplugs makes it more promising for iPhone users.


  • Sound quality is well accepted and it has received 91 favorable votes from the users.
  • Promising battery life.
  • Fit in ears with utmost comfort.


  • Product reliability has been questioned by many users.
  • The magnetic earbuds show lagging.

8. Senso


The HD output sound quality along with waterproofing criteria makes it an amazing headset for iPhone users. Senso has got a long way to go as your companion in your gym while traveling and even when you need light music in between your busy work life.


  • Senso has received more than thirty thousand plus reviews on Amazon and this is something unique about this product.
  • You won’t get a thirty thousand plus reviewed product very often. Now if you have any question on the Bluetooth connectivity, then allow us to say that Senso has a 30 feet connectivity range away from your iPhone.
  • This product is available in black, a combination of blue, black and red.

Now, talking about the design of the headphone-which looks sporty and stylish for the younger generation.



This is a sweat-proof headset that runs hand in hand with iPhone 11, 11 pro and 11 pro-Max. Charging this device for two hours will allow you to get a background play for 12 hours. This headphone is well accustomed to premium sound quality and the armature drivers help to balance the quality of the sound.    The designers of ACIL made these headphones look like bullets inside the ears. The noise cancellation feature works efficiently without any doubt. The soft liquid silicon made earbuds adds another heartwarming phenomenon in this audio device.


  • ACIL is empowered with a high-class superior H1 designed system.
  • The enhanced powerful dynamic system is also supported by balanced armature drivers.
  • The sound quality of this amazing headset for the iPhone 11 has got a combination of craftsmanship and a balanced sound stage.
  • Intuitive three in one controller that provides an easy microphone enabling system..

10. HolyHigh


Are you in search of an iPhone 11 compatible headphones within a limited budget?  Thank God..!! We have got HolyHigh as the most affordable headphone available on the market. This headphone is designed in four different sizes. You can use this headphone in your gyming session as it is a sweat-proof audio device. This product has got high range durability; you can use this headphone for more than one day. The range of playback sound is for 26 hours. It is also empowered with the latest 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity. Now coming to the point automated connectivity, we should inform you that as soon as you turn off this headphone from the charging ports, it automatically gets sync with the iPhone Bluetooth. This headphone is perfect for a low budget.


  • Noise cancellation technology is supported by CVC 8.0.
  • The battery capacity of 3000 mAh that supports 60 hours of playback time after recharge.
  • Compatible with Bluetooth 5.0.
  • The ergonomic design makes it handy for the users to use.
  • Standard micro USB is supportable.

Our Suggestion..!!

This is a point of confusion in the mind of customers. TaoTronics provides 45 HOURS Listening time, whereas TOZO serves customer satisfaction within 40 hours of battery back up. In the case of the cost price of Beats Solo 3 and Treblab, we can see there is a great competition in the specifications of this product.  Beats Solo 3 is highly compatible with iPhone as it provides fast fuel enhanced technology, as well as exhibits Apple W-I chip enablement. In this regard, we need to draw your attention to the charging time.

In the case of Beat Solo 3, we can see that it takes 5 mins only to get a playback time of 5 hours. So we have made our perspective look very clear from our intention of showing you a clear projecting that will help you to select the best one for yourselves. Always keep in mind that while purchasing any technical goods, tries to focus on your requirements rather than getting involved in the crowd of the gadgets.

Try to look for noise cancellation enablement along with long battery life. You should also focus on the range of Bluetooth connections. Apple smartphones starting from iPhone 11 to iPhone 11 Pro Max have no USB port. So the only option you have got is to purchase a separate headphone like Beats Solo 3, which is well affordable and it meets all kinds of primary criteria as you want.


Apple always prefers its users to opt for incredibly lightweight noise cancellation headphones.  The audio designing section of Apple has intentionally made the volume to a limited range, which allows users to prevent distraction while crossing roads or doing any important work.

In the world, where there is an abundance of headphones, out of them only 10% is suitable to get compatible with wireless headphones for iPhone 11, 11 pro and 11 pro max. The sound developers in apple have kept their focus high on TOJO, BEATS SOLO 3, TAOTRONICS, TREBLAB and BOSE. These are some high end and certified products from Apple, which they have found suitable with the last iPhone.

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