Grammarly vs Microsoft Word – Which is the Worthy Tool?

Here we are providing you with some information about Grammarly and Microsoft Word at a glance. Which one is better between the two? It is not any relevant question. Discussing two applications you can see some comparison between them. On our site, you can easily compare Grammarly and MS-Word and evaluate their main differences. We suggest you examine the benefits of each of the applications.

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Grammarly vs Microsoft Word – Comparison

Grammarly VS Microsoft Word


Grammarly is one of the most popular applications that widely used for checking grammatical errors It is a tool that helps you to identify and rectify several types of mistakes. Grammarly provides free service through the internet. You can embed the tool in your browser and correct the text where it is needed.

Recently more than 10 million users utilizing this application tool to fix their articles, emails and any kind of post. It uses both technical and contextual technology. Grammarly corrects grammatical errors, spelling, and punctuation. Surprisingly, we can say that this tool helps you to increase your stock of words and vocabulary by finding and correcting the contextual errors. In addition, it can improve the style of your writing and makes the construction more effective.

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Best Features of Grammarly Tool:

  1. The tool has a comma splice indicator.
  2. Capable to indicate where the comma is need
  3. It can rectify the misspelled words.
  4. It can rectify the wrong word.
  5. Grammy has Free Trial for 30 days.
  6. It can replace the wrong adjective by the correct one.
  7. It can indicate the appropriate word.
  8. The tool rectifies the wrong articles and prepositions.
  9. It can improve the sentence construction.
  10. The tool integrates with Gmail and social media.

By using this tool you get some benefits and we try to discuss some advantages of Grammarly. The main advantage of using this tool is that everyone gets help for improving their writing skills.

Grammarly showing the misspelled words


  • It can correct more than 250 different types of grammar, vocabulary, punctuation and spelling errors.
  • The tool provides grammar reports and correction explanations which helps you to improve your grammatical sense in writing.
  • Grammarly can detect plagiarism. It compares your writing to millions of articles across the millions of web pages.
  • It is available as web applications that can don it work on Microsoft office, desktop software and some other applications.
  • Grammarly can able to identify and correct even the small mistakes which are overlooked by maximum tools.
  • Apart from all of the facilities, the application provides a free service by which most of the users become beneficial.

Grammarly is Good for Whom?

  1. Bloggers
  2. Academics
  3. Students
  4. Content writers
  5. Authors
  6. A business professional who designed the business plan and promote presentation reports.

Microsoft Word:

Microsoft Word, known as MS-Word is a popular graphical word processing program. The users can able to type anything and also can save the file in the storage system. The program is very popular globally among its users. It allows you to create better quality documents, letters, reports, resumes, etc. Microsoft Word also. It is not a general text editing application; with the help of MS-Word, you can get some extra features. It includes spelling checker, grammar checker, text editor, font formatting ability, image support, HTML support, updated page layout, and more others.

Best Features Of Microsoft Word:

  1. The application has an inbuilt feature that can detect the wrong spelling and rectify those.
  2. It also has grammatical mistake detection and correction provider.
  3. MS-Word has a mail merge facility.
  4. It has a special key to find and replace the word which you need.
  5. MS-Word provides inserting watermark facilities.
  6. You can the header-footer option to put anything on those places in your content.
  7. It has Hyperlink strategies to develop the content as a web item.
  8. It provides text editing application.

By using MS-Word you can get some facilities and we are trying to highlight some advantages of it.

MS Word checking spelling and grammar


  • You can produce standard quality documents that are mainly free from spelling and grammatical errors.
  • You can store your multiple documents by using MS-Word as a file. If you need changes on those particular documents, you can do in this application.
  • It is a very time-saving application because you can get any number of copies at a time in your system.
  • You can protect your data in this system by using a password.
  • You can share and exchange data, photos, charts between more than two files. It provides the dynamic exchange of multiple data.

MS-Word is good for whom?

  1. Bloggers
  2. Academics
  3. Writer
  4. Business plan designer and developer.
  5. Engineer
  6. software developer
  7. Content writer
  8. Entrepreneur
  9. Data entry employees

Grammarly vs Microsoft Word: Overview

Features● Comma splice and usage
● Spelling check
● Grammar check
● Plagiarism
● Integrate with Gmail & social media
● Improve sentence construction
● Spelling check
● Grammar check
● mail merge
● Watermark
● Hyperlink strategies
● Tex editing
Usage in Education and Service Sector● I.T and Service sector 6.0%
● Higher Education 13 %
● Management Education 8.8 %
● Marketing & Advertising 8.3%
● Health care 0.3%
● Others 59.1%
● Blog and Content Writing 5.1%
● I.T and Service sector 6.5%
● Higher Education 5.6 %
● Management Education 5.6 %
● Health care 4.3%
● Others 72.7%
Business PurposeSmall 33.6 %
Medium 31.4%
Large 35.0%
Small 44.2%
Medium 34.6%
Large 21.1%

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Grammarly better than Microsoft Word?

There is no simple answer to this question. Grammarly is a great tool for catching grammar and spelling mistakes, but it does not always catch all mistakes. Microsoft Word is a more comprehensive word processing application, but it does not always catch grammar and spelling mistakes. Ultimately, it depends on which program catches the most mistakes for you.

Should I add Grammarly to Word?

Yes, you should add Grammarly to Word. It’s a great tool for catching Grammar and spelling mistakes in your writing.

Is Grammarly free for Microsoft Word?

Yes, Grammarly is free for Microsoft Word. You can install the Grammarly add-in for Microsoft Office on your computer, or you can use the Grammarly app on your phone or tablet.

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