How to Delete or Deactivate Your Instagram Account?

So you are looking to cut the ties with Instagram, and don’t want to use it any further? Well, no matter what’s the reason behind this, it is always great to take a break sometimes.  We know you might have tried deactivating your account from the app but failed! Instagram doesn’t offer a deactivate option on the app, so you have to switch to the PC for deleting your Instagram account in a few minutes.

how to delete Instagram account

Here is a step by step process to deactivate your account on the go. Before starting with the process, I want to make a thing clear with you. If you choose to delete the account permanently, then you won’t be able to recover it in the future, so make a decision wisely! Moreover, you can disable your account temporarily if you want to get back to your account in the future.

Steps to Delete Your Instagram Account (Permanently):

  • Go to Instagram’s delete account page using your Windows or Mac PC.
  • Now enter your credentials and Login to your account. You can even connect through Facebook if you have linked your Instagram account with FB.
    Delete instagram
  • Let Instagram know the reason why you are deleting your account by selecting an option from the drop-down menu.
  • Now enter your Password, and Click on Permanently Delete My Account your Instagram account will be deleted for permanent.

Note: Make sure that you are ready to delete your account, as you would not be able to recover any pictures and content that you have uploaded through your Account. If you wish to Log In again in the future, then you have to create a new profile.

How to Disable Your Instagram Account (Temporarily)?

So you want to make a comeback in some time? Well, you should choose to disable your account temporarily so that you can use the same Account again whenever you feel using it.

  • Go to using your Windows or Mac Pc. You won’t be able to do it through your smartphone, so don’t try it using the app.
  • Now click on Your Picture showing on the top-right corner of the page.
  • Click on Edit Profile.
    Temporary disable Instagram
  • Select Temporarily Disable My Account, in the bottom right corner of the page.
    Disable instagram
  • Select a reason from the list, and enter your password to Disable Your Instagram Account Temporarily.

Note: You can Log Into your account anytime by entering the credentials. Disabling your Account will restrict your followers to view your profile, and to send you Direct Messages. Also, no users will be able to search for you on Instagram.

Disable or Delete Your Instagram Account: Difference

The choice is entirely up to you and the circumstances you are in! Sometimes users choose to delete the account for permanent, and later they regret doing it. So I would suggest you disable your account temporarily for some time. If you think that you are doing well without using your Instagram Profile, then you can follow the steps mentioned above to delete your account permanently. However, if you regret your decision, then you have an option to reactivate the account again.

Final Words:

Deactivating an Instagram Account is not rocket science. The reason why most people aren’t able to do it is that there is no option available in the app. You need a PC to delete the account. However, if you are smart enough, then you can use the Desktop View option in your smartphone’s browser to continue with this process of deactivating your Instagram Account. Are you facing any problems in deactivating the account? Let me know in the comment section, and I will get back to you with a sure-shot method.

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