How to Block Pop-Up Ads on Chrome?

Pop-up ads as a form of online advertising focus on attracting web traffic and usually appear in browser windows. Most of the time, you will get such ads while opening a browser window which may irritate you for being irrelevant. While you are using Google Chrome you can keep these ads blocked as Google Chrome allows you to block such pop-up ads by default.

Block Pop-Up Ads – Steps to Enable Chrome Features

Block Pop-Up Ads on Chrome

Follow this step by step guide and block pop-up ads on Google Chrome.

  1. First, you have to click on Chrome’s icon at the upper right corner of Google Chrome. Next, go to Settings.
    Settings on chrome browser
  2. Into the search settings field, you have to type “Pop”.
    Search for pop in the security settings
  3. Click on Site Settings.
    Site settings
  4. It should show Blocked under pop-ups. If it shows Allowed, you need to click on “Pop-ups and redirects”.
    pop-ups and redirects
  5. Then turn the switch next to Allowed off.
    off pop-ups

Block Pop-ups From a Specific Site:

The following steps will certainly help you to block pop-up ads from a particular site.

  1. At first, open Google Chrome on your PC.
  2. Go to More at the top right and click on it.
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. Click Advanced at the bottom.
  5. Click on Site Settings under the “Privacy and Security Settings” option.
  6. Choose Pop-ups and redirects.
  7. Find the site under “Allow”.
  8. Finally, you have to click on More  Block to the right of that site, you are going to block.

If you don’t find that site as listed, click on “Add” next to “Block”. After that, you have to enter that site’s web address and select “Add”. Chrome users can use the pattern [*.], for capturing all pop-ups across that you want to block for not getting irritated any more.

Alternative Method to Block Notifications:

Users sometimes receive notifications from sites that they have already disabled. If they have subscribed to the notifications of that site, they may have to face such a consequence. Follow the step by step guidance below for turning off notifications for a specific site:

  • First of all, open Google Chrome on your PC.
  • Visit that site from which you are still receiving notifications.
  • Next, you have to choose View Site Information.
  • Choose Block which is next to Notifications from the drop-down menu.

Notifications can also be blocked from site settings of Google Chrome users.

Problems With Pop-Ups:

If you face a problematic situation with Google Chrome regarding pop-up ads, you may have unwanted malware pr software on your system. Some new tabs and pop-up ads won’t go away and irritate you every time you open Google Chrome Browser. You may also face a problem like the homepage of your search engine or Chrome keeps changing without your approval. Unwanted Chrome toolbars and extensions may come back all the time you’re going to interact with Google Chrome.

How To Scan For Detecting Malware?

  • Search on Google for an antivirus program like Malwarebytes, Anti-Malware and install it on your system. It needs to be done because there is a possibility of appearing pop-up ads from the websites that you don’t visit. Annoying software may originate malware or pop-ups ads that are creating trouble in your system and as a result the speed of your system often slows down. So, your first priority should be downloading and installing the antivirus program.
  • After that, you have to run a thorough scan of your PC with that antivirus software. Prefer Safe Mode if you can. It will detect the malware that is harmful to your system.

Remove Pop-ups & Malwares Which Are Unwanted: Steps

Here are the steps for resetting the browser settings that can somehow be helpful for you for blocking pop-up ads.

  • Open Chrome on your system.
  • Click on More Settings at the top right.
  • Select Advanced at the bottom.
  • Windows users need to click on Reset Settings under “Reset and clean up”.
  • Users of Mac, Linux, and Chromebook need to click Restore Settings to their original defaults> Reset Settings.

After removing unwanted programs on your system and resetting your program, you may have to turn some of the extensions back on. For turning extensions on, click on More > More Tools > Extensions and then turn extensions on. Only turn on those extensions that are trustworthy. You can follow these guidelines to keep away embarrassing and irrelevant pop-up ads and secure your system. Have a great browsing experience with Google Chrome!

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