How to Check Amazon Gift Card Balance?

One of the most successful online retail business platforms that people trust is Amazon. Its unique marketing initiatives have made it to the top and created the entire buzz among its customers. If you are a true customer of Amazon, you must be aware of its gift card. It’s especially given to those who have purchased items above a definite price range. Every customer is eligible to get this gift card, only if there is a minimum shopping range present.

Check amazon gift card balance

Since you have the gift card with you, there is a way to know its appropriate balance. You don’t want to face an embarrassing situation and opt to shop a lot, only to realize that your gift card has a low balance. In order to be sure that your card has enough amount in it, you must check your balance before to plan to shop. Therefore, let’s analyze the ways in which you can know your Amazon Gift card Balance instantly.

Amazon Gift Card Balance – Check from Website

One of the easiest ways in which you can get access to your Amazon gift card balance is to get help from its website. Amazon gladly keeps the website transparent so that customers can carry out several tasks without any complexities. Therefore, to receive your gift card balance, the following steps must be sincerely noted down:

  • Individuals who have the Amazon gift card with them must visit the website
  • When scrolling through the website looking at the features and the services that are available, there is an option present at the bottom, which is titled, ‘’know your Amazon gift card balance’’.
    Amazon gift card
  • Users must click on the option and then enter the details asked for.
  • Firstly, enter the gift card number as it is, taking care that you do not insert any special character in between. A slight mistake in the input would not help you in displaying your balance.
  • Next, enter the secret pin that you have kept for the card.
  • Once you have entered the details, you can click on ‘’check balance’’. The amount gets displayed without keeping you waiting for long.

After you get to know your gift card balance, you can now shop without any issues. This instant solution to know your balance helps all customers to be cautious about their own shopping experience!

How to Check Balance From Amazon  App?

To make matters more useful and efficient for the customers, the Amazon app has been established to help control the traffic and enhance further customer satisfaction. Therefore, the app features several unique qualities that can help customers track down the balance before buying specific items. The Amazon application is available on Android devices and even in IOS platforms. Even its installation is easy and not complex. In order to know about checking the gift card balance in these specific platforms, let us look at the details listed below.

Checking Balance on iPhone:

All iPhone users can check the balance right away by downloading the Amazon app from the App store. In order to start the process, you must keep your account logged in your Apple phone. Users must then select the option in the app titled, ‘’check the gift card balance’. Once you enter the details of the card, you no longer have to write it down again. Just submit the details and get to know your Amazon gift card balance immediately!

Checking Balance on Android:

If you are an Android device user, you can download the Amazon app from the Google Play store. After installing the application, you must go to the section named, ‘’check your Amazon gift card balance’’. After the details that have been asked for, your remaining balance gets displayed on your mobile screen.

Check Amazon gift card balance using application

Keeping track of all your Amazon gift card transactions is now pretty simple and easy. Due to the availability of this transparent and effective service, customers like the usage of the gift card and finding it fruitful to keep all shopping details updated! However, if any case both the website and the application is unable to process your details due to some network error, you might try to contact the customer care service. The service is available 24*7 and in providing your card details, the executives deliver your exact remaining balance in your gift card.

Other things that can be done from the app:

Apart from checking your gift card balance, the Amazon application is capable of displaying other features as well. Some of the best ones that customers love are as follows:

1. Keep track of your orders

The Amazon application lets every customer track their orders. You must have your account logged in, in order to receive daily order updates!

2. Renew your membership

If you are an Amazon Prime member and you want to renew your membership, you can successfully do so with the help of the Amazon application.

3. Add items to your wish list

If you want to save some items before you want to shop, then you can activate the Amazon wish list option from the application.

4. Check your Amazon pay balance

If your gift card is low on balance, then you can pay for your items through the Amazon pay. This option is available on the app and lets you pay instantly!


Definitely using the Amazon application and the website for checking your gift card balance is a great idea to keep things updated. Instead of hassling around to know your amount, simply accept the service terms to know the status of your gift card balance. Even if you are low on cash and you need some shop some urgent items, you can do so with the Amazon gift card. Therefore, this gift card option makes all things fruitful and enables customers to have a happy shopping experience.

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