Bitdefender vs Kaspersky – Which Antivirus You Will Choose?

For the good health of your computer, a good antivirus solution is a must. Now we all know that. But the question is which one must we use for our computers. There are 2 names that come to our mind instantly when we talk about antivirus solutions. These are Bitdefender and Kaspersky. Now the question is which one is the best.

Bitdefender Vs Kaspersky: Top Comparisons

Kaspersky lab VS Bitdefender


Features of Bitdefender:

If you check their budget plans then you will find that they have only basic features. But their multi-device plans have an array of features. The expensive plans have services feature which is really good.

This antivirus has a number of features. Some of them are:

  • Full protection suite
  • Safeguard against ransomware
  • Webcam exploitation
  • Phishing protection and protection from dangerous downloads
  • For online transactions and banking, they have a secure browser called Safe Pay. This will isolate all the other network connections from the transaction connection. They send a notification to open Safe Pay when you access an online payment portal.
  • With all the plans you get Bitdefender Wallet. This is a password manager that stores password identities etc. It lets you import data from different browsers like Chrome. Internet Explorer etc and it is free
  • You also get a limited version of Bitdefender VPN which has 200 MB per day use on Virtual Private Network. This is mainly for protecting your identity when you are using public wifi.
  • The protection profile feature provides different levels of security.

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Features of Kaspersky:

They have many features that are similar to Bitdefender. But some important features that need to be there with the basic plans are available only in the expensive plans. For example, if you take their basic Antivirus plan then you will get only the basic protection suite. For better features, you are forced to upgrade your plan.

  • Their secure banking browser is known as Safe Money. This will isolate the other network connections from the transaction connection. But there is one difference between Safe Pay from Bitdefender and Safe Money from Kaspersky. Safe Pay is a separate desktop but Safe money is not a separate desktop.
  • They too provide a limited version of VPN. It is 200 MB per day but the VPN provider is not rated very highly.
  • They have other features like webcam protection, privacy browsing, etc.

So who wins on the features front? Definitely Bitdefender. They have better features and the important features are not just limited to the expensive packages.


In this case, you might feel that both companies have a similar price range. But if you look at the pricing closely you will realize that Bitdefender packages provide better value for the money that you spend as compared to Kaspersky. Bitdefender has a promotional plan that is applicable only for the first time but that too helps you save money through just once. Bitdefender offers a basic free anti-virus plan You must try Bitdefender’s 30 day trial of Total Security.

Bitdefender pricing and plans

The multi-device plans of Kaspersky are less as compared to that of Bitdefender. But one thing that you cannot ignore is the value for money. This you get from the plans of Bitdefender and hence on the pricing front also Bitdefender emerges as the winner.

Kaspersky pricing and plans

User Experience:

The installer of Bitdefender is 500 MB and takes around 5 minutes to install. But overall it has a user-friendly interface. On the main screen, you will find the status of the computer and the vulnerability recommendations. The interface has 5 icons that can be customized. These are called Quick Actions. In case you are using the trial version than from the 5 icons, one will be kept for the upgrade. With Quick Actions, you can easily access the main features really fast. There are 3 other tabs. These are protection, privacy, and utilities and they have their own settings.

The Kaspersky interface is user-friendly but it does not have the customization option that Bitdefender has. The dashboard has Quick Actions but you cannot customize them as per your preference. On the main screen, the status of the computer will appear. Below it you will find threats, warnings, and recommendations. They have 6 icons to access different features.

If we compare the interfaces of both the companies we find that both the companies have a user-friendly interface. But in the case of Bitdefender, you have the option of customization. This is something that Kaspersky does not have. So when it comes to user experience and interface here again Bitdefender surpasses Kaspersky

Protection Front:

According to market reviews, Bitdefender offers very good protection to your computer. In several different tests liken AV test, Q1 2018 full-spectrum analysis, etc Bitdefender has received very good scores and reports. Kaspersky was also found to get good scores when it came to protection.

Both the companies have scored well in protection and security. Both are found to be good in the case of malware protection as well. However, in one of the tests for malware protection, it was found that Bitdefender did better than Kaspersky. Also in the case of Kaspersky, there have been some security concerns. So here again Bitdefender gets an edge over Kaspersky.

Customer Support:

Bitdefender is found to have very good customer support. You can connect with the customer service team over the phone and on email as well as on chat. They also have a community forum which is very useful. The knowledgebase and the videos that help the customer get answers to certain queries are also very useful. For home and business products, there are different DIY support options. They have articles with screenshots as well as stepwise instructions. You will find articles that are useful for even outdated products.

The 3 forums that they have are home protection, business protection, and malware submission. Round the clock phone support is available in 16 countries. They also have a worldwide English support line that runs round the clock. Kaspersky has good DIY support. They also have knowledgebase and community forums.  The knowledgebase is not categorized properly due to which the user has to go through a long list of articles in order to locate the correct article. But direct support is one of the biggest problems of Kaspersky. They do not have live chat and phone options. You can connect with them via email.

In the case of customer support, we find that Bitdefender is much better than Kaspersky.

So who is the winner in Bitdefender vs Kaspersky?

Bitdefender VS Kaspersky rating and review

The answer is more than obvious. Bitdefender is found to be much better as compared to Kaspersky on many fronts. Hence the final verdict is that Bitdefender is the winner

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