How to Cancel Spotify Premium Free Trial Subscription?

Among all the leading music streaming platforms Spotify is one of the most potential and people’s choice platforms. However, this is not applicable for everyone whether like Tidal or Apple Music as they are obsessed with those name brands. Instead of those paid streaming platforms, you can save a bit of money by degrading your surcharged account to a free account.

Cancel Spotify free trial subscription

It is very easy to switch a paid version to a free Spotify account. On the other hand, it is actually difficult to delete permanently because it is all related to information. In this context, you need to contact the customer service member. However, here we are going to delineate the cancellation process of the Spotify free trial version.

Steps to Cancel Spotify Free Trial Subscription:

Here, we will discuss an absolute process to cancel this Spotify subscription and we will serve you proper guidance to understand about canceling Spotify subscription. In terms of canceling this subscription process,

  • You will have to log in to your account page. Then go to the ‘Subscription’ button from the menu bar which you can see at the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Under the subscription types, you can see a button which facilitates ‘Cancel or Change’. Click on that ‘Cancel’ option and then you will get asked for confirmation to make sure your cancellation process.
  • If you are happy to cancel then click ‘yes’ for turning off the subscription.
  • However, you can still enjoy the profit of a surcharge subscription until or unless your next payment would normally be due.
    Spotify subscribtion page
  • After this, your account will return to a free subscription plan, whether you can once again able to use Spotify. Everything will be the same but there are some distractions of ads in between songs.
  • However, you can shuffle all items like artists, albums and also can create personalized playlists by customizing the menu bar.
  • Moreover, you must not receive any more charges for your subscription plan; it’s valued noting that much if you close your usual billing date or cancel the subscription process. It will not affect your subscription plan because payment may have processed already and therefore you can enjoy it after cancellation for a few days.

Terms and Conditions of Free Trial:

Spotify has already reserved the right to terminate or input subscription charges after this premium trial offer for 3 months. After such an offer time, Spotify will not go to redeem any more attempts to take up this service. In order to get the free trials, you need to be eligible for the following criteria-

  • You should be a new member of the Spotify premium service. If you have any record of previous subscription history to this Spotify premium service or this unlimited service then, you will never get permission for this offer.
  • You have to offer Spotify with a relevant and latest payment option. One can use either Spotify gift card or prepaid cards as a valid payment method for this service.
  • You need to pay directly to Spotify Premium Service subscription for Spotify; here you cannot pay from any third party sources like through any telecommunications and cable service providers.

However, the above-mentioned criteria are the only process through which you can apply this free trial version and you can have all the redeem offers for 3 months. Here, the previous users cannot redeem or get the opportunity to use this offer again. Moreover, this Spotify service cannot be available on your personal devices.

Permanently Delete Your Spotify Account:

delete Spotify account

As you can have consideration for continuing a free account forever from Spotify, we will definitely suggest you simply cancel the subscription plan for which you need to pay. It is actually difficult to delete permanently because it is all related to information. In this context, you need to contact the customer service member However, if you want to make detach yourself from Spotify account, including settings and playlists then it is completely possible. You can permanently delete that Spotify account through this following process-

  • At first, you need to log in to your account, and then check thoroughly that you have canceled the paid subscription plans.
  • If you have not got any idea to cancel this process then you should head towards the Spotify contact form. You can find this option from the Spotify help site.
  • Thereafter, you need to go to Account help and then select the Close option to close the account permanently.

Once in this form, you should choose ‘Account’ option then go to the option of ‘I want to close my account permanently ’. In the end, select the ‘Close account’ button.

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