Dashlane vs 1Password Comparison – Which One is Best & Why?

Management of personal information is becoming very crucial in modern times, especially with the rise of harassment from online hackers and online harassers out there in the world.

Dashlane VS 1Password

However, the question arises – what is the best way to protect this personal information so that some unknown harasser does not get my personal number?! The alternatives which come to the mind are Dashlane and 1Password.

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Features: Dashlane vs 1Password

Password management is the key to all such problems! Dashlane and 1Password aid to this since both are password generators, and managers. The most favorite aspect of all Dashlane customers out there is the password changer. This password changer enables the user to change the password and notifies of any security attacks before and during the same. Moreover, it involves dark web-monitoring along with virtual private networking helping to protect oneself not only on WiFi but even the best VPN network services used by android phones.

Dashlane security alert

1Password, on the other hand, supports the auto-fill mobile and desktop system. This involves the use of cloud storage to store personal information and enables one to use the Watchtower facility to ensure personal information security by the management of system vulnerabilities. Along with this the Travel mode features of the software manages sensitive data and provides hints to remember complicated passwords.

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Security: Dashlane vs 1Password

Security is one of the many features we all wish for when it comes to our personal information. This is especially in the case of business organizations and people all over the world using android mobile apps to engage in various activities. Dashlane manages security with the help of a master password and an automatically generated user device key. Moreover, it uses one-sided encryption along with hashing as well as Argon2 to secure passwords and map out the source of the attack on the system.

Unlike the hashing security of Dashlane, 1Password applies PBKDF2-SHA2 with 100,000 iterations. This enables it to provide a secret key that is required for login purposes along with an emergency kit in the package in case one faces difficulty to log into one’s own account from unauthorized devices. Moreover, it provides Have I Been Pwned integration features since the 2018 version to all its users. This alerts the user of any breach of password resulting in leakage of information to hackers.


Another aspect that usually bothers all users regarding any software or technology is the extent of user-friendliness of the technology software. Dashlane has a very good interface. However, one may face problems when organizing the vaults of passwords in the said software. Despite this, the software is made user-friendly by means of automated login facilities, allowing one to use the browser extension of the software to edit all entries. 1Password, on the other hand, helps to import passwords, which is not available in the case of Dashlane software. The emergency kit allows the user to store information in a safe deposit box allowing account recovery and unlimited custom fields for the user.

Customer Support:

It is to be admitted that password management tools are very much simple to use, which is why several companies are found to skip this aspect of services altogether. However, customers need not worry for this is not the case of Dashlane and 1Password. Dashlane has around the clock email support system, where the reply is received within four hours of the mail. However, priority is given to the premium users over regular users of the company. Moreover, it has phone support. However, it does not have much support. Hence, one may think of using 1Password in such cases.

Dashlane help and support

However, unlike the Dashlane, 1Password has more than ample customer support to aid the consumers out there in the global market. The said software has more DIY support options. However, it may not provide immediate reply or even never get back altogether, leading to resentment among the trial version customers. Regardless of this, customers need not worry about this technology has a YouTube support video that provides tips for the use of the different versions of the security app. Not only this, it has a support forum, which the customers can comment on to resolve their issues. Unlike the email support, this support forum is the best part of the customer support where the community members and support agents use knowledgebase to resolve issues.

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Pricing: Dashlane vs 1Password

The base price of both the security technology software is $0. This is the trial package that comes for free and is available to all global customers. This package, however, is only available for thirty days. Once the thirty days are over, the end-user has to decide which package to opt for. The minimum price of a Dashlane package is $4.99 per month which may go up to $99.99 per month for premium and very premium packages which are often used by business people.

Dashlane pricing and plans

On the other hand, the minimum price of the 1Password package is $2.99/month which is available for an individual end-user providing 1GB storage of data. This is followed by $4.99/month which is available for family package, a package which is not available in case of Dashlane security software. Businesses and enterprises may choose from either package of $3.99 per month to $7.99/month depending on the size of the team. However, they may even avail the package for free depending on the quote offered to 1Password.

1Password plans and pricing

Overall, it can be concluded that Dashlane is only available for business users and provides the security of end-users by means of password-changer feature, which is not available in the case of 1Password. However, 1Password is available for individual, family and business users, letting it gain access to more customers and the one-sided encryption along with the emergency kit and safe deposit box as well as more DIY support options invites more customers to use this technology as compared to Dashlane. So if you are a business user and wish for changing passwords and tracking of the attacker, Dashlane is the best option for you. However, if you wish to avail of the technology for a family, it is more advisable to opt for 1Password.

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