How to Delete Books from Kindle?

Kindle is one of the most popular forms of online reading. This form of ebooks has been available to the common public ever since the early 2000s. The digital revolution of online books was sparked by developer Jeff Bezos when he founded Amazon. The online bookstore allowed people to purchase books for an affordable price. The popularity of the website soared, and soon enough, there was a demand for a device that allowed us to read the books. It happened because we all wanted that modern technology with a vintage feel. We never really want to forget our roots even if we are moving forward. 

How to Delete Books from Kindle?The Kindle is a device that can get filled up quite quickly because of its low storage. If you want to add more books to your device, then you can easily do so by deleting the old ones. In this article, we are going to learn how to remove our unwanted kindle books to free up some storage space. 

Kindle – Brief Information & Introduction

Kindle is one of the most popular devices in the ebook industry. It is one of the most instantly recognizable tools and has a trademark reputation among the people who love to read books. It is one of the widely popular series of e-reader devices that have been manufactured by Amazon as well as sold on the same platform. It is one of the very first original Amazon products that was sold on the retail shopping website after they pivoted from being an online bookselling Store. The Kindle platform has over 6 million books available in fine print over their devices, and all of this has been done without cutting a tree. Readers can buy their favorite books, magazine, and newspaper with the help of a wireless internet connection through the Kindle Reader Store. 

Kindle Apps:

In the year 2020, not a lot of people are ready to invest in a standalone e-reader device. The Amazon Kindle might still be a popular device for avid readers, but the regular customers can read books on their smartphones or Android and IOS tablets. Amazon understands the situation and recently even released Android and IOS application versions of their Kindle Reader service. This includes the Kindle store as well as a reader tool, which allows you to read books on the go easily. One can make purchases directly from the Amazon Store, and the Kindle Reader will get automatically updated with the latest ebook purchase. 

It is this seamless connectivity that is desired by people in 2020 to make reading much easier for everyone. No one likes to go through the hassle of purchasing a paperback book these days. Many of us would prefer to have a more streamlined method of reading books over our gadgets. 

Kindle for Android & iOS:

The Kindle application is now available for Android devices as well. You can download the app from the Google Play Store and use it on your devices. The platform works seamlessly with all of your Kindle related services. If you have a Kindle device and want to read your books on the go, then the Kindle for Android application is your perfect companion.  

Once the application is downloaded, you can visit the Amazon website and sign up for your Kindle Reader services. You need a specific Kindle account apart from your Amazon account to access your online ebooks. Once you have created your online Kindle account, you will be greeted with three free to read ebooks.  

Kindle for PC:

Kindle is now also available on your PC devices through a software platform. One can download the software and read all of their online Amazon books from their PC as well. It is the perfect companion for people who love to spend most of the time on the computer and also want to do some relaxing activities like reading a book. The Kindle for PC app can also be used for adding external resources in the form of PDF and EPUB. This is especially useful for people who want to have an intelligent reading software on their device. There are many advantages to using the Kindle Reader. You can easily highlight the crucial points in any PDF document. It also keeps track of your reading progress.  

How Can I Delete Books from Kindle?

Today Kindle is not just the E-Reader device, but instead, it is a mix of multiple avenues available in the form of applications. Follow the given guidelines to delete books from your Kindle quickly. 

Directly from your kindle reader:

Turn on your Kindle e-reader device and press on the home button to go to the homepage. The Black and White House icon is often the icon that is associated with the home button. On the website, you will find the list of books that are already present on your device. 

Head over to the books option, and you will be able to see all of the downloaded books on your device. Find out the text that you want to remove from this list to free up some storage once you have found the book that you want to delete from your device, long-press the icon of the book. A menu should pop up around this time. Here you can select the remove this book from my device option. This will help you to delete the text from your device. 

Deregister your Kindle from Amazon:

This is the best option to delete books from Kindle devices if you want to remove all of your content permanently. This option is useful when you want to resell your Kindle, or your Kindle has been stolen. Follow the given steps to deregister your Kindle from Amazon successfully. 

  • To deregister your Kindle device from Amazon, you are required to make use of a PC. Fire up the browser on your desktop or laptop and enter the following link –
  • On the Amazon website, you will see the manage your books and devices page. In this web page, click on the devices option.
  • In the devices paid, you will find the list of your Amazon approved and registered devices. Here you can select your Kindle registration and manage its status.
  • Click on the Kindle icon on the devices page and select devices action option. Here you will find the option to deregister your device permanently.

Thats it! If you face any issue while following above mention steps do lets you know in comments section below, So that we can help you to solve the error.

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