Best Xbox One Games in 2021

XBOX Series by Microsoft has been one of the most sensational consoles that have ever been developed. The craze over the device started right after its launch six years ago internationally. After that, the company has launched several games for the device and has also taken the patent of various third parties to run their games on this device.



202 is supposed to be a fascinating year for people using the XBOX gaming series as the company has ensured to launch the XBOX X Series by the end of this year. On the other hand, the technical experts of the company have also revealed that they are about to release a few out of the box games in the year 2021 that will surely grab the attention of a huge number of gamers.

List Of Best Xbox Games in 2021:

It is true to say that gamers have become a fan of Xbox for a long time. It offers more reliable first-party games for exciting gaming. These games will hit the gaming platform in the coming days of 2021.  However, 2021 has brought the best Xbox games for gaming listed below:

1. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2

  • 2021 will release the new game for RPG fans. Vampire: The Masquerade -Bloodlines 2 is an RPG game about vampires located in the world of Darkness. The first part was included with issues and bugs, but later it implemented with new characters and more narrative story-telling.
  • The vampire let you come into specific character related to the dialogue options you discover in the gameplay. It is very important to make decisions when there is a vampire attack.
  • In this gameplay, there are two characters- Brujah and Tremere sorcerer. You can choose any one character to play. Tremere is a unique character that uses dark spells and black magic to manipulate the enemy’s blood. This leads to a bloody state with clouds & red puddles.

2. Darksiders Genesis

Darksiders Genesis

  • Darksiders is packed with intense combat, exploration game, puzzle solving, serpent holes, and many more. It is played with two players, one for controlling each horseman of the strife.
  • It offers for all gaming platforms such as Xbox One, PC, Stadia, and PS4. Darksiders is about to be released on February 14, proving to be the best perspective for the Darksiders Fans.
  • There are different dialogue options, blood mages, and vampiric clan for gamers to experience a thrilling experience.

3. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

  • Dragon Ball (AAA) is the big blockbuster release of 2021. It is a fully-loaded action RPG, with many character levels, sidequests, NPCs, and many more. Dragon is a new version of the previous one- 3D Dragon ball games.
  • It is developed by CyberConnect2 and it seems to be alike the “Anime”. Every chapter of this game is very eye-catching and interesting for every individual gamer. CyberConnect2 has remarkably proved to be a masterpiece of anime spectacle.
  • Comparing to the previous version, the new game is a full- action, role-playing game with various character levels and a chance to explore the world. It is featured with different movements, sidequests to be taken, NPCs for talking, objects to use, and many more.
  • It gives a ‘hands-on-time’ experience that immediately increases gamers’ energy levels. This game shows a better perspective with super gaming performance. Though it is the new version, the fighting system is somewhat similar to the older Dragon Ball games like Dimps & Spikes.
  • It is a 3D animated motion-fighting game to move all-around to destroy your enemy. This game is featured with ki attacks, super dash, special moves, and punches.
  • Dragon Ball includes an awesome song that is played for Goku while exploring the world. Goku is also involved in various activities like flying around to collect Zorbs, currency, and hunting deer to eat its flesh that will boost his energy to attack the enemies.
  • Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot holds backstories that have never been explained in the manga, and it is a fact that will provide the excitement of joy in the gamer’s soul & mind. It is a fierce action game with cutting edge visuals and great immersive experience for die-hard gamers.
  • This game can also be played as PC games, Xbox One game, and a PS4 game.

4. Journey to the Savage planet

Journey to the Savage planet

  • Journey to the Savage Planet is the first-person game that explores the strange planet aiming to reveal and discover those planets & animals. You experience a good time with great turns and moves in every corner.
  • Every puzzle includes in this game can be easily solved with non-violence. But after an hour of gaming, you will experience that it is full of violence and more confusing.
  • It generates curiosity in the minds of gamers and they come with various thoughts like- ‘What will I do with the green Blob?’, ‘What is this object over there?’, ‘What will happen if I stick a Pufferbird in a Plant’s mouth?’
  • It is a mixture of free- form stories of Outer Wilds, the cynical satire of the Outer Worlds, and the bizarre. This is the first-person game that allows you to explore the planet or bizarre world namely- ‘Tranquil Crevasse of Tranquility’ and ‘Towering Crystals of Madness.’ It asks you for upgrading equipment to move around the savage planet. It is truly a fascinating and mind-blowing exploring game for Xbox in 2021
  • This game has no map to teach how to play the game and explore the planet. There is a GPS tracker that guides you and lets you stop whenever you are lost. Savage Planet is an essential game for gamers to explore the world and mechanics.

