How to Check Starbucks Gift Card Balance?

Starbucks gift card can able to make a milestone regarding its success and acceptability among the users. Due to its easy and simple usage, it became popular within a short period. You can easily check the balance of your Starbucks gift card by following some simple steps. You can access it through an Android device, an iPhone device, or a windows device to check the available balance of your card.

Starbucks Gift Card Balance

But keep in mind that, if you want to know your card’s status, you need the 16-digit card number which is attached to your card.

Best Methods to Check Starbucks Gift Card Balance:

Usually, there are three different ways to check the available balance of your Starbucks gift card.

Check Balance through your Computer:

To check available balance and the latest transaction, you need to follow some simple steps.

  1. First of all, you need to navigate the official page of Starbuck.
  2. Sign in your Starbuck account.
  3. After signing in your account you will find an option that shows ‘Check Balance’. Just click on it.
    Check Starbucks card balance
  4. Now you will find two boxes that ask you to put the card number with the proper security code. Fill up these boxes and press the enter button.
  5. You can find your available balance on the screen along with the latest transactions.

Check balance through your Android:

A Smartphone with the Android operating system is one of the best electronic companions for your daily life. It is easy to check your available balance on Starbucks gift card through an Android device

  1. Firstly you need to download the Starbucks application from your Google Playstore.
  2. Register your gift card on this application before making a balance inquiry.
  3. After completing the registration process, you need to sign in to your Starbuck account.
  4. You will find four lines at the top-left corner of your screen. Just tap on this.
  5. Now you will find multiple options on your screen. You need to tap on the ‘Refresh Balance’ option to get the last transaction and balance status of your card.

Check balance through your iOS:

Starbucks gift card

Just like the Android application, balance checking through the iPhone device is also becomes easier. Now you can easily check your Starbuck gift card balance by following these steps.

  1. Download the Starbucks application from the App Store.
  2. Sign in the Starbuck account from here.
  3. Now you will find an option which shows ‘Pay’. Tap on this option and you will find the available balance on your Starbuck account.


1Q. Why can’t I successfully sign in to my Starbucks gift card account?

Ans: There are several reasons for which you could be having problems. If you do face such issues it may due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • Different username
  • Different password
  • Too many accounts leading to JavaScript issues

If ever you face such problems simply opt for reset username and password option and reset your username and password for your account. Then you can use your Starbucks Gift card to check your balance easily.

2Q. Why do I have a negative Starbucks Gift card balance?

Ans: This negative balance may be due to either deduction of points from your Gift card due to a purchase being made void or due to too much use of your Starbucks Gift card. In either case, simply redeem your points or balance, to avoid such an issue.

3Q. What can I do to redeem the balance of my Starbucks Gift card?

Ans: You can redeem your Gift card balance either by asking your friend to redeem your card balance and gifting you a few points or simply by participating in the reward tier events held at the Starbuck store outlets.

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