How to Check Applebee’s Gift Card Balance?

Are you a fan of great food and are obsessed with delicious delicacies and styles of cuisines? Then you must be in love with Applebees as it is one of the leading American food companies that run a chain of restaurants around the world. Although an American brand, the food served at its restaurants is varied and is different from one another. There are some cuisines that the brand serves and some have inspired them to create new and yummy dishes for their customers.


The restaurant offers a high standard of dining and the ambiance found here is classy and peaceful for a perfect night. The price, here, is quite reasonable which is one of the reasons why people absolutely love this brand and its franchisees. The customer service is on point and they make sure to cause no convenience to people visiting their restaurants. Unlike other restaurants, this brand has introduced a gift card that can help customers pay for their meals quite easily that too at a much lower price than usual. By using the gift card, the restaurant tends to provide discounts and offers which isn’t the case otherwise.

However, since the restaurants are quite classy and you would obviously portray your best possible self, you need to make sure to have enough balance in your gift card. There are various means through which you would be able to keep a check on your Applebee’s gift card balance and avoid making a fool of yourself out there.

Different Ways to Check Applebee’s Gift Card Balance:

1. Check on the official Applebee’s website:

Check Applebee Gift card balance on the official website

If you want to play safe and check your Applebee’s gift card balance before-hand, visit the official website of Applebee’s and look for the category ‘gift card’. Click on it and look for the help and support option under which the check balance’ option would be available. As you click on it, you will find a dialog box asking for the 19 digit card number of the back of your card. Enter the card number and make sure to type the digits very carefully. Once done, you will have to enter the security pin or code that is again mentioned on your card. Click on the checkbox present below to prove that you are not a robot. Once you are done and have checked the card details properly, click on the ‘Check Your Balance’.

2. Visit the Store:

Since you would be already at the restaurant having your spread, it will be easy for you to check on the card balance while your date or friends are busy enjoying the food. You can either ask the cashier at the reception to check your Applebee’s gift card balance without adding your bill while providing you the slip with the available balance written on it or you can also check your card balance after you are done with your food and pay for it through your gift card. The bill will tell you the available balance and the payment details. However, make sure to check the balance before-hand or carry enough cash if you happen to have a low balance in your gift card.

3. Call on their helpline number:

If either of the two options does not suit you, you can always call their helpline number which is available on their website and card as well. When called, a computerized operator will attend your call and ask you to choose an option with which you need their help. Choose the gift card option and then choose to check Applebee’s gift card balance option. The operator will ask you to enter your card details that are your card number and security code using your keypad. Once you have carefully typed everything, wait for the operator to check your balance and forward it to you.

Why should you carry an Applebee’s gift card with you?

Applebee's gift card

  • When you carry the gift card along, there are lesser chances of you falling out of cash while making a payment at the restaurant.
  • You will not have to waste your time trying to find exact cash in your wallet and would be able to simply pay through their card.
  • One of the most important reasons why you need the card is to get eligible for a number of offers and discounts on countless meals at any franchise of the brand around the world.
  • You would be able to order food online from the restaurant and will have to pay much less than the actual price if you use the gift card to make payments.

Final words:

Applebee’s is an awesome restaurant with even more awesome food and services. The fact that they prioritize their customers’ convenience makes them even better. You can use their gift card to make any kind of payment at their restaurant anywhere worldwide and be able to get services at a cheaper rate. Use the above-mentioned methods to check on the methods and you will be good to go.

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