How to Check VISA Gift Card Balance?

Check your visa gift card balance easily by using some simple and effective techniques. To know about the balance and transaction status of your gift card, you need the card number and a PIN, especially for security. Maximum restaurants, retailers, service providers allow you to check the current status of your card through an online portal or by calling a toll-free number.


Usually, there are two separate options to check the available balance on your Visa gift card. One is an online method and the other one is a direct Phone call.

Check Visa Gift Card Balance – Different Methods

Method #1: Check Your Balance Through an online portal

If you want to check your available balance on a visa gift card through an online web portal, firstly you need to navigate the official website of the gift card issuer. Select from the below-mentioned gift card issures and clicking on them will direct you to their respective balance check portals.

  1. After opening the home page, you will find an option on your screen which shows ‘Check Balance’. Just click on it.
  2.  If you scroll down the page three tabs will appear in front of you. Those tabs show ‘Register Card’, ‘Check Balance or transaction’, and ‘Personalize Pin’.
  3. You need to click on that tab which shows ‘Check the balance/Transactions’.
    Check Balance/Transactions
  4. Now you will see a box that asks you to put your card number to start the inquiry procedure.
  5. After putting the card number on the required field you need to enter the expiry date of your card. You will find the expiry date just below the card number.
  6. Now a box will appear on the screen. You need to enter your 3-digit personal code on the required field. (do not share this PIN with anyone, it is to prevent any type of malpractices)
  7. When you successfully enter your card number, expiry date, and PIN properly, an option showing ‘Check my balance’ will appear on your screen automatically.
  8. After completing the entire procedure properly, you will be shown your available balance and latest transactions accordingly.

P.S. If you ever face any error occurring such as balance do not appear or anything else, just click on the ‘Back’ button to start the entire procedure again. If you still can’t check the balance, you should call the toll-free customer care number.

Method #2: Check your Balance Through a Phone Call

  1. If you aren’t familiar with online balance checking then you can make a phone call on the toll-free number. You will find this number on the backside of your card.
  2. You need to answer the asked question properly to know your available balance. They will ask you to enter the card number, expiry date, and PIN code to access the balance inquiry process.


1Q. Can I check my available balance on the Visa card through my Smartphone?

Ans: Yes! Obviously, you can check your available balance by using your smartphone. You need an active internet connection to proceed with the inquiry.

2Q. What should I do if I face a transaction error on the Visa gift card?

Ans: If you think that there is an error while checking your available balance which you can’t recognize anymore, simply make a call on the toll-free number (you will find on the backside of the card) anytime, anywhere.

3Q. Can I check my available balance through the ATM?

Ans: No! There is no option to check your available balance through an ATM.

4Q. Can I get a monthly statement of my Visa gift card?

Ans: No! There are no statements generated by the Visa gift card. If you want to know your available balance, you need to make a call or go through the online portal.


Each time when you use your Visa card, a certain amount of money is deducted (purchase amount) from your available balance. It is beneficial for you to keep a record of this deduction to ensure that the seller deducts the actual money regarding your purchase. Your gift card is mostly similar to your credit card or debit card. The merchant doesn’t see the remaining balance on your account. In this way, a gift card protects your privacy also.

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