Best Xbox One Wireless Controller in 2022

Playing games on the Xbox One definitely required a controller. If you love spending some extra Xbox time, it’s worth buying the right controller. Get to know about some customized wireless controllers. The modern-day best Xbox one wireless controllers can be customized for your needs. You can also get the option of replacing the components and remapping the buttons.

They are perfectly designed for PC and consoles. The Xbox one controllers these days are completely customizable with numerous buttons, analog sticks, as well as handling options.

Best Xbox One Wireless controllers in 2021

Though sometimes it seems to be pretty overwhelming, we can help you. Go through our guide where you can find out the top of the line customizable controllers to accommodate with the physical disabilities. We’ve selected the controllers based on Best Xbox Wireless Controller Reviews. If your curiosity is, “do Xbox one wireless controllers work on PC?” we’re there to answer.

You can also find the dream controller to match your needs. Some extra-large controllers to the handy ones will give you much convenience. Each of them fits a range of the user’s needs.

Best Xbox Wireless Controller – Buying Guide

Here we listed Top 6 Xbox One Wireless Controllers with Pros & Cons. We suggest you read the complete review before making your mind to buy one.

1. Custom Controllers Xbox One Wireless Controller

Custom Controllers Xbox One Wireless Controller

Custom Controllers Magma purple controller is a soft touch custom created a model for Xbox one. It has the 100% original new Microsoft controlling interface that will make you feel confident when you use it.

So, it’s time to get a grip on the soft-touch control that is designed for the improvement of the game. With this, you will never have to regret settling for a normal controller. The best Xbox One wireless controller exhibits high-end features like custom purple Magma and soft-touch feature that makes it feel incredible for your hands.

So, you can use it at any time for monitoring the Xbox One. Moreover, the industry during customer service with 100% new Microsoft controlling features will give you extra support. Each of the features is tested by the certified technicians before launching them.

If you think that it’s time for you to make your friends jealous by playing in the best possible ways, then this is the controller for you. The great controller will now save you from mishaps of buying lackluster controllers and let you focus on the points for a compelling experience.

It is far away from a traditional controller that will get your job done in minutes. You can also throw down the ultimate combos. The controller is a handpicked model for you to allow gaming on PC as well.


  1. Dimension: 7 x 4.3 x 2.8 inches
  2. Weight: 1 Pound
  3. Connectivity: Wireless
  4. Battery life: 30 minutes
  5. Compatibility: Microsoft Xbox One


  1. Feels amazing in hand due to the soft grip with a very smooth texture
  2. It is an actual Microsoft remote controller.
  3. 9Marvellous design that makes it work perfectly fine with no occurrence of malfunctions.
  4. Worth the price paid for it.


  1. headphone jack stops working
  2. paint gets chipped off

2. Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller

Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller

Now be ready to play the PC games with the wireless Xbox One controller. The Xbox One wireless controller best buy set comes with Xbox One wireless controller and an adaptor that is designed for Windows 10.

You can get in with precision and comfort when you hold it in your hands. The New black Xbox controller will run finely on your PC. Moreover, it has new and improved features with a 66% smaller design.

So, with this model, you can get wireless stereo support for the sound and the ability to connect up to around 8 to 10 controllers at once. It’s the best controller for you to experience enhanced comfort and feel.

The custom button mapping will be reliable for you to provide up to twice the range of usual wireless controllers. So, now be ready to stay on target with the streamlined and sleek design that will offer you a textured grip.

Overall, this is a great controller that will give you a great place to play. It’s time to experience the freedom of playing with the games wherever and with whoever you want.

You can win the Xbox play anywhere title and boast with it while playing on the Windows 10 PC. For that, you don’t have to pay any additional costs. The controller is compatible with games on PC, Xbox, and tablets that are running on versions like Windows 7, 8.1, and 10. Moreover, the availability of USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 will give you added confidence. The significant update of the form will give you a range of support.


  1. Dimension: 2.8 x 7 x 6.9 inches
  2. Weight: 1.1 pounds
  3. Connectivity: Wireless
  4. Battery life: 30 minutes
  5. Compatibility: Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Xbox One, Windows 10


  1. Perfectly designed for gaming
  2. Ergonomic design with good quality material
  3. Easy to use interface
  4. Durability ensures value for money


  1. Not quite fit as a Windows/PC Controller.
  2. Quite often it gives rise to “stick drift” issue
  3. Not worth the effort of contacting customer care

3. Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller- Diaz Limited Edition

Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller- Diaz Limited Edition

Be ready to play games on PC with the Xbox wireless controllers. The Xbox wireless controller comes with the set of adapters that is fit for Windows 10. You can experience the precision while playing with this newly streamlined controller that is fit for PC games.

