Best TV Shows Streaming Sites in 2020 – Legal Websites

This so much entertainment available online that you never have to open your television ever again if you are a fan of fun videos, movies, TV shows videos by individual creators short films another type of videos then you will love these streaming services that provide a valid range of fun streams online.

Best & Free TV Shows Streaming Sites:

Free TV shows websites

1. YouTube

YouTube is not an unknown website in any way. Almost everyone who has an internet connection has watched something or the other on YouTube. It is one of the largest free video streaming websites providing you with the largest variety of online content out there. It has movies, original Series by individual content creators or filmmakers, it has commentary channels, funny skits, practical jokes videos and other types of videos in it. YouTube started in 2005. Now it operates as one of Google subsidiaries.

YouTube sometimes generated more revenue than its paid counterparts such as Hulu and HBO. YouTube has recently come up with the premium version for some YouTube original series. The free version of YouTube is still the most popular form of video streaming.

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2. Vimeo

Vimeo started in 2004 by a group of filmmakers. It is one of the most popular video-sharing platforms. It is often considered second after YouTube for free video sharing. With its over 80 million creators, exceptional artistry in film making, animation, music and other types of artwork, Vimeo is one of the top video streaming services online.


Vimeo also has some creative short films and free movies. Just like YouTube, Vimeo has a Vimeo plus in Vimeo pro version for high-quality movies and shows.

We suggest you use some VPN while streaming movies & TV Shows online. You can choose from ExpressVPN vs IPVansih comparison.

3. Dailymotion

Dailymotion started in 2005. It is another popular video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo. It is one of the most popular types of video-sharing platforms for localized content with it has more than 300 million unique users. This is considered one of the hottest online streaming sites for people across the world. Dailymotion has a hot collection of popular TV series and movies for free.


You can also watch short films by individual creators and filmmakers. It is supported in almost all Windows 10, Windows, phone iOS and Android mobile devices. You can also watch it on PlayStation 4 and Xbox. Just like Vimeo and YouTube, Dailymotion also holds tutorials, vlogging, and other types of videos from small creators. This website has been banned by certain countries due to its copyrighted content.

4. Veoh

Veoh popular video streaming services like YouTube. You can share your personalized videos on this platform. It Contains some free movies, TV shows and short films from different types of genres such as comedy, horror, romance, thriller, drama, etc. The website does not have a whole lot of movie selection, however, it does have a really cool library of video content you can watch.

The videos can be watched on a full-screen mode. The quality of the videos is not HD but they are watchable. Watching videos on your TV screen for this website might not be ideal because of the quality, however, it is perfectly fine to watch videos on your mobile device or Tablet and MacBooks.

5. Twitch


Twitch is a popular live streaming website, it started in 2011 and now owned by Amazon. It is more famous for game-related talk shows and video gaming streaming and is also famous for a live broadcast of music video festivals and concerts.Twitch is a good source of entertainment for people who like live-chats and like to participate in them as well. It provides a personalized video watching experience, the creators can form personal bonds with their audience. The viewers feel being a part of the whole experience. It is often referred to as a new era of entertainment.

6. LiveLeak

live leak

Liveleak is a UK-based video sharing website just like YouTube. Although it is more popular among people who like making videos on politics, war and other world events. This website is strict on copyright media so you won’t find many videos on music, snippets of TV shows or movies on this website. The website wants its creators to hold all the copyright rights of the video and it should hold some news value to the video. You can access Liveleak from here.

7. Sling Tv

Sling tv

Sling Tv is US based online tv Streaming Service. With Sling, you can Stream Tv Shows, Movies, Sports & News Channels. Recently increased price by $5 on its both Orange & Blue Packages. You can Sign up for the Sling 7 day trial from here.

8. Sony Crackle

Sony crackle

Sony Crackle is a movie and TV series streaming website, where you can choose from a wide variety of Hollywood movies, foreign movies, and TV series. It also showcases some original shows and short films. It has a wide variety of some of your favourite classic old movies including Night of the Living Dead, Animal House, Paranormal Activity and Rudy. Sign up for Sony Crackle trial from here.

9. Fubo TV

Fubo tv

Using Fubo TV you can stream Sports & Movies online without a cable connection. You can sign up for FuboTV trial from here.

Important Note

With the availability of a wide variety of online content and thousands of websites (like 123movies)from movie streaming, it is very easy to mistake illegal websites for actual TV streaming services. You have to be mindful of what are the websites you are streaming your movies from. There are movie streaming websites that offer you with new TV shows and copyrighted material for free of cost. It may look very lucrative but it can be very dangerous to stream on those sites. As your mobile phone or computer will become a virus or malware-infected. It may steal your personal data and slow down your computer.


With the increasing use of the internet, more people are looking for ways to get free services as a result of people creating free services. There are many legal ways of entertainment for free. You do not have to spend a single dime to watch movies to stay entertained. Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime may have thousands of movies and videos but, to be honest, who has so much time to watch these shows. People usually watch one or two shows that they like and pay for the whole subscription charge every month. On free websites, you can choose the type of material you want to watch without having to pay anything.

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