How to Delete Discord Account?

Discord is a renowned messaging platform built by gamers for gamers around the world. It has completely redefined the way we communicate over the internet. With the help of Discord, users can easily chat, message, and voice calls over the internet for free. It provides a community platform for multiple users online. The discord application has become the go-to place for millions. Within just a few years of its release, it has over 200 million active daily users.

The free to use voice calling website can, however, get a little overwhelming. It is like a more advanced form of social media. Today we are going to have a look at how you can delete a discord account. 

About Discord:

Discord is an open-source software and web client providing users with VoIP services on all platforms. The website was designed initially solely for gaming communities, but they have diversified ever since their release. Discord is also a video game distribution service with an online games store. Users can seamlessly connect their discord account with steam, Spotify, and many other web services. Steam is a popular gaming platform on PC.

The software was released in 2015 and provided a free alternative to the accessible TeamSpeak servers. Through Discord, you can set up and use free servers for conversations online. It is a much more secure and convenient form of online VoIP communication available online. Discord users can easily connect with people all around the world. Users can easily connect through the means of servers. 

Features of Discord:

Discord is a popular communication service that can be beneficial for your use. The software specializes in text, chat, voice, and image-based conversations.  Let’s have a look at the features of Discord. 

  • Availability: The Discord platform is available all around the world. They have widespread connectivity with public servers. Throughout the globe, the discord network is easily accessible. It was initially available only on iOS, but today the platform has expanded to all possible platforms. The software is available as an application on iOS and Android devices.
  • Community: The software is the perfect place for people who love to stay in a community. Currently, with the coronavirus pandemic, all of us must remain connected. Discord is the ideal platform which would help users to stay connected.
  • Gaming: The discord app website and application is a resourceful platform for gamers around the world. It offers users with quality gaming experience. Using the discord store, you can also make new purchases. Over the years, it has become a more well-renowned service.

Reasons to Delete Discord:

It can be challenging to stay connected. It is considering the current scenario around the world. The Discord app is also a social media application of sorts. You are always connected with people and have messages riling up in groups. Your online status is also visible at all times, irrespective of you are playing a game or not. This can be quite overwhelming for a few people. There are many reasons why you might be considering deleting Discord. As a concerned individual, I would suggest all of our readers re-evaluate their decision, however. This is the time where we all need to be connected together. 

How to Disable Discord?

The Discord platform can be quite useful for a lot of us. The app gives you the option to delete as well as disable your account. Deactivating an account makes much more sense if you plan to stay off it for a while. Deleting an account is permanent on the platform. If you are thinking about taking a break, then the disable option is perfect for you. Let’s have a look at how to disable Discord. 

On PC:

On windows, mac, and Linux devices, the procedure to disable a discord account is the same. Follow this guide to disable it right now. 

  • Head over to your favorite browser on your PC. Open up the application and head over to the Discord website from this link –
  • On this website, you will need to sign in to your existing account. You’ll find the login option at the top right corner of the website.
  • This will take you to the Discord web application. Alternatively, users can also use the Discord software for PC devices to disable the account. Click here to download the discord app.
  • On the bottom left corner of your account, you will find the account details. Click on the gear icon to go to your account settings. This will take you to the profile page. Here you can find your user ID and email. Click on the edit option to begin the process of disabling your account.
  • On the website, you will be able to see the disable account button. Click on it to temporarily stop using Discord. This will hide your account from all the people added to your account. You can restart your account by logging in again on the discord app.

Disable Discord on Phone:

On your Android or iOS device, the process to disable your account is even more straightforward. All you have to do is open the app and head over to the account settings. Just click on the disable account option in the settings to complete the process. You can also alternatively uninstall the application permanently from your device. 

How to Delete Discord Account?

The process to delete a discord account is quite similar to that of disabling it. It is quite simple, but the results are actually permanent. Since Discord is free to use the application, you shouldn’t have a rough time opening up a new account, but you wouldn’t be able ever to get all your old friends and servers back. You would require to be reinvited using a unique invite link again. It is the reason why we suggest you reconsider once again before deleting your account. Anyway, here are the steps to delete the account. 

  • On your PC, open up the browser. You can also choose to visit the discord app on your PC device. To open up Discord on your browser, visit this link –
  • Click on the sign-in option to log in to your account. Visit the discord account to start with the process. 
  • At the bottom of your screen, you will find the user ID. Click on the settings to go to account settings. In the account settings section, you will find the edit option.
  • Upon clicking the edit button on your account settings, you can quickly delete your account in one click.

Final Words:

It is relatively easy to delete your discord account. The platform is free to use and doesn’t require you to fulfill any formalities to delete the account. Through this guide, we hoped to provide you with all the necessary information regarding Discord. You can easily follow the guide to disable or permanently delete your account in just a few steps.

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