Destiny 2 Clans – How to Create & Join

It is a question asked by pretty much every Destiny 2 players that how to join the clans or to create it, right? The game was published in the year 2019 and has earned much fame among gamers around the world. Destiny 2 is the publication of Activision and developed by Bungie. It is an FPS (First Person Shooter) multiplayer game. At the earliest, it was developed for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and then it was also refurbished for Windows gamers. New updates of the game have offered cool new perks and rewards, which have made all the gamers crazy around the globe. However, are you aware of how to create a clan or join the same? Stay tuned and enjoy the post.

What is Destiny 2 Clan?

Destiny 2 Create Clan

For those who are not acquainted with the term, clans are simply in-game optional groups that can be created or joined to enlarge your partner base without cramming up your friend list. The clan registry is placed right next to the friend list so you can easily see who is online and who has joined a clan. Pretty simple, No? This is quite helpful to access the gamer’s community and team up with global players and enjoy exciting rewards.

In particular, Destiny 2 clan has some slightly different functionality than the earlier version. Earlier the clan was limited to 150 members. The contemporary larger gamer communities have now split off into accounts. Excitingly enough, t also offers the most awaited Clan Banner Rewards that can offer you various temporary and permanent bonuses. Joining a can also allow you to arrange fire teams for the sakes of PvP matches, Strikes, and Raids.

Creating & Joining Destiny 2 Clans – Best Guide

To be honest, the clan joining process is a bit haphazard if you seek to join any particular clan and that is what makes most gamers seek tips. The thing is, Destiny 2 game also offers a Bungie Help page, however, it is not efficiently decodable enough. You need to know that, joining a clan is a two-way process. You can ask a clan member to send you a request or you can ask for permission to join the same. In order to join a clan by yourself, you need to open the roster tab and find out who is online and find out who is already in a clan and then you can simply send him a clan request.  It cannot get much easier!

Creating and joining Destiny 2 clans

You can also ask a clan member to send you a link to the clan. A clan link can also lead you to the direct joining request page. Now let’s get to know about creating a clan. You must know that, for the moment, you can create a clan only from the Bungie website. For this, you need to visit and get yourself logged in with battlenet ID or PlayStation or with your Xbox account. Following that, click on the Clan tab.

In this section, put the basic details of your clan and click on create. Once your Clan is created, you can also design it the way you wish. For this, you have to navigate to Settings and then Edit Banner option. You should know that clan editing can be done from the application as well. From the app, you got to tap on the banner icon in the top right. Isn’t it pretty easier?

Some of the coolest banner options are: 

Coolest banner options for clans in Destiny 2

  • Emblem Foreground Color
  • Emblem Background Color
  • Banner Details
  • Detail Color
  • Banner Color and many more.

You can also promote and demote your clan members as well. Following are some of the available designations_

  • Founder
  • Admin
  • Member
  • Beginner

If you want to ask your friends to join your clan, you can send them the URL of your clan, which can be found by logging into the Bungie account under ‘My Clan’ tab. Hurry up! Make your own clan right now.

Clan Banners and XP:

Clan Banners and XP

When you are a part of a clan, you get equipped with a Clan Banner which lets you earn XP. This Clan Banner can be found from Hawthorne. Excited to know about the perks you can avail from this.

  • Level 1: completing the milestones can let you have 5 shards.
  • Level 2: your rewards get improved
  • Level 3: In this level, you can earn mercury tokens.
  • Level 4: This level can let you have another Crucible token if you have one.
  • Level 5: You can gain an Engram

Important things to know about joining Destiny 2 Clan:

Following are some of the information regarding how Destiny 2 Clan works_

1. Weekly Clan Engrams

Now it is possible to earn Clan Engrams every week. Some of the exciting Engrams are Crucible, Raid, Trials of the Nine (it requires 7 tickets) and many more. However, you should know that you can claim Engrams once in a week.

2. Availability of Clan Perks

All the levels you earn in each season get reset in the next season and the clan perks are available when you reach a specific level.

3. Oath keeper’s Score

This is an intuitive feature of the game. You are supposed to maintain a healthy relationship with your game partners. Bad behavior or not finishing the activities can diminish your score.

4. Clan level

A clan member can contribute around 5000XP maximum. Therefore, the more members you can have in your clan, the faster your clan level would increase.


1Q. Is Destiny 2 available on the Android platform?

Ans: No. Destiny 2 is available in PlayStation, Xbox One Windows and Stella platforms.

2Q. Is there going to be the next sequel of this game?

Ans: It is expected for the Destiny 3 to be released in 2020

3Q. Is Warlock good or bad in Destiny 2?

Ans: Warlock is the male version of a witch and here in the game it is also an evil character. Stay Focused.

4Q. Can I make a clan from the application?

Ans: No. you can make Destiny Clan only from Bungie’s website. However, you can customize your clan from the application.

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