How to Get Crunchyroll Guest Pass?

Are you fond of watching Japanese films and animations in HD quality? Then it is worth to say that Crunchyroll is the best place for you to enjoy the anime in HD picture quality. As we know, “the best things always come with a price” but we are here to change this old thought and present you with some fresh and heartwarming news.


Allow us to present to you the 4 best ways to grab Crunchyroll guest passes and enjoy watching HD quality Japanese shows.

Best Ways to Get Crunchyroll Guest pass:

Crunchyroll guest passes exclude the premium account from the criteria. There are three characteristics of service provided by Crunchyroll like premium account, free account, and a 48-hours guest pass. Now coming to the main point of guest passes we are happy to inform you that Crunchyroll offers guest passes to the premium account members every 30 minutes. In this regard we can suggest a simple tip- Try to get a guest pass from one of your friends who has subscribed to the premium Crunchyroll package.

1. Follow Crunchyroll on all social media forums:

Crunchyroll social media forums

If you are an active member of social media then this is the most appropriate method for you to grab this chance at a single go. Crunchyroll has got more than five million users who are actively participating in social media for a very long period of time. If you are having a good interacting power with people then you can seek help from these people. All you need to do is that you need to be a little bit desperate in commenting on the comment box as much as possible so that you can attract people for giving you a Crunchyroll guest pass. Another alternative way to gain a Crunchyroll gate pass is to tweet and promote Crunchyroll as much as you can.

2. Join Anime Group-Facebook

Join Anime Facebook groups

Facebook is the most convenient and fastest way for you to gather a Crunchyroll guest pass. The anime group on Facebook has got vast popularity among people and if you are well fortunate enough then you may find your mutual friends actively participating in this group. This group contains more than five lakhs members out of which you may get two lakhs people who are holding premium membership accounts on Crunchyroll.

  • Try to post attractive articles on Facebook regarding the Crunchyroll guest passes. Premium account users have got an abundance of guest passes that get wasted. So there is a high probability for you to obtain Crunchyroll guest passes from premium account holders.
  • Keep an eye on the latest notifications that get posted very often. It is essential because the premium account holders give away passes for free from time to time.

So how will you join the Facebook Group and how to identify the best one for you?

  • It is always better for you to introduce yourself to the amine group.
  • It is always recommended to select a group after doing precise filtering and the right one for you.
  • Opt for groups that have got an abundance of group members participating actively in the anime group.
  • Once you get approval from the admin of the anime group, you are one step ahead towards your aim.
  • Now start posting good content that attracts the view of premium members.

3. Join the official forum of Crunchyroll Guest Passes

Crunchyroll guest pass

Are you looking for a perfect official destination for getting Crunchyroll guests to pass? Then we are on the right track. As this is an official group of Crunchyroll you need to enroll yourself on the registered login page. This official forum is solely dedicated to people like you, who are obsessed with Crunchyroll passes. You can ask members for a guest pass by commenting on the text box and this will be acknowledged by the other members of the group with a limited period of time. Always keep in mind that there is a wide range of demand among people in this particular group for Crunchyroll guest passes, so you should grab them as soon as possible.

4. Crunchyroll Subreddit

Crunchyroll Subreddit

Crunchyroll Subreddit is an active and well promising community for users that allows you to get free Crunchyroll guest passes. They have given users well-defined serviceability to obtain Crunchyroll gate passers-by subscribing to it to get the notification about the availability of the passes as well as you can text anyone personally in the chat box for obtaining guest passes.

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Crunchyroll guest passes are not very frequently available- passes are available for a limited period of time -48 hours to be very specific so don’t wait forever. You should not text any member personally in this official forum of Crunchyroll guest passes.

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