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When we talk about gaming chat service then there is one name that comes to our mind first. That name is discord. It offers voice and text chat services. There are some people who like to change their voice on discord. This may be just for some fun but some people might be doing it for privacy purposes.

Best voice changer for Discord

List of Best Voice Charger For Discord in 2019

Here are some of the best voice changers for discord.

1. Voicemod:

This is a very popular voice changer. It is easy to use. It has a number of different voices that the user can try out. There are different mods that one can choose from. This includes cave, cathedral, possessed, kong, etc. You can use this program with other chat services like skype.

2. AV voice changer software:

AV voice changer software

This software can be used in real-time and the user can even record his voice and edit it so that it sounds more natural. With this software, you can change many features of your voice. You can make it sound more young or old. You can make it sound more feminine or more masculine etc. It has advanced virtual driver technology. It is compatible with different VoIP programs, role-playing games, and web chat applications. You can choose from their Basic, Gold, and Diamond version.

3. Clownfish:


This is a free voice changer. It is compatible with the Windows platform. This program is installed at the system level. You can use it to change your voice when you are chatting on Discord. It has a hassle-free setup and it can be used easily. It has different voice mods like Alien, Atari, Robot, male, female, baby, radio, etc. The list of voice mods of this free program is not as extensive as that of paid voice changers.

4. MorphVox Jr:

This is an audio effect tool. It is free to use. It has built-in voices and sounds and a voice changer program. Using this program you can change your voice to that of a woman and vice versa. However, the set up of this program is complicated. You will also have to bear with advertisements when you are using this program.

5. Voxal Voice Changer:

Voxal Voice Changer

This program has many voice changing features. You can record the voice in real-time. You can also apply an effect to this recorded voice. It has mods like a robot, girl, boy, alien, atmospheric, echo, etc. This app works not just with discord. It works with other voice chat services as well. You can modify your voice in any application or game that makes use of a microphone. This is a paid app. A free trial of the app is available.

6. Voice changer with effects:

In this program, you can modify the voice with 35 different effects. It has mods like helium, robot, telephone etc. It is possible to share recordings on social media.

7. Robovox:


This app has been developed by mikrosonic for Android. It has 32 different voice mods. It has mods like a chipmunk, singing robot, Vader, etc and is easy to use and you can easily turn it on and put it off. This is a paid application. It makes use of vocoder technology for voice transformation.

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8. Super voice changer:

This is free software. It is compatible with windows. It can help in changing male voice to female voice and vice versa. As per feedback from people who have used this app, it looks like this app does a pretty good job.

9. Voice Changer Plus:

This application gives different voice options and different sound effects. It is very easy to use this app. You can use it in real-time and you can also record the voice. This app is free with in-app purchases.

10. Discord Voice Changer:

This is a free app for android users. With this app you can remove different voices, you can also imitate the accents of famous characters. With this app, you can also apply to sound effects.

11. Mumble:

This is free voice chat software. It also offers alternative third party applications for android and iOS.  According to some users, this app is a very effective application.

12. Amazing MP3 recorder:

With this app, you can download and record your voice. With the help of different options, you can even change your voice. According to some users, this is a good application which has a lot of variety.

These are some amazing voice changers that you can try with discord. Some of the programs are free while some are paid applications.

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