Best Free Proxy Servers List in 2021 | Fast & Secure

People often need some temporary anonymity in the vast and insecure web or often a need arises to access information from some restricted sources. For unforeseen situations similar to this techies often seeks the help of proxy servers. Though proxy servers are bound to some limitations, it is quite an option to have access to blocked content. There are a lot of proxy servers in the market; some are free and others are premium.

8 best free proxy servers

Based on its ability it can be very expensive. Who doesn’t love to have useful tools for free, right? Be excited! This blog is completely focused on free proxy servers to give you access to fathomless information residing on the web.

List of Best & Free proxy servers:

Regardless of some major drawbacks, free proxy servers might stand as the only option for you in particular instances. Here is a list of such free proxy servers you can consider:

1. Anonymous

Anonymous has been in service since 1997 and still continues to remain in the top list of free proxy servers. It has also launched a VPN recently. Anonymous is free to be used but paid users can avail SSL encryption with it.  When you connect to any restricted website, Anonymous shows you the information in your network which can be accessed by hackers and warns about all loose ends. Isn’t that informative enough? You can even use this server to send emails to anyone while maintaining your anonymity. How exciting can that be!

2. Megaproxy


Megaproxy has earned fame for its good security solutions. It keeps your IP address secure enough to be identified by spoofers. It is very user-friendly and can swiftly switch between your browsing modes. You must be aware of the fact that a user can get access to only 60 websites per 5 hours with its free version. It can encrypt 20 cookies at a single time.

3. BlewPass


BlewPass boasts of its ability to bypass any firewall or web encryptions. With this proxy, you can get access to almost all restricted or uncensored websites. It is very fast in delivering results and has no bandwidth restriction on it. It offers SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which safeguards your security concerns.

4. ProxFree


With the best security solutions, ProxFree is one of the best free proxy servers you can choose from. ProxFree consists of a total of 11 servers in North America and Europe. It automatically chooses a fast and secure server for you according to your location thus making the connection strong. It is secured with SSL which stays turned on by default; however, a user can choose to turn it off.

5. me proxy server is very powerful and user-friendly. This proxy does not keep track of any logs and the privacy and security of its users is their highest concern. It has a vast network of 55 servers in almost 34 regions. They offer high-level encryption which sometimes causes the website to lag. It uses security of maximum level (AES-256 bit) for encryption.

6. HMA


With the HMA proxy server, users can navigate between 6 servers and all its servers are based in European countries. HMA asks users to secure their connection with URL encryption, remove script or disable cookies. You can choose proper security based on your system requirements.

7. KProxy

KProxy is one of the most recommended proxy servers. It offers as many as 10 servers to its users to switch to. An interesting thing about KProxy is that it does not restrict speed limit as is done by most proxy servers. This proxy can be accessed directly from any website or you can download a browser plug-in. It supports almost all important web browsers.

8. net

You can consider as your next proxy server as this server does not keep any logs of your online activity. In its recent update, it packs VPN with it, which can give proper security to your network. There is both a free and premium version available for users. The free version serves only the basic functions of a proxy. Similar to, also safeguards its users’ information with AES-256 bit encryption. You can feel free to use this proxy in a public Wi-Fi network.

 Benefits & Risks possessed with proxies:

All proxy servers carry out, more or less, same basic functions. There can be several uses of a proxy. It is used in organizations mainly to control internet usage or to monitor web requests and can also be used to improve the security of an organization’s network. It can be configured accordingly to encrypt incoming and outgoing requests. The best use of a free proxy can be in researching and learning about associated threats and measures to overcome them.

Using free proxies can expose your network. Most free proxies come with weak security and they tend to crash while in operation. You must be aware of the fact that using proxy servers without encryption can put your personal life in danger too. There are only a few servers that use HTTPS which means your server is not properly encrypted. It is never recommended to use a proxy server, however, if be needed you must ensure no personal data is put in any web forms.

How to choose your Proxy Server:

Before choosing a proxy server it is required to look into some of the important aspects of it. Here you are going to learn about them. It is necessary to choose a service provider with proper legitimacy. Most of the proxies are not as free as they seem. Proxy servers like HMA do not ask for any payment which may seem like a good deal to you, however, it runs advertisements in your sites and what is most annoying about HMA is that they constantly keep trying to sell you their VPN service. You must also look for service providers with maximum servers so that you can have unrestricted access form any specific location. You should also analyze the dashboard features of proxy servers.

Final Words:

Nothing comes for free, which is also the same for proxy servers. You have to consider the fact that free proxy servers are treated with minimum investments which in a way means less security and backup solution for its users. It is recommended to use paid versions if there is any strong need for that. The choice is yours to make.

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