Free Netflix Accounts & Passwords (2022) – Possible to Get?

Are you looking for free Netflix accounts and passwords? First of all, there is no such thing as a free Netflix account and or free trial because officially Netflix doesn’t offer it. If any website offers you any kind of free Netflix account or trial, it might be a scam or kind of clickbait. 

Free Netflix accounts

Netflix is a multi-billionaire company and one-stop platform of premium web series, movies, TV shows, and documentaries. Netflix used to give a 30-day free trial to their first customers but not anymore. But there are still some legal ways to watch free Netflix shows and documentaries.

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Ways To Get Netflix Free Accounts And Password

As I told you before, Netflix doesn’t offer a free trial or free Netflix account anymore but you can still enjoy your favorite shows and documentaries on Netflix.

Watch Netflix Documentaries on YouTube

During the rough period of the COVID-19 pandemic, people were forced to stay at their homes. At that time Netflix released a section of educational documentaries and films on YouTube. These shows are a way to help teachers and students during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can easily watch these documentaries and shows for free on YouTube. 

You just have to search the official Netflix channel and find the free playlist on YouTube. You will find free content like Knock Down The House, Chasing Coral, 13th, and Our Planet. 

Watch Netflix Originals Without an Account

Apart from the paid section Netflix also offers a free section of TV shows, movies, and documentaries to watch. The free section includes original content shows like Bird Box, Stranger Things, Murder Mystery, and more.

Netflix Originals without an account

To watch these great TV shows and movies for free, simply visit You don’t have to worry about sign-up or register for a Netflix premium account. Just click on the website and watch it for free. This section changes from time to time so watch your favorite shows now.

Netflix Cookies Method

Our browser saves all the data to text files that are called cookies. That means when you open the Netflix website and log in with your username and password to your Netflix premium account, the data is stored as a cookie in your browser by default.

Netflix cookies

You can export this cookie stored on the Netflix server from your browser and you can easily get this done by importing this cookie into another browser. After inserting a Netflix cookie in another browser, you can use your premium Netflix account without using your username and password. These cookies can be used on both mobile phones and laptops. Using Netflix cookies can be a good option if you don’t want to pay for a Netflix premium account.

Watch Netflix for Free with a Family Account

A standard plan of a Netflix account allows five separate profiles and two running screens at the same time. In other premium plans, Netflix allows four screens at the same time. Each profile allows that person to have their personalized recommendations and saved options. 

The main account holder needs to allow a person by managing a profile. 

Swagbucks Method

Swagbucks is a great rewards site that offers a variety of ways to earn Swagbucks and exchange it for gift cards or tons of PayPal cash. It’s now much better that you can use it on your mobile device and make money anywhere. Swagbucks does not directly offer Netflix gift cards. Instead, Swagbucks offers a free Amazon gift card that you can redeem for a Netflix gift card.


If you shop online with your mobile device, you can visit Swagbucks first to see the refund benefits. Click on that before you buy to pick up a percentage of your order in the form of Swagbucks.

Switch to T-Mobile

Switching to T-Mobile will also help you get free Netflix service. The company pays for your basic Netflix plan if you subscribe to the Magenta plan with T-Mobile. If you have a T-Mobile ONE with ONE Plus, you will receive a massive $10.99 off Netflix coverage charge of $13.99. That leads you to the monthly cost of Netflix to $3.

Free Netflix with T-Mobile

While this can be a great way to save money on Netflix, make sure to estimate your current cell phone before switching to T-Mobile. If your current provider is expensive and you still have to pay for a Netflix service. Then this step may make sense for you. However, if T-Mobile is more expensive than your current selection, you can find a better way to get Netflix for free.

Pricing Plans of Netflix Streaming Services

If you have enough money and don’t want to get dizzy on free plans, you can buy basic and premium plans from the official website of Netflix.

