Dashlane Black Friday Deals 2019 & Coupons | Get 25% OFF

With all its features, user-friendly interface and affordable pricing, Dashlane stands out among all its market competitors. Dashlane with its recent update of Dashlane 6 has fulfilled the gaps its users had complained about. It would be a very smart choice for you to choose Dashlane for your device’s security.

Black Friday flash sales Dashlane

Are you a person who gets messy with a long list of passwords? Then this article is dedicated to you as it is going to cover about Dashlane software that can generate a password for you, store it and also autofill it when necessary.

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Dashlane Black Friday Deals & Pricing:

Like all other competitors, Dashlane comes with a free trial of 30 days with which you can enjoy the features of the Premium version of it. The other paid versions offered by them are Premium and Premium Plus. Premium version costs around $4.99 per month which allows multi synchronizing multiple devices, ability to monitor dark web with its VPN. The Premium Plus plan can be availed for a payment of $9.99 monthly that gives you the support of monitoring credit card information and offers a massive $1 million as insurance for identity theft.

Dashlane pricing and plans

If you are a new user, you can opt for a 3-year Dashlane Premium pack for $51 and a five-year plan costs around $85. It is a smart yet very pocket-friendly security software to be used, and to your surprise, Dashlane has offered another 25% off for its products on this Black Friday. This is a deal you cannot afford to miss if you were seeking for an effective security tool for your gadgets.

Dashlane features:

Dashlane is a crafty built security solution with a robust amount of features in it. Let’s take a look at what makes Dashlane stand out of the crowd.

  • VPN (Virtual Private Network): With its latest update of version 6, Dashlane comes with a strong VPN which creates a fast and secure connection between your device and the internet. With this VPN, users do not need to choose a country or region as it chooses the same all by itself for a secure connection.
  • Monitoring Dark Web: The dark web is a menace to most of the internet users for its extreme non-transparent environment. With Dashlane, you can securely keep a track of all the login credentials, contact numbers, addresses, and card details.
  • Secure Note: Dashlane allows its users to add attachments of huge sizes (around 1 GB) to notes.
  • Share Password: It is a built-in feature by dashlane that lets you share a password with some specified people.
  • Dashlane allows you to change multiple passwords at the same time.

Pros  & Cons :

Dashlane comes with a centralized control system. It also allows its users a secure and fast login to any website and has the function of password sharing. If you are not well aware of a strong password, this tool can auto-generate that for you.

The drawbacks that some users generally put are very minor and are not necessarily enough to compromise your security. Dashlane needs to take a walk on its browser extensions as it does not allow you to copy a password from there. Overall, it is a tool, you won’t regret after a premium up-gradation.

These are all the necessary details about this application. Make the choice and enjoy the benefits with the Premium Dashlane tool. After all, the choice is yours.

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