Firestick Remote Not Working Issues & Possible Fixes

Amazon is the biggest online retailer. They have many original products on their website as the amazon basics program has been quite successful. The first amazon exclusive product was kindle. A few of these amazon exclusives have been a failure. The Amazon fire phone was out for only a few months before being discontinued. In the fire series, there have been other products as well. This includes the popular Amazon Firestick and Fire TV line. Both of them are quite popular among the youth. People who want the smart TV revolution have invested in these products. The remote is an underrated part of a television. Today we will look at a problem shared with any TV. Let’s fix our fire stick remotes. Today we have come a long way. Amazon is the biggest online company. 

Firestick Remote Not Working Issues

 They have countless other products and services as well. In this article, we will cover the primary reasons that can lead to the failure of remote and possible fixes. 

About Amazon Fire Stick:

The Amazon fire series has developed many TV boxes. The smaller form factors are becoming popular these days. The fire stick is a big competitor for Google Chromecast. So far, it has been a successful device. It is a line of digital media consoles. They have been highly successful in delivering internet content. The fire stick supports all primary video streaming services. The device comes in two form factors: the amazon fire tv cube and the fire stick. The fire stick lacks a few features and specifications. This is mainly because of the small form factor. However, it is quite space-efficient and can work with every TV device. All one needs to do is connect it to the HDMI Port. The fire stick comes in 3 different versions. 

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  • Firestick 1st generation had a 2014 release.
  • Firestick 2nd generation had a 2016 release. 
  • Firestick 4K came with a recent 2018 release.

Firestick Remote Notworking Issues & Possible Fixes:

Let’s have a look at the fire stick remote problems and how we can fix them quickly. 

Remote battery issues:


One of the main things that we forget is the remote battery. These power-hungry remotes will drain your battery within a month. More often than not, a slight issue is limited to just the cells. The TV remote battery can be replaced quite easily. All you have to do is purchase 2 AAA’s. We recommend that you use brand new batteries. The fire stick tv remote requires a lot of juice to function. This is because of the wireless connectivity and Alexa support. Brand new batteries are the key to running a power-hungry remote. For a long term affordable solution, we recommend rechargeable batteries. They will help you to save a lot of money. 

Connectivity Issues:

firestick Connectivity Issues

All TV remotes have been working with infrared. The amazon firestick is no exception. The older generation of the device makes use of this. Any blockage can lead to the firestick remote not working. We have found that IR lights are a crucial part of the problem. The fire stick remote is quite sturdy, but all of it can go to waste. We love the remote design, but it can be a little tough to crack. It is always a good idea to use the remote while pointing straight at the TV. Connectivity issues can lead to frequent problems. Bluetooth connectivity on the Amazon fire stick can be a problem as well. If the device is covered with signal blockers, then it can cause issues. Common signal blockers include metal and magnetic tools. They can interfere with Bluetooth signals quite easily. 

Faulty remote:

Let’s not forget that your remote can also be at fault. We tend to drop them a lot of unknowingly. The Fire TV remote uses a lot of micro parts. Rough use of the device can lead to the remote breaking down. Eventually, we might need to replace it altogether. We cannot rule out the fact that remotes are not invincible products. Try alternative solutions if no trick to revive your remote works. It would be time to replace your remote altogether. 

Power issues:


The battery slots of the remote can get clogged. It may even cause power issues on your remote. It is quite feasible for you to fix this by a new battery set. We also recommend not using cheap batteries which can leak. These leaky batteries are the reason for deposit formations. Overall it can reduce battery life as well as the health of your device. Cleaning this residual deposit might just fix all of your issues. Faulty batteries can lead to rust forming. This can block out the connectivity. Some techniques are quite simple as wiping the connector ends. You might need to use household chemicals like vinegar. 


Are you sure you’re within an adequate range? The amazon fire stick remote works at minimal distances. It can be a problem if you are a fair distance away from your device. The scope of the remote is quite small. If you have a large room, then try staying within the range of your TV. We recommend a distance of 10ft to all of our readers.  

Firestick Remote App:

Amazon Fire TV remote app

Use this option only if nothing seems to work. Firestick tv offers a remote app for android devices. The app is available on all smartphone platforms. The latest version of the app requires you to stay connected to the same WiFi network to function. It will help you to use remote features from your phone temporarily.

Here are the download links for Android and iOS. It connects easily with your amazon ID or Bluetooth. – 

Download For Android  Download For Android

The amazon fire tv app is quite easy to set up. It is your all in one resource hub for all related requirements. You will find this app very insightful and helpful. 


There are many probable reasons why you might be facing this issue. Through this article, we hoped to shed some light. We hope that you were able to resolve the problem. This covers a lot of detail, making it quite insightful. The Amazon Fire TV app is the go-to last resort for people. Let us know which solution worked for you.

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