There are plenty of high ends adaptive features that make it a smart solution for you when compared to many other models. The small and compact design, along with the wireless stereo sound support, will give you the ability to connect many controllers with the setup.

So, it’s time for you to harness the benefits of the enhanced comfortable interface and button mapping features. Everything is customized for you to stay on track while playing with the games.

You can now play the favorite games of your choice on the tablets and Windows 10. You don’t have to pay any additional amount while playing with it. The remarkable part is that you can make use of this controller on different Windows versions like 7, 8.1, and 10. Besides, they can also work on PCs and tablets. What makes it strikingly different is the availability of the USB ports 2.0 and 3.0 for charging.


  1. Dimensions: 5.9 x 2.8 x 7.9 inches
  2. Weight: 14.9 ounces
  3. Connectivity: Wireless
  4. Battery life: 30 minutes
  5. Compatibility: Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Xbox One, Windows 10


  1. It is designed exceptionally for gaming
  2. The ergonomic interface ensures flexibility for the user to play
  3. High-grade material quality
  4. Value for money


  1. windows find it difficult to find drivers

4. DreamController Modded Xbox One Controller

DreamController Modded Xbox One Controller

The authentic Xbox One S controller is customized and a brand new model for Xbox. The controller is professionally designed for attractive support and will also provide you with the superior anti-slip material.

The premium custom designs of this Xbox One S controller will make you feel amazing while playing the games. The best wireless controller for Xbox one has the competitive cutting edge Technology used in it when compared to the standard Xbox One controller.

What makes it stand out is the soft textured material for superior grade free gaming. You can play comfortably for hours together with this controller. There is also high end added features like anti-slip design, premium-grade left and right Trigger Motors, plus-shaped mechanical D-pad, and so on.

It will provide faster Mouse responsiveness. Moreover, the availability of the feedback triggers and grip texture around the thumbstick will give you more accessibility. The micro USB port is available for accessible USB cables. The availability of the advanced Bluetooth technology will allow the users to play on platforms like Xbox One, Xbox One X, Windows 10, and other compatible devices like laptops and PCS.

So, now be ready to enjoy the custom button mapping feature and get around twice the Wireless Range of the standard controller. The availability of the 3.5mm headset Jack will give you advanced gaming experience.

Not only do these controllers look good while playing, but it will also give you lots of advantages over your competitors. The advanced capabilities will allow the gamer to increase its ratio of K /D. So, the advanced features include bust fire, tactical rapid-fire, Trigger mix fire, and akimbo fire.

All of them will speed up the use of a weapon of your choice. So, you can now get the completely adjustable and customizable features to make you a pro. With time, you can see yourself as a mobile Monster who can get pinpoint accuracy with the automatic actions involved in the adjustment of the fast reload snippet, breath drop shot, and everything else to keep skills tricks.

You can get fantastic momentum while playing with the games. The unique design of this controller will give you a better feel for the action with the availability of the impulse triggers. Moreover, the vibration motor starter available will provide you with more engagement with the precise fingertip feedback. It can help to bring weapons and crashes along with everything else that is involved in it the whole new level of giving realism.

It is a professionally designed controller for gamers. The wireless controller is completely designed and assembled by the certified technicians for a better gaming experience. You don’t have to worry anymore about the unresponsive thumbsticks and sticky buttons while using this controller. With this model, you can get 100% satisfaction. Besides, you can get support from the customer service care anytime you face problems while playing with it.


  1. Dimensions: 7.5 x 5 x 3 inches
  2. Weight: 1 pound
  3. Connectivity: Wireless
  4. Battery life: 30 minutes
  5. Compatibility: Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Windows 10


  1. Awesome controller with nicely done graphics.
  2. Fast response time


  1. Lots of bumpy spots
  2. sticker peels off soon causing bumps and scuff marks
  3. Pricey

5. ProControllers LLC Hand Airbrushed Fade Custom Controller

ProControllers LLC Hand Airbrushed Fade Custom Controller

The pro controller is a perfect one for Xbox games and will come with the high-end features and details for a customized gaming experience. The orange and yellow fade Xbox custom controller is hand-painted and is pretty unique when compared to its competitors.

