How to Cancel CBS All Access?

CBS all access is one of the biggest online live television streaming platforms available to everyone around the globe. CBS is one of the most popular TV Networks in the United States and hosts a lot of television programs. The television broadcasting giant has a lot of memorable TV shows and its bag along with a live news channel as well. Their network is quite amazing, and it is well recognized throughout the world because of the fantastic productions that they have made. They have over 10000 episodes of hit tv show content waiting to be explored by their audience through the online portal i.e., CBS all access.How to cancel CBS All access

The website is also quite popular in the US because of its premium HD live streaming of the NBA and NFL. NBA is the second most-watched sports tournament in the world after Football leagues. 

Brief Information About CBS All Access:

The cost of CBS all access is quite inexpensive in comparison to other providers out there. The shows and live streaming access make it much easier for us. You get access to all of their exclusive TV shows, as well as live streaming services for just $6 per month. Major live streaming platforms charge much higher than this. Thus it is quite affordable for the majority of the population. 

Why Cancel CBS All Access?

Canceling your online subscription for CBS can be the right decision if you have found free alternatives for your entertainment. It is also certainly something that can be an overhead expense for you if you spend a lot of money on other subscription-based services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video. All of these subscriptions can add up to a lot of money. And at the end of the day, we don’t have enough time to watch shows from every subscription. 

What will happen if I cancel in the middle of my subscription term?

Frankly, no online streaming service offers customers a partial refund if they cancel in the middle of the subscription. Even if you cancel in the middle of the term, you can still use the services of the website till the next cycle.

No Contract Policy:

CBS has a no-contract policy, which is in favor of the customers. They have your best interests in mind, and the no-contract system makes sure that you can opt-out of their service at any given point. A no-contract policy means that you would not have to pay any extra charges to cancel your subscription. 

In this article, we are going to be covering the step by step procedure on how to cancel CBS all-access subscription—signing up for any services Made Easy so that customers can spend money for the subscription but getting out is often tricky. This is not the case with CBS, however, because they make it quite easy for anyone to cancel at any given point of their subscription. 

How to Cancel CBS All Access?

If at any given point of time, you want to cancel your online subscription to CBS, The simplest method to stop your services would be to login to your CBS account from your computer on their official website. Given below is a detailed guide that will assist you in canceling your online subscription. 

Visit the website:

Open up the browser on your favorite device. It could be anything from your smartphone to your desktop PC. To open the CBS official website click here. 

CBS official website

Sign in:

Once the website is loaded, you will find the sign-in option on the top right corner of the website. Click on the sign-in option and enter your correct credentials. Doing the same will give you access to your account, and you can browse through all the content. Since we are here to cancel our subscription, we will head over to the account settings.  

Sign in to your CBS account

My Account page:

Now it is crucial to sign in using a browser instead of using the mobile app. Once you sign in to your account, you will be automatically directed to the my account page. If this is not the case, you can choose to manually go to the my account page by clicking the option on the top right corner of your screen. 

My account in CBS all access

Finding the option to cancel:

Many times it is made a lot difficult for customers to cancel their subscription to online services easily. This is not the case with CBS all access at all. Once you visit my account page of your CBS all access account, you can find the option to cancel your subscription if you scroll down a little. On the landing page of my account part of the website, you can find the cancel my subscription option in the account settings. 

Click on Cancel Subscription:

Just click on this cancel my subscription button so that you can begin with the process to disable your CBS all access account permanently. All of your saved transaction details will also be removed once you start with the process. It is the sole reason why this cancellation procedure is quite delicate and requires your utmost attention. 

Cancel my subscription on CBS all access

Confirmation Question:

The website will ask you a confirmation question so that they can confirm that it is you who is canceling the subscription. You might also be required to answer your security question that is set up during the signup procedure. Click on the confirm button to cancel your subscription. During this time, you might also be offered a free subscription to CBS for a month. It is entirely up to you to take up those offers and cancel later on.  

Cancellation Terms:

After you answer the confirmation question, you will be directed to a page that gives you the cancellation terms. Most of the time, these boring documents related to terms and conditions are ignored. We would suggest that you read these terms and conditions if you are interested. Otherwise, you can choose to select the checkbox, which says yes, cancel my subscription. 


It is in the best interest of any company to get feedback from the customers who are going away so that they can improve on their services. CBS also discusses the same with their cancellation feedback. Here you can write about all of the things that might not be suitable for you

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