5. Disintegration


  • Disintegration is a Sci-Fi FPs developed by Halo Co-Creator Marcus Lehto. It is first-person gameplay with its RTS mechanics featuring one player as well as a PvP multiplayer.
  • It may seem complicated as the first-person shooter game, controlling several AI Squadmates. Disintegration is an effective game to learn with each command to act when needed to set off. It has an excellent controlling system for a single-player and multiplayer.
  • Romer is the main character of the game, he is the riding protagonist and leads to a robo-ordinary Joes. In actuality, they are mechanics, teachers, and journalists to be acted as. This game is filled with humor and welcoming the other levels.
  • It is a challenging gameplay with grave-bikes & AI squads and the leading hero Roamer. The grave-bike acts like an FPS character for changing the flight height. It simply means a gamer can fly indoors and through doors.
  • It also has different shootouts with opposite players that may feel like expansive as dog-fights. Disintegration is a strange game with its story-telling concept as you will play every minute.

6. Marvel’s Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers

  • Marvel Avengers is the biggest blockbuster releasing soon on May 15, 2021. This game can be played on many platforms like- Xbox One, Xbox, Stadia, PC, and PS4. It the gamer to the comic world with the six leading heroes- Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Kamala Khan, Thor, and Black Widow.
  • It is a first-player game with a storytelling concept of Hero Missions and Warzone Missions. Once the player reaches its Super Heroes level, they become more able to upgrade every single hero’s power attack.
  • It is an adventurous game developed by Crystal Dynamics & Eidos and somewhat is similar to God of War and throughout the gameplay, it is quite thrilling and exploring avengers.
  • You can customize the avengers as per your choice with various skills as well as cosmetics. 
  • In this game, there are 2 types of missions namely- Warzone Missions & Hero Missions. Hero Missions are played with a single player and the overall part of the campaign. Warzone Missions can be played alone or with multiple players to consolidate an Avenger. Every mission signifies the team size as well as makeup.
  • For die-hard gamers, Hero missions & Warzone Missions allow them to experience the best gaming performance in Marvel’s avengers. Each player can easily customize individual Hero’s Gear and the skills.

7. Biomutant


In the world of virtual reality, Biomutant is considered as a catalyst in increasing the demand for this game. Gamers around the world are crazily waiting to play this game in 2021. This game has got some dangerous and mind-stimulating stages. The graphics of this game acts as an enriched interface to get the mind of the gamers well within the game for a long period. Although you should know that this game contains mutant powers and weapons that make the villain more powerful than the hero.

We are placing some salient features of this game in some points, which are sequentially placed before you:

  • This game is perfect for XBOX gamers. They will find many options to customize their settings.
  • The developers of this game have kept an open interface for the gamers to make it free and accessible for anyone.
  • The involvement of weaponry games adds a different flavor in the hands of gamers holding the joystick
  • It is an RPG action game with ‘Mutations’ system, crafted with armors and new weapons.
  • It is a massive storytelling concept that is flooded with oils raised from the ground. As there is a destruction of ground with oil flood, your task is to protect the Tree of life and unite the world’s “Tribes”.
  • Gamers will get power from a cat’s tendency while it gets exposed to post-apocalypse barren lands. You can see a few powers only that destroys small enemies among themselves.
  • In this game, you can use rifles, swords, pistols, and many items for destroying enemies. At the end of the game, you will notice your scores or karma depending on your performance.
  • While you stare closely to the Zombie Tank, you can find shadow demons, armored elites and many surprising characters, etc

Gamers want to play this game as this game involves massive warfighting, killing of thousands of mutants in a single strike.

8. Zombie Army 4:Dead war

Zombie Army 4:Dead war

Zombie Army 4 is here to offer you an open arena where you can kill countless zombies in a single round. The release date has been announced on 4th February 2021 by Rebellion.

  • Slay and slay, this is what you have got for yourself to go with. Slay as much as you want because if you can slay, then it is better to get killed in this game.
  • The occult enemies as sent by the fascist, Hitler to ruin your kingdom and you are the only person who has been entitled to kill zombies.
  • The dead will rise once again and the dead will walk. This is true. The zombie army trilogy is here again.
  • There are different types of objects such as pistols, rifles, and guns to destroy the enemies. Whenever there is a deadly attack surrounding you, at once you can fight back with these weapons to survive.
  • You can extend your SLAY in the Horde mode. As long as you survive in the gameplay, the map gets bigger in size.


1Q. Which is the best Xbox game coming in the year 2021?

2021 is a big blockbuster year that makes the dream come true in the world of the Xbox series. Various games give a thrilling and impressive experience.

  • Vampire: The Masquerade- Bloodlines 2
  • Marvel’s Avengers

2Q. Will these games be enjoyed by the players?

Of course, this year is packed with a lot of adventurous games filled with various characters and amazing sounds that genuinely involve a gamer throughout the gameplay.


2021 Games have become more spectacular and will prove its best in the coming days. It may take a lot of time while gaming but creates an immersive experience in the gameplay. Fans are curiously waiting for these latest games that are yet to be released and want to explore the world of adventures. Hopefully, new trending games present with the latest innovation, songs and more movements that deeply dive a gamer into a different world. This new year is released with a heap of games for the next- generation streaming services. Hopefully, these games are fair enough to be enjoyed as single-player as well as multi-players in the long run.

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