Fun Games to Play with Friends in 2020

The current global lockdown has got us all stuck in our homes. Everyone is getting bored out of their minds, and all we can wonder is about how to spice it up a little. Well, technology has helped to bring us all closer in these dire times. Smartphones and the internet have made it quite simple for all of us to stay connected. The two major smartphones OS, iOS and Android, have entirely changed the way that we work. Through your mobile phones now you can easily play fun games with your friends these days. We are, however, not going to restrict ourselves to phones today because, on the internet, the options are endless. Let’s have a look at the top fun games to play with friends during this quarantine season. 

Fun Games to Play with Friends

Fun Games to Play with your Friends Online (2020)

Here we listed Top 6 Most Played Games Online using Apps on Android & iPhone. If you are looking to Play games over video call you can refer to this post.

1. Scrabble Go

Remember the kids word-based board game? Well, now it is back with a bang on your smartphone devices. Now you can play this game on your smartphones with all of your friends and relive your childhood memories. The Boardgame has been around for decades now and is instantly recognizable by everyone. The game is entirely free to use and is available for download on both iOS and Android platforms. The developers of the game are the official Android and iOS partners for the board game manufacturers Hasbro and Mattel. One can play the game with their friends by connecting using the Facebook app. Here are the links  

Download For iOS   Download For Android

2. Houseparty

Houseparty is one of the best video calling platforms which offers users with many amazing interactive games. The video call platform has many unique games readily available. These are namely Heads Up, Trivia, Chips and Guac, Quickdraw. The diverse lineup helps to keep things spicy throughout your video calls. Anyone can join the house and start playing with you. It is the best platform to connect with all of your friends and get an authentic experience of communication. The Heads up game is also highly customizable. There are multiple decks available and each week they change depending upon the ones which are the most used. It keeps the game fresh and new every time you play it. You can get the app from here 

Download For iOS   Download For Android

3. UNO

This is one of the most instantly recognizable card games all around the world. Their popularity is so high around the world that everyone knows about them. The card game giant is now available even on your smartphone. You can easily play a game of UNO with your friends using your smartphone. There are multiple variations of the classic game on the application. It helps to keep things exciting, and you can always learn more games to play IRL through this app. You can easily invite your friends over to your game lobby to play with you through texts, Whatsapp etc. The app also enables the users to chat and voice message their friends while playing. Banter during an UNO game is always appreciated among friends. Download this rejuvenated game from here – 

Download For iOS   Download For Android

4. 8 Ball Pool

8 ball pool is one of the oldest online games on this list. It has been around from the early Miniclip days. The web gamers of the 2000s would recognize this game in a single look. It used to be one of the most popular sports during the time. As smartphone gaming became fashionable, Miniclip was quick to release the phone version of this game. You can easily connect with all of your friends within the game through your Google+ or Facebook accounts. Download this game if you want to recreate a pool night with the boys virtually. We would 10/10 recommend you to use discord in the background and have a glass of beer in your hand. Here are the links – 

Download For iOS   Download For Android


This is one of the more lowkey games which is not that popular among the masses. is a fun and interactive game for people to play over the PC. We would suggest that you give it a try if you are bored. The rules of the game are quite simple. You will be given three options of words to choose from, and you have to draw it to the best of your capabilities. Your friends will have to guess what you are drawing, and you will be given points according to your guessing and drawing abilities. The game can be played with your friends by inviting them using a room link which can be shared over messages. 

Download For iOS   Download For Android

6. Psych: Outwit your friends

This is a game which has been developed by the Ellen applications company. It is quite fun to play and helps friends to catch up quickly. You have to come up with witty and unique answers to all the questions that are given. The more people choose your responses, the higher you score in this game. It is quite amazing to see how stupid or funny your friends can be while playing this game. There are many game modes, but the most popular one is “The truth comes out”. You can connect with your friends by sharing the game code. The only problem, however, that many people have faced while playing is that it can lag a little. Here’s the download link to try it out yourselves – 

Download For iOS   Download For Android


There are a lot of games to try out during this time of quarantine. We would suggest all of our readers to stay connected with their friends through these fun games and keep a check on their loved ones. It is tough times like these which help us to realize how meaningful friendships can be for us. The games haven’t been added in the list according to any level of preference. Feel free to find out your favourites from our heartily curated list.

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