The best part is that the controller shell is completely hand-painted and unique. The brand new feeling you will get with this controller will make you feel confident while playing with the games. It is certified by Microsoft and is exclusive to you.

Purchase this controller and get the best gaming experience like never before. The Xbox One wireless controller is perfectly designed for the hands of most players. It can make the games more impressive and natural. It overcomes the minute flaws that are featured on some other controllers of Rival platforms. So, you can get the overall benefits of the long battery and a true keypad available in this controller. It is an essential product for the ones who love to play fighting games at competitive levels.

The wireless controller has a unique shoulder and face buttons that are quite responsive and are complemented by the Classic asymmetrical stick design.

So, you can get this controller that is loaded with specifications for you to play flawlessly. It is compatible with games from Steam and the Epic games store. Microsoft has ensured that this wireless controller will deliver you a comfortable experience while playing numerous games on your device like Xbox One, or PC. So, you can get it in the form of a serviceable solution with standard designs and colors.


  1. Dimensions: 7.2 x 4.2 x 2.8 inches
  2. Weight: 12.8 ounces
  3. Connectivity: Wireless
  4. Battery life: 30 minutes
  5. Compatibility: Xbox one


  1. Easy to hold controller making it comfortable for hands
  2. Value for money when you take it as a giftable model
  3. Significant durability
  4. Easy to use interface
  5. Nicely painted controller with a clear coat to protect it.


  1. one of the cursors is pretty disturbing because it keeps moving by itself

6. Xbox Wireless Controller – Fortnite Special Edition

Xbox Wireless Controller - Fortnite Special Edition

Now be ready to show off your style with an outstanding controller for Xbox. It can allow you to battle with the last one standing. The Fortnite special edition controller features an Epic purple design that makes it quite unique from its competitors.

Moreover, it comes with the legendary dark vertex outfit along with 500 V bucks. So, it can be spent on the customization items, including gliders, emotes, outfits, and some other battle pass. The availability of Bluetooth technology ensures that you can play your favorite games on different interfaces like PC, Windows 10, and tablets.

The custom-making feature is available with the applications for Xbox accessories. You can simply plug it in any compatible headset with the availability of 3.5mm stereo Jack headset fiber.

While using it, you have to follow a few parameters like you should not be careless while using the headphone jack. The players can get the ultimate comfort and customization. It’s quite useful because you can get the benefits of the enhancements and processes that are brought into it.

Moreover, the appreciated elements like D-pads modular, thumbsticks, and triggered locks are custom-designed to help the influence of Xbox One to play like a pro. Though sometimes it may feel like a hefty price transaction, yet when compared to many other Xbox One controllers as featured on the list.

The best price on Xbox one wireless controller will really stand out; it can give you justified new ways of playing. The availability of the trigger locks will give you faster shooting even in the competitive FPS titles. You can use all the thumbsticks together for the adjustment of the enhanced aiming. Every minute detail is available in this wireless controller for the impressive playability.


  1. Dimensions: 3.9 x 7.9 x 7.1 inches
  2. Weight: 15.8 ounces
  3. Connectivity: Wireless
  4. Battery life: 30 minutes
  5. Compatibility: Xbox One, Windows 10


  1. The buttons follow a recent mono-color scheme that makes the black and purple combination with colored dots (yellow, red, green, blue) stand out.
  2. The users can add a bonus of free Fortnite V-Bucks along with a Fortnite skin


  • To some users, the dark purple seems to be a plain black color

Buying Guide: Important Factors to Check in an Xbox One Wireless Controller

The development of the Xbox one controller has become fruitful. Microsoft has censored some high end and perfectly designed models as Xbox One controllers.

These Xbox One controllers are quite similar to that of the original 360 controllers. All of them have different handles and counter designs with offset analog sticks.

The face buttons directional pad and buttons for menu and view make these high-end models pretty fascinating. Moreover, the controllers come with the same color scheme as that of the favorite characters. You can also get the adjustable vibration and sensitivity levels when you buy them.

