10 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites You Should Try in 2021

One of the most frugal ways to watch movies for free is to find an online streaming website that does not require money and then enjoy the movies they stream. Free online streaming is perhaps one of the coziest ways to watch a movie.

Free Online Movie Streaming Sites

Now there are plenty of options to watch free movies, however, you need to find the right place because there are a lot of scammers as well. We bring to you the best free movie streaming websites so that you can watch your favorite titles for free and at the comfort of your home.

List of Free Online Movie Streaming Websites in 2021:

1. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle

Since this is owned by Sony Pictures, it has an abundance of quality movies that you can stream online. Further they have invested in their streaming quality as it is great, however, the frequency of ads popping up does make browsing difficult at times. The video quality is great irrespective of your monitor size and a full-length movie does not have too many commercial breaks.



  • Video quality is commendable
  • Big movie library
  • The mobile app is great
  • Ads are more frequent than not
  • Popularity filtering is unavailable

2. YouTube


YouTube does not only contain cat videos or funny videos of children running in their diapers, but they also have free movies as well. While most free movies might be in 480p or 560p quality, you can still watch it (with a bit of effort and cursing!). There are dedicated movies and show sections that contain free movies and shows. However, navigating to find the perfect movie could be difficult at times.



  • Free Movies are often hosted on official channels
  • Movies have ratings, live ones!
  • You have the option of leaving comments
  • It is difficult finding free movies
  • Most free movies have bad picture quality
  • Movies are removed without notice

3. Yidio


I know what’s going through your mind; the cons outweigh the pros so how does Yidio make the list? Although the video quality is not great and sometimes the advertisements can be a pain in the serenity! But considering that it streams movies from a lot of other sites, which potentially increases its library size, it is a good one. Further, you also have the option of renting or buying a movie if you like it.



  • Easy to search for free movies
  • Filtering can be done through ratings
  • Rotten Tomatoes scores can be viewed
  • Can be used to buy or rent a movie
  • Movies are not HD, just DVD quality
  • Millions of advertisements
  • Not all movies are free
  • Sometimes you are redirected elsewhere to stream movies

4. PopcornFlix


Popcornflix isn’t a bad place to watch online movies; however, there are a few setbacks. First of all, there are no subtitles options so good luck trying to figure out some dialogues. Thereafter, the video quality is good, however, you would understand the very first time you view a picture that there is significant room for improvement. Cons aside, Popcornflix has a library with well over 1500 movies and in various genres, starting from horror, comedy, action-adventure and many more.



  • You can make GIF from screens
  • The video player is large
  • There is a kids section
  • Subtitles are absent
  • Video could be better

5. SnagFilms


A catalog of over 10,000 movies, SnagFilms is one of the best places to watch movies for free. Advanced searching options lets you search using a title or through a specific genre. One of the best features that you would find in SnagFilms is that you can find collections that are user-curated for example History lessons followed by “Explore the world”.



  • Movie library is gigantic
  • Grouping of similar movies is done through an efficient algorithm
  • Device compatibility is quite high
  • Ads are minimum
  • Subtitles are absent
  • Fast-forwarding scenes cause the streaming to buffer
  • Video rating is unavailable

6. Vudu


Vudu is often not the first pick of those wanting to stream movies for free, but they are devoid of the knowledge that there are thousands of movies that you can start watching right now! Titles like Pearl harbor along with Conair and happy feet are all available for free. Access “The New page” within the website to see the latest free movies added to the collection.



  • Huge content on popular selections
  • Most movies are well known
  • Filtering and sorting can be done in several ways
  • Options for renting and purchasing
  • Free movies have ads
  • Not all selections are free

7. Tubi


Tubi not only movies but it also has TV shows that you would be able to stream. Some of these movies are available only on rent, but there are a large number of free movies. There are some regular genres, namely romance, kids section, documentary and drama along with some unique genres. These unique pens are best of British movies followed by Women first and Grindhouse.



  • Has popular movies in high quality
  • A plethora of genres
  • Most movies have subtitles
  • Ads pop up constantly
  • The comments section is absent

8. IMDb TV


Apart from the comprehensive movie database and trailers, you can use it to watch free movies; however, you would need a user account. Apart from the user account, the advertisements are long and often irritating.



  • Video player is uncluttered
  • TV shows and movies are free
  • Browsing is easy
  • Original videos are included
  • A user account is required
  • Most of the ads are too long


9. Prime Video

Prime video

With tons of content, a cheap price tag, and premium features, Amazon’s streaming service is more than just an afterthought. But when compared with other on-demand streaming services, Amazon Video can hold its own. It’s among the best.

Prime Video offers its new users a 30-day free trial. You can subscribe to its free trial by entering your Amazon login credentials and entering your card details. You can cancel your subscription after the free trial ends at any time.

10. Netflix


Netflix is considered one of the biggest streaming services provider in the whole world. It has numerous Tv shows and movies.

It offers its new users a 30-day free trial. You can claim your 30-day free trial by signing up and entering your card details. You can cancel your subscription once the free trial ends.


Apart from streaming movies, you can also find websites to download movies and keep them forever. This way you’d be able to see them even without an internet connection, however, in case you do not find a good streaming website, my advice would be to look for free DVD rentals. That way you would still be able to view movies for free, happy movie night!

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