Best Free Driver Updaters for Windows 10

Drivers are a part of any computing device. They allow users to easily connect with the devices which are connected to your computer. It is, in fact, a method of connectivity between the two unique devices. Every peripheral or even internal computer hardware, which is connected to the motherboard requires a device driver. This is an integral software component that helps to delegate work among the different hardware equipment. These essential drivers are often ignored because their importance is not commonly understood by many.

Free Driver updater

Updating them effortlessly is a necessity to ensure your devices run smoothly. Today we will have a look at the best free driver updater software available for our machines. 

What is the Purpose Of Drivers?

A device driver is commonly referred to as a driver in computing. It is a universal interface that interconnects hardware and software interaction. This essential device software acts as an intermediary between your hardware and other application software. The device driver software is critical to the operating system to recognize the equipment which is connected to the computer. It is a vital component of any computer as the normal functioning of services like a graphics card, processor, hard drive, sound card, etc. all depend on this device driver. There is a communication subsystem on every hardware which helps to connect the software and hardware components. The thing about device drivers is that they are hardware-specific and dependent on the operating system. 

Let’s take an example of the Nvidia Geforce graphics card drivers when you visit their official website for the drivers you have to select the graphics card model and operating system on your computer. This is necessary because the operating system delegates the communication between those two devices. 

Similarly, there are many other hardware components that can be manually upgraded by visiting their official websites. Considering there are hundreds of minor parts connected to a PC, it can be difficult to upgrade every single one of them manually. The device manager software on every operating system lists out the connected devices. It makes the driver updates easy. It is your all in one resource in a situation like this. So, instead of wasting any time, we should have a look at the top services. 

Best Free Driver Updater for Windows 10

Through this list, we aim to provide our readers with quality free driver update software. With the help of these applications, you can maintain your device’s health and stay updated. Here are our top picks. 

1. Driver Booster:

Driver Booster

Driver booster is a widespread application in this genre. The software by iobit is the best in the business. Whenever you are facing any driver related issue, the driver booster is always going to be there to detect it. With this software, users can quickly get the applications running smoothly on their computers again. Whether it be display issues or USB port problems, you have everything covered with the app. They make it easy to update any driver with their massive 3,000,000+ library, which has all the major devices from various manufacturers. Apart from internal drivers, the driver booster application can also be used to update external services like a mouse, keyboard, webcam, WiFi etc. 

The overall health of your device is in your hands, and Driver booster makes it easy to experience high-quality services. The scan feature will automatically detect the driver issues on your device and provide you with solutions. 

Download Driver Booster

The application also has a premium version which will automatically fix all your driver issues. Driver Booster 7 Pro will cost you $22.95 per month. It is an ideal purchase for consumers with a lot of devices that need updated drivers. 

2. Driver Easy:

Driver Easy

The secure driver software is quite powerful when it comes to detecting missing or outdated drivers. The application can be used on a personal as well as business level. The service boasts drivers for up to 8,000,000 devices which can be connected to your computer. The one-click update feature is beneficial for users who want to save a lot of time. Windows is known to get glitchy if the drivers aren’t up to date. Users can solve problems like WiFi connectivity, sound failure, constant crashes, application errors, and a lot more. Use this software to improve your computer performance and stability. The free version of the secure Driver software does lack a few features here and there but it certainly up to the mark. All the drivers on the application are tested and certified. So give it a go today. 

Download Driver Easy

The driver accessible pro version is available for a monthly subscription of $29.95. It makes it a lot smoother to update to the latest drivers. 

3. Avast Driver updater

Avast is a famous name brand in computing software. The company offers users a free trial to their premium driver updater. They are known for their antivirus software but have recently worked in the driver update segment as well. It is a well-renowned service with a massive database of over 5,000,000 driver software from all around the world. One should try this service if they are facing frequent crashes, want smooth browsing, better graphics, improved sound quality, and much more. Overall the Avast driver updater has undoubtedly got a lot to offer its users. They provide separate services for personal and business users. You can sign up for their free trial to try their services. 

Download Avast Driver updater

The avast driver updater is available on a cheap bundle with multiple different services. It includes cleanup premium, VPN and their antivirus software. All of this is going to cost you $34 for a year. It is a budget-friendly deal for many individuals out there. 

4. Snappy Driver Installer

Snappy driver installer is one of the first free to use driver installer software. They are entirely open-source and don’t charge users a single penny with premium plans. The application will detect all the missing drivers with a simple scan. Post this scan users will be provided with the links to the latest drivers for them. Users can automatically download them through the app and update them. The software is available with an online and offline version as well. Consumers can support the application by donating for their services on Patreon. The software is compatible with Windows 2000 and above OS. It is one of the only software which supports legacy devices and their drivers as well. Since it is open-source software, the drivers keep getting updated by the community around the world. Try out the software today with a free download. 

Download Snappy Driver Installer

The offline version of the application is 19.3GB in size and can be downloaded over the torrent. It is hosted by all the drivers in the current library. We rarely recommend users to download the offline version. The online driver installer is 5.5MB in size and can do the same job with internet access. 

5. Driver talent

Drive the life software publishers have come up with an efficient driver update software. Their driver talent service is quite effective in detecting outdated drivers and updating them automatically with the latest ones. Their services are trusted by top tier software review services online, including Softpedia, Softonic, Lifewire, and many more. Driver Talent is the best software to get peak performance on your devices. The software works on machines with Windows XP and above. The one-click repair feature is appreciated by many users online. It is your one-stop-shop for all driver issues as users can backup, restore, reinstall, remove, and uninstall drivers. The software is available in a free version as well as a paid version. 

Download Driver talent

The software is quite easy to use and doesn’t require much time to set up. The paid version is also quite inexpensive with a $5.99 subscription. All of your driver problems can be solved instantly with this software. Download this software to keep your computer in top-notch shape with just a few simple clicks. 


Drivers are a necessity for any windows device to function smoothly. We all want to ensure that our machines have the best health. To keep a computer fresh for decades requires users to have access to all the latest drivers. More often than not, it is difficult to search for individual drivers to find out which one is causing issues on your device. This task is made a lot easy with the help of free to use driver updaters. PC users can find them readily available online and use them to their advantage. Many driver update software also come in premium versions. These were our top picks in the software genre. Download the one which suits your preference and use it to your advantage. 

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