How to Get Hulu Student Discount?

Hulu is a popular streaming service available on all platforms. The US-based video on demand website has been around since 2007. It is one of the very first of its kind in the business. Entertainment industry giant Walt Disney majorly owns Hulu. It is the oldest streaming service with the biggest library for TV shows and Movies all over the internet. The young generation is the biggest supporter and consumer of online entertainment. Throughout the internet users can find access to multiple streaming websites.

Hulu offers a student discount to make things a little more affordable for the youth. Signing up for various services online can be quite expensive. Student bundles make it easy for users to get quality entertainment. Today we’ll be having a look at how to avail the Hulu student discounts. 

What is the Hulu Student Discount?

How to Get Hulu Student Discount

Hulu doesn’t have its student discount program. Instead, Hulu has partnered up with Spotify to offer consumers a good student discount. The bundle will provide users with Spotify premium along with Hulu streaming services. In this bundle, users can get Hulu, Spotify, and showtime premium services with unlimited streaming at a subscription price less than the Hulu subscription. Spotify is a must-have for students these days, and Hulu is also quite mainstream among the masses. The only catch in this bundle is that advertisements support the Hulu services. There is no official way to access the Hulu premium without ads on a student discount. When you cancel your Spotify premium subscription, you also lose access to the Hulu account. Live TV services are also not available through this. University students, however, get a higher discount while purchasing this bundle. 

Who is Eligible?

Since Hulu doesn’t offer a student discount officially to the users, we have to look at the conditions put forth by Spotify. Hulu announced the partnership with Spotify in 2018 to offer students with high discounts. The requirements for the Spotify student discount can be verified from their official website. Currently, the basic necessity to qualify includes being enrolled in a United States title IV accredited college or university across any of the 50 states. The user also needs to be 18 years or older to avail of the offer. 

Hulu plans and pricing

Students who are unsure if their colleges are title IV accredited, then you can check the status from this link – Users who are already subscribed to Hulu can still get the advantage of this student discount. Once you sign up for Spotify premium using a student discount, you can route your Hulu billing through the same Spotify account. It will help you save a lot of money in the long run. Users need to pay $4.99 per month on the student discount to unlimited stream music through Spotify, get ad-supported Hulu and Showtime. 

Users can visit the following link to check out Spotify premium and Hulu deal –

What is the Verification Process?


Hulu and Spotify are quite stringent when it comes to verification. It is done to ensure no one can abuse the student discount system. The websites make use of a safe and secure SheerID system to verify your college enrollment. Your data is entirely in the right hands when you provide the company with your details. This same verification process is used by other big-name brands like Amazon, Nike, The New York Times, etc. for their exclusive youth discounts. If you have ever been verified for a different service using the SheerID platform, then you will be instantly confirmed. The process is entirely automated; however, there can be instances where the website is not able to verify your enrollment. In such a scenario you are notified about the same and prompted to upload supporting documents for manual verification. You can visit – to know more. 

How to avail of a Student Discount?

The process to avail the student discount is quite simple. There are a few minor things to note, however. It is an exclusive offer available only in the United States. The whole deal is going to cost you $4.99 per month in a subscription. Users also need to have their credit card or debit cards handy while registering for the service. The Hulu subscription will only offer advertisement-supported content, and it is not wholly premium. Users also don’t get access to live television through this subscription. Follow the guide to signing up for your Hulu subscription at a discounted price. 

  • Start your favorite browser on your PC device. Here you need to enter the following link – This will take you to the Spotify premium membership web page. 
  • On the home page, select the button to sign up for the premium membership. New users get access to a one-month free trial as well.
    Spotify premium student with HULU and SHOWTIME
  • Click on the signup option and enter your correct details on the webpage. Here you will be able to select your credentials for the Spotify account.
    Sign up for Spotify
  • Once you have signed up, users will be required to enter their payment information along with the sheer verification for college enrollment. We suggest that users sign up using their college ID to make the process simple. 

Voila! You have successfully registered for Hulu with the help of Spotify premium. Using your Spotify ID, you can also sign in to Hulu and use their services. 

Visit – to sign in to your new premium Hulu account. Here you can select the payment method as Spotify to avail student discount and get premium features. 

What will happen if you have finished university?

As the name suggests, the student discount is only for students. Once you have graduated from your college or university, your enrollment finishes. The website needs to keep the recruitment of a student in check. SheerID prompts users to re-verify every year to continue availing the student discount. This can be quite annoying for students who are already registered, but it is a great way to identify the ones who have finished their degrees. If you are not able to re-verify your college enrollment, you will have to pay the full price of the subscription. 


Hulu student discount is available for everyone in the United States. To offer consumers with premium quality content, Hulu has partnered with Spotify. This gives students great features at low costs. Entertainment and music are a must-have in university; otherwise, your life can be very dull. Most college students are quite broke, so this student discount is a blessing in disguise for many. Through this article, we hoped to provide you with all the necessary information regarding Hulu student discount. Readers can easily follow the guide to get high-quality entertainment at an affordable price of $4.99 per month. 

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