The controllers come with overall designs of that of the Xbox 360 controller. But, there are certain minor and major changes and improvement setups brought into the new models. All specifications have made the controllers more comfortable and intuitive.

1. Directional pad

The availability of the directional pad in these controllers has made them better when compared to the traditional designs of the previous Xbox controllers. The availability of the battery compartment has made them slimmer.

The triggers are also built-in in these new models, which are strikingly different from the impulse triggers, and they can help to directly control the games.

The special designs have been enabled with the entry of triggered Rumble Motors + D-pad that is mechanical. Look for the battery pack flush features with the controllers, grip texture around the sticks, feedback triggers, micro USB port, faster response time, charging and battery facility, IR sensors for interactivity, and so on.

2. Charging port

The remarkable part of these models is that you can charge it with the help of the micro USB cable. So before buying the controllers, look for the standard availability of rechargeable AA batteries into the new integrated compartments.

Whenever you plug a micro USB cable right into the controller for the game, you can see that the internal radio gets shut off. The data is transmitted with the help of the wire.

When you buy the new controllers, you can rest assured about the specific organs to make them stand out from the crowd. So, you’ll get the convenience of playing the games for long hours without draining energy while playing the game or watching a movie.

3. Availability of the headsets

Audio delivery is one of the most fantastic features of the Xbox one controller these days. Before buying one, you should check that there is an option for the audio delivery that must be of high quality.

It can provide an improved data transfer rate when compared to the previous models. They can work flexibly between the controller and the console. According to Microsoft, communication should be clear and error-free.

When you make use of such high-end headphones, you can see that the all-new controller focuses on chat capabilities. Besides, these headsets will also provide you with the volume and mute controls that are available in both the regular and high-end models.

4. Controller buttons

Xbox One controllers these days have a new type of buttons introduced into it. These buttons are specially designed for regulating the view and menu options.

You can get an approach for changing the settings according to your choice. The menu button will give you context-specific use that is required by the users for enhancing the experience.

The menu button can be used in the scenarios for in-game menus showing accessing commands. There are also other menus for video playback option on the user interface of the console.

The view button that is available in these controllers will give you the ability to get more information regarding the games and their applications.

So, these days developers drive the functions of the view buttons in the best possible way. Besides, it will also provide you with the viewing of a map during the modes of playing games. It can help to display the leaderboard for the first-person shooter and enhance the navigation of the user interface.

5. Option for syncing

While purchasing a controller for the Xbox one, you must see that the controller utilizes both invisible reflective technology and LED.

It will help with the communication with the console and Kinect. So, with these specifications, it is a simpler technology. The features help to pair the controller with the person who is holding it.

So, with it, you can find it easy to play with multiplayer gaming modes. The console can also configure the positions for the split-screen based on where each of the players is sitting.


What are the special buttons that I will get while using the Xbox One controller?

The standard controller for the Xbox One comes with the ten digital buttons in general. The main buttons include a sinking button, two analog sticks, two analog triggers, and a digital D-pad. The right face of the controllers usually come with four digital action buttons consisting of A button, B button, X button, and Y button. The specialty is that each of the controllers has different colors for marking these.

What is the controller usually made up of?

The Xbox controllers are encased into a durable body. The parts inside are made usually of Steel. The analog stick is, however, made with the low friction materials for keeping the stick away from rusting. So, with such a high-end specification, you can get the smoothest movement.

Are the Xbox One S and Xbox One controllers the same?

As both of them are the major versions of the Xbox one controller, they are not completely the same. There is a major difference between the two controllers in the form of the Bluetooth within the S controller.

How does the Xbox controller actually work?

The Xbox controller is wireless and can be powered with the help of the traditional AAA batteries. The rechargeable battery pack comes in the form of a flat charged interface in a charger or a triple star cast version that is available with the USB connection to the console. It collects the user when the charge is running low.

Final Words:

Some people definitely claim that the best Xbox One controller is the best official controller because it has high features like great D-pads for reliable wireless connectivity. It is popular as symmetrical analog sticks. Despite the great elements in them, many manufacturers have improved the official design by introducing some new controllers worth trying.

Whether you are looking for a great market solution for a perfect gear controller or one for a competitive play, the allrounder controllers mentioned in our guide will help you to get high playability. Each of the best Xbox One wireless controllers has explicit benefits to make them effective enough as a confident Purchase Decision.

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