Content:// – Set Homepage!

What is content:// Have you ever used an Android phone? We know it is more interesting for you. Do you ever try to change the default home page? We know! You cannot find any option to change the homepage of the browser on your Android phone. So you need to know about the ways of changing the procedure. Let’s go! Some interesting steps are waiting for you.

There are several web browsers available in the market with different schemes.

Content:// - Set Homepage

  • One of the most popular is Brave Browser which is completely free. It is the newer Android browsers in the market.
  • Dolphin Browser is another free browser Dolphin Browser which has a lot of success on Android system
  • Along with those Ecosia browsers is one of the most popular free browsers in the market.
  • The Firefox Browser also a very popular free browser.
  • Most popular Google Chrome is also a free web browser in the market and it the most used browsers among all.

All of these browsers are easy to use but change the default pages needs a few steps. It is the prime time to introduce the content android browser to you. Basically, all types of phones contain an Application by which we can able to set the default browser, photo viewer video player, etc. First, we need to know that if we are select the default browser of our own choice. Else the browser will change every time by a single click on any link. Suppose you like Google Chrome, and then you should need to set Google Chrome as your default browser.

The few hidden ways are always behind the curtain to change by default themes. It is a special link to define the default homepage in your Android smartphones. Different browsers always have different ways to change the home page. Content .com mainly deals with these uses. If you don’t know how to set a default browser, don’t worry. We are trying to explain how you can set a default browser. We also try to let you know about how to set this default homepage on every browser.

Content:// – How to set a Default Browser?

On Android Phone:

How to set homepage in browser on android

It is a universal process by which you can set your most favorite browsers like Mozilla, Google, Opera, Chrome, as your default browser. This process will work for any type of Android phone and Tablet.

  1.  Open Settings on your Android Phone.
  2.  Go to the Manage Apps section
  3.  Click on the 3 drops on the top right corner then select Default Apps.
  4.  Click the Browser Option
  5.  Select the browser which you want to set as your default browser
  6.  Click on the finish button and enjoy browsing with your favorite browser.

On Google Chrome:


Just like Android Phones, you can set your favorite homepage on Google Chrome you need to follow some steps.

  1.  Open the Google Chrome
  2.  Open settings from providing options.
  3.  Click on the “ON” button which shows on the home page
  4.  In the browser, you need to search Chrome://flags/ then it will open as an experiment page.
  5.  You need to search “Force Enable Home Page” then enable the page.
  6.  Again you need to go to the settings to see the home page option again.
  7.  In the Home Page, click on the “Open This Page” option. Type the required URL and save the page.
  8.  Reopen the Google Chrome page and you will see that your Homepage getting changed successfully.
  9. On Mozilla Firefox:

Mozilla firefox

  1.  You need to open the Mozilla browser on your device.
  2.  Now click on the 3 dots on the top right corner and open the settings.
  3.  You need to select a general option in the device settings
  4.  Go to the Home page and select the “Set a Homepage” option.
  5.  You need to select the Custom and then enter the proper URL which you want to set as your default Homepage.
  6.  Now click on the OK button and close the opened browser.
  7.  Reopen the Mozilla again and you will see that the change will happen successfully.

Now your new home page is absolutely ready and gets set. It will open with your favorite browser. Now it is very easy for you to set your default HomePage and turn this with your favorite one. We like to suggest you follow the mentioned steps and enjoy the browsing facility with your favorite homepage.

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