How to Download Safari on Windows PC?

Do you know there are many people out there who have a fascination to operate the Apple Safari on their Windows PC? They are the designers and developers who have requirements to affirm compatibility to launch for certain user experience with their older safari PC browser. However, it is interesting to make you know that it has launched and you can download it. This is really amazing! When you can see this web browser is also supported in your windows 10 OS. As we know there must be two sides of a coin; similarly, this browser also has a disadvantage, this is the 2012 version. However, we will discuss here for the advanced users and designers who really required Safari on Windows.

Safari For Windows 10 – Download & Install

Safari for Windows PC

Hey, guys, you need to follow a couple of steps to run this browser on your Windows OS. Here are these steps included below-

  • If you have a Windows PC, then go for any web browser and then click the mentioned link at
  • After you have logged on this website, you can see a ‘Save’ option. Select that option to save the SafariSetup.exe.
  • After downloading the SafariSetup.exe, select the ‘Run’ option to install and it looks like the conventional Windows installer.
  • Throughout this process, you need to take care that any other software is not simultaneously installing. Moreover, you should be careful that this is an old version and you need to make it a default browser.
  • After installation launch this in your PC because it is ready to explore. This is not the end! Before all this process as it is the old version, you must set your mind that you cannot have the opportunity for further development. As it is an old one, it may not support advanced technologies. Therefore, don’t do any important work with it because it has not even any modern security system.

Why Download and Install Safari for Windows?

Safari on windows

We are pretty much sure that now you guys are thinking there is no need to download this browser for Windows. Yes, you are right! Because it has numerous restrictions, but do you know it is one of the best solutions for some advanced users? There are many occasions, you can see the web designers and developers are seeking for this old version. They have the reason to handle any particular client; whether it cannot be possible with an updated version. Hence, you can see there are many Mac users who are using both ‘old IE versions’ along with new IE’s (Internet Explorer 11). Although this is not necessary for a maximum number of people, it is really very important for a few people to install Safari in Windows.

Why run the Old Safari version today?

It has certainly become unused for Windows but it is still pretty much comfortable for the Apple browser. As it has not that much application for Windows, it also becomes less important for Apple users too. Although, it is really necessary for many people who have required reading out their web archive files. It is important for them because they have used this version earlier yet. Therefore, those people can access our link to download this browser in their Windows OS. The files which are loaded in the windows program can easily be read by a text editor, but it does not seem as a Web Page. More interestingly, ‘Safari’ is the only browser that only allowed in an organization, whether other browsers are not that much usable.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

1Q. How does this Safari work in Windows Operating System?

Ans: As we mentioned before, you need to follow some basic steps to download this browser and then install it in your Windows PC. You can check our previous discussion to install this browser easily.

2Q. Is this browser is reliable to use?

Ans: In current dates so far this is not a profitable browser to use, but you can certainly use this browser for some unique work. Although, it is not completely reliable, because it does not have any advanced security system through which you can secure your tasks.

3Q. What is the specific purpose of this browser? Who will get benefited by using browser?

Ans: Yes, many web designers and developers are seeking for this old version. They have the reason to handle any particular client; whether it cannot be possible with any updated versions of browsers.

Web Developers and Web Designers are really get benefited from using Safari browser in their Windows.  

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