Netflix Pricing Plans

Basic Plan: $8.99/month

  • One screen available
  • Unlimited access to on-demand shows and movies
  • Downloads available on one device
  • No HD and Ultra HD resolutions

Standard: $13.99/month

  • Two screens at a time
  • Unlimited access to on-demand shows and movies
  • Downloads available on two devices
  • Videos are in HD resolution

Premium: $17.99/month

  • Four screens at a time
  • Unlimited access to on-demand shows and movies
  • Downloads available on four devices
  • Videos are in HD and Ultra HD resolutions

Alternatives to Netflix Free Accounts & Passwords

There’s no doubt Netflix offers a huge variety of award-winning TV shows and movies. But the lack of free trials & free accounts, every Netflix plan costs money. There are some other streaming services like Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Disney Plus that offer free trials with amazing content like Netflix. 

I have listed some free alternatives to Netflix.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is also the biggest streaming service provider like Netflix. It contains a huge variety of famous TV shows, movies, and web series. 


There are multiple ways to get free membership of Amazon Prime Video

  • You can sign up for Amazon Prime Video to get a 30-day free trial. You just need to fill up your card details for a free trial. Just remember to cancel before the trial period ends.
  • If your free trial ends, you can try Amazon gift cards for further payments for the free membership.
  • You can also use cash-back credit rewards to pay for a Prime membership. 
  • Like Netflix, T-Mobile also offers free Prime membership in some plans.
  • Amazon Prime Video allows multiple screens at a time. So if any of your friends or family own a Prime membership, you can ask for their account. 


Hulu is a leading on-demand TV shows, movies, and streaming service, provider. Hulu is much cheaper than other streaming services but there are some ways to get free membership.

  • The 30-day free trial of Hulu is the easiest way to watch your favorite shows. If you’re signing up for Hulu for the first time, you will get a 30-day free trial.
  • Hulu also allows multiple screens at a time to their multiple users. So if your friend or a family owns a membership, you can ask to share it with you.
  • Spotify also offers a student plan with a free Hulu and Showtime subscription. So if you are a student in a university, you can enjoy both music and shows with Spotify services.

Disney Plus

Disney Plus came late in the live streaming industry. Still Disney Plus offers the best on-demand streaming services to their customers. There are multiple ways to get a free subscription to Disney Plus.

Disney Plus
  • Verizon Wireless offers several ways to get Disney Plus for free to their customers. Unlimited plan of Verizon Wireless offers a free six-month service of Disney Plus.
  • Multiple US Mobile wireless carriers offer free Disney Plus and Hulu services with their unlimited plans.
  • Disneyland and Walt Disney World also offer a free subscription of Disney Plus to their customers.


HBO Max is also a premium streaming service provider with over 40 million users. This is how you get a free HBO Max subscription.

  • So many cable TV services offer a free HBO Max subscription with their Optimum and Suddenlink plans for HBO.
  • Old customers of U-Verse U400, U450, and U450 Latinos of AT&T can get an HBO Max subscription for free.
  • Some AT&T internet plans also offer a free HBO Max service to their customers.
  • You can also enjoy some free TV shows on HBO Max without any subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Netflix offer free accounts and passwords?

There is no way you can get free accounts or passwords from Netflix. If you get any kind of offer on a website, this might be a fraud. So beware of these websites.

Which country has free Netflix?

There are some countries like Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan where Netflix still offers a 30-day trial. Apart from that Netflix officially removed free trials from many locations.

Is Netflix free for 2 days?

Netflix offered a free two days trial in India on 5 and 6 December in 2020 which was named stream fest but not now. Let’s see if Netflix offers such kinds of trials in the future.


So I have listed almost everything possible to get a free Netflix subscription. Yes, previously Netflix offered a 30 days trial when you sign-up but not now. There is no way to get free Netflix premium accounts. You can’t apply for a Netflix free trial as well. Never fall for any Netflix free account generator because there is no such thing. If you like to watch your shows in HD then subscribe to the best affordable plan on Netflix or watch free movies and TV shows offered on YouTube.

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